Alexa commands: All the questions to ask the Amazon assistant

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In this article, you will find the most updated and complete list of Alexa commands all the questions to ask the Amazon assistant at the moment. We have divided the questions to ask Alexa into different categories to facilitate consultation.

Alexa commands: the questions to ask

  • What Alexa Can Do: An Overview
  • Basic Alexa customization and controls
  • Audio and video streaming
  • Time management, alarms, and calendar
  • Shopping lists and things to do
  • Updates: news, sports, and weather
  • Food, recipes and commercial activities
  • Curiosity, research, mathematics and unit/currency conversions
  • Shopping and e-commerce shopping
  • Fun and Pastimes: Questions to Ask Alexa
  • Messages, calls, and drop-ins with Alexa
  • Home automation: what Alexa can do
  • Alexa controls for Echo Show, Echo Show 5, and Echo Spot.


Alexa commands: the questions to ask

To take full advantage of the potential of this handyman virtual butler, you need to know the various commands, understand what to ask Alexa and what you can do with Echo and the 7 Best Bluetooth Speakers to Buy in 2020

that integrates the Amazon assistant.


If you don’t know what we are talking about, we invite you to read our study on the voice assistant of the Seattle giant.


What Alexa Can Do: An Overview



All requests/questions, you will have to activate Alexa, saying the word “Alexa.” In the settings, you can change it to the “Echo,” “Computer,” /”Amazon.” Read the guide on how to change Alexa’s name here.


Below are some examples of what Alexa can do, just by using your voice:

  • perform web searches and provide all kinds of information and updates in real-time on news, weather, sports, and traffic
  • streaming music, radio, videos (only on smart displays) and audiobooks
  • make calls and video calls (only on smart displays) and send messages between Echo devices or using Skype
  • control of smart devices in your smart home (Wi-Fi thermostats, smart plugs, smart bulbs, and LED strips, IP cameras, and connected video door phones, Wi-Fi locks, etc.)

In this article, we focus mainly on Alexa commands all the questions to ask the Amazon assistant.


Basic Alexa customization and controls

Alexa commands All the questions to ask the Amazon assistant among the questions to ask Alexa to start. You can ask her directly for advice from a novice and get used to your voice, allowing her to recognize your name.

  • Alexa, what can I ask you?
  • learn my voice (Settings> Alexa Account> Recognized Voices> your voice)
  • just / silence / stop
  • activate / deactivate mute mode
  • raise/lower the volume
  • set the volume to 5
  • read/tell me my notifications
  • delete everything I said today


Audio and video streaming

One of the major functions of Alexa is mainly about music. If not specified, the default service for Alexa will be Amazon Music.


You will need an unlimited subscription if you intend to listen to the entire catalog (+50 million tracks). The company offers an ad hoc monthly plan for Echo devices. If you are a Prime user, you can take advantage of Prime Music and listen to a limited part of the catalog (2 million). Click on the banner below for more information.


It is possible to use & set Spotify as the default service, even if a Spotify Premium account is required. Just activate the Apple Music skill. As for video streaming, if you have a smart display, you can ask to see videos on the Prime Video, Vevo on-demand service, etc.


As with Chromecast for Google, the Fire TV Stick (the version with the Alexa remote control) will allow you to ask the assistant (directly from the remote control) to control the navigation. Read our dedicated article, Alexa commands: All the questions to ask the Amazon assistant if you want to control the TV with Alexa without the Fire TV Stick.


