11 Best Hospitals in the USA to look for in 2020

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Science and technology have made huge progress in the medical ground until the 21st century. Coming to the US, all the hospitals around this country are very conscious and are always updating themselves with the most modern pieces of equipment. Now the reputation of a hospital lies entirely in the capability of the appointed doctors. Well reputed doctors having a good amount of experience in the medical field are entrusted to carry out check-ups in the hospitals. The construction of digital hospitals and diagnostic hubs is giving a clear image that the best hospitals in the USA are ready to give medical facilities at a reasonable expense.

Patients are always keen to read the profile of their assigned doctors before visiting the chamber. That’s why these hospitals have their in-built software on their official websites that gives details of degrees and experiences of all their doctors in the form of a portfolio. 

Additionally, the modes of documenting patient’s data are usually paperless. All medical personnel is trained to track the records electronically. This facilitates the quick sharing of information and the minimum possibility of losing it in the heap of files. Emergency care provisions are active 7 days a week, running 24 hours. In cases, the patient gets into a critical stage and requires an emergency transfer to a better stabilization center, a transport service is also provided. If the incoming patient is suffering from an air-borne disease, proper rooms are arranged that are well-equipped with negative pressure conditions.

Almost all hospitals have the capability of dealing with all kinds of health problems in this era of multi-specialty medical ground. A patient is only satisfied when he is assured of being properly diagnosed. Insurance coverage and personal priority are also the two most important factors that help the patient choose the hospital of their own choice. Perhaps, patients are ready to spend more if he/she is satisfied with the infrastructure of the hospital. Some of the hospitals, each having their most renowned faculty in their subject of interest, are discussed below.

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Here are the 11 Top Hospitals in USA

  1. University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center

    It is one of the best hospitals in the US when it comes to the treatment of cancer, including breast cancer, skin cancer, and pancreatic cancers. Located in Houston, it is a teaching hospital with a cancer treatment facility. The doctors and students gain expertise regarding research, treatment, and prevention of cancer. The well-maintained radiation therapy department has made it possible to rank in the list of the best cancer hospitals in the US

  2. Cleveland Clinic

    It is one of the best heart hospitals in the US that specializes in cardiology and heart surgery.

  3. Mayo Clinic

    When it comes to the treatment of endocrinology and diabetes, this hospital is on the list of top hospitals in the US. The otolaryngology and nephrology department also deserves a special mention in this famous hospital.

  4. Hospital for Special Surgery

    Regarding health issues related to orthopedics, this teaching hospital has gained enough reputation in giving curable treatment to the patients. It is situated in New York. Bone density reduces as the old age arrives due to calcium deficiency. Even in cases of broken joints due to any accidents, it is required for operating using bolts and joints. The medical faculty is enough trusted to incorporate the best variety of metal inside the muscle tissue for giving support to the bones.

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  5. Johns Hopkins Hospital

    For treating musculoskeletal diseases and auto-immune conditions under the study of rheumatology, this hospital in Baltimore is one of the top hospitals in the US among others.

  6. National Jewish Health, Denver-University of Colorado Hospital

    In the world of increasing smoking addiction, the lungs are getting damaged at a large rate. Those lung related conditions like advanced lung cancer and pulmonary fibrosis require advanced lung transplant surgery. This hospital has been successful in providing all necessary infrastructures to the trained medical team for a successful operation.

  7. Massachusetts General Hospital

    Situated in Boston, the medical faculty earns the reputation of being one of the best hospitals in the USA. They expertise in healing psychological conditions of the patients.

  8. Rehabilitation Institute of Chicago

    It is one of the best hospitals in the USA when it comes to treating the patients recovering from traumatic injury or a mild stroke. Apart from doctors, there are trained nurses that take care of the patients during sudden panic attacks.

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  9. UCSF Medical Centre

    Certain neurological conditions like Alzheimer’s and dementia combined with Parkinson’s disease are faced by the higher age people as soon as they cross the age limit of sixty. It is one of the top ranked hospitals in the US that offers numerous curable medicated observations for neurology and neurosurgery.

  10. Bascom Palmer Eye Institute

    Getting more attracted to operating tabs and computers and paying least bothered about getting some leafy vegetables and carrots, makes the most ideal cases of eye problems especially common among the children. This hospital provides surgical facility and routine eye-checkup infrastructure. Specialized doctors are present that execute laser operations.

  11. Presbyterian Hospital

    Prostate cancer, urinary tract and bladder problems have become common especially among women. It is the best hospital in Columbia that deals with urology-related problems.
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Even though the latest medical facilities are given by the best hospitals in the USA, still such treatment may bring huge expenses sometimes.


Though the medical insurances are there to reduce the burden on the family, it is always recommended to stay as fit as possible. It is very essential to keep the mind cheerful in this hectic rat-race of every single day. This will certainly reflect in the good conditioning of the health. Along with that, an intake of a balanced diet combined with the right amount of physical exercise is also essential. This can be referred to from the famous quote we all know: “An apple a day keeps the doctor away.”