11 Legal Consultants in Dubai to look for in 2020

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Choosing the right lawyer to take action on your behalf is the most important decision to be stoned on your street. In a complex and ever-changing legal environment, you really need a law firm that understands that world – and understands you too. Therefore, if you or your businesses need legal advice or legal assistance, we have listed the top 11 legal consultants in Dubai which you can look in 2020.

Top 11 Legal Consultants in Dubai

  1. Aajel Business Services

    Aajel Business Services is a business planning and consulting company based in Dubai. Aajel delivers the best solutions for setting up a business in UAE and takes its clients to the various process of planning and executing and provided continued support for the smooth functioning of the business. They offer services like clearing and processing of all kinds of legal documents. This gives an opportunity for the client to run business hassle-free. Their team possesses extensive experience in processing legal affairs in Dubai and provide professional services to their clients with 100% satisfaction. They have carefully learned the specific needs and goals of the customers and have brought appropriate solutions to their needs.

  2. Abdulhameed Al Jasmi Advocates & Legal Consultants

    The Abdulhameed Al Jasmi law firm brings large firm-caliber experience in providing high-quality legal consulting to local businesses, individuals and domestic/multinational corporations. They aim to provide timely and cost-effective legal solutions for clients, specifically tailored to their needs. They are determined, hardworking and dynamic team’s areas of expertise are highly diverse. Abdulhameed Al Jasmi team consists of advocates and legal consultants, and they represent clientele on litigation, arbitration, and transactional matters. Abdulhameed Al Jasmi Lawyers & Legal Consultants have an excellent litigation division in addition to a specialized team, working on international commercial arbitration.

  3. Abdulla Al Awadi Advocates & Legal Consultants

    Abdulla Al Awadi Advocates & Legal Consultants was founded by Abdulla Al Awadi in 1998, they have grown to be one of the most reputed law firms in Dubai, excelling in litigation before UAE Courts. They are committed to adopting the finest local and international practices and implementing these accurately, professionally, and effectively. Their IP practice works closely with clients from a wide range of industries to help them to understand, establish and protect their intellectual property rights. This can be a matter of critical business security, especially for brand preservation or differentiation, a tool for business expansion, or an asset when entering into new commercial partnerships. They offer specific expertise in the particular issues and regulatory considerations found in the E-Commerce sector to help you to protect your interests.

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  4. Abdulla Al Suwaidi Legal Advocates & Services

     Abdulla Al Suwaidi Legal Advocates & Services is one leading law firm in Dubai. From the smallest requests to the largest disputes, Abdullah Al Suwaidi’s lawyers handle all your legal needs. They provide you with many solutions for each of your conflicts. They work as a team to provide the necessary synergy beyond customer expectations. With expert lawyers who understand the market well, ensure satisfactory resolution and sound legal advice. Better practices are applied there according to the local market.

  5. Accord Intl Advocates & Legal Consultants

    Accord International Advocates & Legal Consultants is a Dubai-based law firm with a practice that is international in scope. The firm Accord International is a law firm built on legal considerations, unsurpassed customer service, and innovation of unproven principles. With a team of multilingual lawyers and respected associate law firms in New York, Canada, Egypt, India, Kenya, Malaysia, Mauritius, South Africa, and the United Kingdom, Accord has the expertise and experience to manage international transactions and controversial matters, including multi-legal issues in many legal systems around the world. Accord International provides practical solutions to commercial legal issues resulting in savings from unnecessary costs while allowing customers to meet their business goals. Accord aims to become a law firm for clients in relation to their most challenging legal issues, most important business transactions and most disputes.

  6. Afridi & Angell Legal Consultants

    Afridi & Engel is a leading full-service law firm with an unmatched reputation in the Dubai and South Asia regions. The firm’s internationally trained lawyers combined with their partners’ longest experience in the field enable the firm to provide legal advice to the highest international standards. In their 40-year history, Afridi and Engel have brought an innovative approach to the legal industry by providing services steeped in a passion for law, entrepreneurial vision, legal ingenuity and a culture of excellence. The firm quickly developed a reputation for dynamic customer service, business acumen, and legal expertise. The firm’s primary focus has been and continues to be to build a solid, sustainable and prestigious practice that continues to develop and adapt to business and legal environments.

  7. Al Kabban & Associates Advocates & Legal Consultants

    Al Kaban & Associates was established in 1993 with a strong vision of providing exceptional legal representation in Dubai. With 25 years of experience, the firm has proven the success and understanding of the legal system and its structure. This success is founded on the philosophy of providing support and professional advice to clients when dealing with each case in culturally sensitive matters. Al Kaban’s attorneys are dedicated to achieving the best possible outcome for their clients with sophisticated and practical legal advice to avoid unnecessary complications and stress for the client. Customer comfort and satisfaction are a major factor of operation in the firm as it allows freedom of operation of the high caliber of work and provides accurate, beneficial and cost-effective advice directly on behalf of the client.

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  8. Al Bawardi Advocates & Legal Consultants

    Al Bawardi Advocates & Legal Consultants is one of the highly respected, well-known and long-established law firms in the UAE, founded in 1976. Al Bawardi Advocates & Legal Consultants, with offices located in Abu Dhabi and Dubai, has built a reputation for etiquette, integrity, and reliability. Their approach is proactive, flexible and with an emphasis on providing personalized service to meet the specific needs of each customer. To ensure that they provide the best services to our clients, they have recruited a highly qualified and experienced group of lawyers and legal advisors from various countries like UAE, Egypt, India, Sudan, and the United Kingdom to specialize in their fields.

  9. Al Fardan Lawyer & Legal Consultants

    Al Fardon is a lawyer and legal advisor UAE based law firm managed by a retired UAE national officer, who has worked in the field of criminal investigations in Sharjah Police for 30 years, in addition to that in the Middle East, UK, France, Holland, and the USA. They have the most sophisticated and complex corporate and affairs for our customers. They can provide comprehensive legal services to leading local companies, global corporations, and others. He has a team that has tremendous subject matter expertise and has distinguished himself in terms of knowledge and skills.

  10. Al Gurg & Al Matrooshi Advocates & Legal Consultants

    Al Gurg & Al Mataroshi Advocates & Legal Consultants (GMALC) since 1997 as an established law firm in the UAE, since then they offer the best legal services in a wide range of areas of practice in UAE. Each lawyer in the GMALC network boasts of solid expertise and recognized experience in the area in question, and superb academic background, promising you the best quality for the service provided. Whatever the challenge, they can help you reach the right result because GMALC will offer a new approach to the law.

  11. Al Kathiri Advocates & Legal Consultants

    Al Kathiri Advocates and Legal Consultants is a full-service national law firm in Dubai which, with its head office in Dubai and a branch in Abu Dhabi, provides all legal services to clients professionally for ten years. They offer services like commercial law, civil, penal law, intellectual property law, labor law, banking law, and medical negligence law in the Dubai, Gulf and all internationally through association networks with leading international companies in many fields Support their customers across regions.
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The Bottom Line

And that brings an end to our guide to the Legal Consultants. Other popular legal firms in Dubai include A A Warraq, Aatef Al Badrawi Legal Consultant, Abbas Farid Advocate & Legal Advisor, and many more, which are known for their superior services.