Below is the list of Alexa commands for streaming multimedia content:

  • Alexa, play “The Grand Tour” (by default the service will be Amazon Prime Video, Netflix is ​​not supported)
  • play music videos by Vasco Rossi (on Vevo, YouTube is not supported)
  • I like this song (only on Amazon Music, to add songs to your favorites)
  • play music/rap music / happy music
  • add this song to my “Relax” playlist (only on Amazon Music)
  • play music on Spotify (if Spotify isn’t the default)
  • what’s this song called?
  • put Madonna in the living room / Alexa, put Shakira in all the rooms (if you have multiple devices, you can control the sound of the different rooms)
  • play the latest Caparezza album
  • what do you think will be the catchphrase of the summer?
  • play music to party
  • open Sounds of India
  • play playlist Hits of the moment on Apple Music
  • follow Jovanotti on Amazon Music
  • play that song that does “Sometimes I feel like I don’t have a partner” (not yet available in Italian)
  • read me The Little Prince / go back to the previous chapter / go to the next chapter (if you have the Audible service)
  • play Night forest / Tibetan bells
  • reproduce ambient rain noise (storm, stream, ocean, etc.)
  • Alexa connect Bluetooth device / connect my phone (to connect the speaker to your smartphone via Bluetooth)
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Time management, alarms, and calendar

Of the things you can do with Alexa, managing your time and schedule is definitely one of the most useful.

You can manage alarms, reminders, timers. Those who love to cook frequently set timers could consider buying the dedicated Echo Wall Clock accessory. It is a watch compatible with Echo / Alexa, which, equipped with 60 LED lights, lights up, giving feedback on how much time is left to elapse.


By connecting your calendar, you can easily manage your appointments.

  • Alexa, wake me up tomorrow at 7 / turn off the alarm (tomorrow)
  • wake me up at 8 with Queen’s “We will rock you.”
  • wake me up at 6 with Radio 105 (example)
  • set a recurring alarm on weekdays at 6.30
  • How far is the cake timer?
  • Set the timer for 20 minutes
  • cancel the cake timer
  • what time is it?
  • Set the cake timer for 40 minutes
  • what are the holidays this year?
  • Add dinner with Luigi on May 3 to the calendar
  • what are my commitments today?
  • Can you remind me to check the oven in 10 minutes?
  • What are the other reminders of today / July 11, etc.?
  • How is my day tomorrow?
  • What week are we in?
  • what am I throwing today? (thanks to the waste collection skill you will be able to create a calendar that will remind you which type of waste to throw on which day)

Shopping lists and things to do

You can create update lists & remove items.


  • Alexa, add “washing machine” to your to-do
  • what’s on my to-do list?
  • Add “eggs” to the shopping list
  • what’s on my shopping list?
  • remove the chocolate from the shopping list
  • create the list “Summer holidays.”


Updates: news, sports, and weather

Here are some of the questions to ask Alexa in this category:

  • Alexa, what is the weather like today? (set location on Echo device)
  • what is the weather like in Viareggio tomorrow?
  • Do I need an umbrella tomorrow?
  • What’s the temperature in New York now?
  • Did Milan win?
  • What is my daily summary?
  • how is traffic? (you must have set your location and your route first)
  • what is the news?
  • How is my journey to work?
  • What is the result of the Inter match?
  • What will the weather be like this weekend in Pescara?
  • How many points does Vettel have?
  • How is Roger Federer going?
  • What is the weather tomorrow at 18?
  • Who do you think will win the Wimbledon tournament?


Food, recipes and commercial activities

You can get information on the shops & commercial activities in your area to follow recipes.


Here is what you can ask Alexa:

  • what is the nearest pizzeria?
  • Alexa, tell me the tiramisu recipe
  • what is the nearest pharmacy?
  • How is cheesecake made?
  • What is the address of Banca San Paolo?
  • How many calories does ice cream have?
  • What are the opening hours of the Hyper coop of Pomerania?
  • Where can I find vitamin B?
  • What is the telephone number of the pizzeria “Da Gino”?


Curiosity, research, mathematics and unit/currency conversions

In this category, you can really indulge yourself with Alexa commands: All the questions to ask the Amazon assistant.


You can ask the Echo for curiosities, mathematical calculations, historical facts. If you ask Alexa about a topic, she will often read the first few lines of Wikipedia to you.


You can even learn English with a real course (“Alexa, open English course”).


Here are some Alexa commands you can start using:

  • Alexa, why are we celebrating Republic Day?
  • How many are 5 km in miles?
  • Tell me a quote from the Gladiator
  • how many are 3 dollars in euros?
  • tell me more about the movie “The Great Beauty.”
  • how many are 20 Inches in Centimeters?
  • What is the plot of the movie Joker?
  • How much is 56 times 66?
  • What does “oxymoron” mean?
  • How do you spell “everywhere”?
  • Wikipedia “Humpback Whale” / Alexa, tell me more, read on
  • how old is Vasco Rossi?
  • How many inhabitants does California have?
  • What is the cast of Dons Matteo?
  • Where does saffron come from?
  • How tall is the tallest man in the world?
  • What’s the hottest place in the world?
  • Tell me a curiosity about food, what are the seven wonders of the world?
  • What happened on June 28th?
  • Tell me a curiosity about asteroids
  • what is the postal code of Spoleto?
  • The seawater is salty
  • how much a Bitcoin is worth
  • as they say good morning in Chinese
  • what is Echo Show 5
  • what is the distant past of cooking?
  • Is the panda carnivorous?
  • Which are the provinces of Lombardy?
  • Who is the President of Croatia?
  • What is the population of China?
  • Tell me the horoscope of Aquarius
  • tell me the historical facts of today
  • how much is a trillion to the tenth power?
  • What time is sunset?
  • What’s on TV tonight?
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You Can Use some other commands:

  • what is the longest word?
  • How much should I cook rice?
  • Tell me a random number?
  • What is the curiosity of the day?
  • Can dogs eat grapes?
  • What is the function of the European Parliament?
  • Where is the Marmolada located?
  • What are the islands of Hawaii?
  • Who was born on August 6?
  • What is there to see in Volterra?
  • Does the panda hibernate?
  • How many books did you write?
  • Tell me the story of the tango
  • what is the meaning of the name Riccardo?
  • How much is an Apple share worth?
  • I have a headache, what can I do?


Shopping and e-commerce shopping

One of the advantages of Alexa & Amazon Echo integration with the Amazon ecosystem.

If for the media, the immediate integration takes place with services & products like Amazon Music & Audible, it is obvious that shopping on the Amazon platform is the most natural activity to be able to perform.

Thanks to third-party skills. It will be possible to complete purchases on other platforms. This category is very limited.

  • Alexa, order / buy coffee
  • add it to your cart
  • track my latest Amazon order / where is my order (Alexa add face cream to my cart
  • what are today’s offers?


Fun and Pastimes: Questions to Ask Alexa

As for information and curiosities, the controls for having fun and joking are truly infinite. You can ask Alexa to tell you a joke, a story, a proverb.


Obviously, there is no shortage of film quotes & ironic jokes exchanges.  Read our guide to the best Alexa games & 5 Best PC Speakers for Gaming.


  • Alexa, sing a rap song
  • tell me a joke
  • what is the meaning of life?
  • How are you?
  • Who is your father?
  • Will you marry me?
  • plays the guitar
  • tell me a ridge
  • give me an Easter egg in the cinema
  • how does the lion do?
  • What is the first rule of the Fight Club?
  • tell me a story
  • tells the Ugly Cenacle
  • what is your favorite superhero?
  • open Question of the day
  • tell me a joke about Perino
  • open this or that
  • tell me a cold
  • tell me a tongue twister
  • make me a riddle
  • beatbox make
  • make the sound of the wind
  • tell me a proverb
  • tells a fairy tale


Messages, calls, and drop-ins with Alexa

Amazon Echo devices allow you to make calls & write messages to other Echo devices and users (as well as from the same app). Just add them to your contacts.

One of the most recent & appreciated Alexa functions is the integration with Skype. It will be possible to use the famous service for calls/video calls if you have a smart display. Read how our tutorial on how to make video calls with Alexa to learn more.


Not only. It is possible to use the drop-in function, which, like an intercom, allows you to start a two-way conversation with the other Echo devices in other rooms, family rooms.


  • Alexa, make a call
  • Alexa, Call “device name.”
  • Send a message, Alexa
  • Answer the call, Alexa.
  • Hang up, Alexa.
  • Alexa, play my messages
  • Alexa announces that he is ready to eat
  • Don’t disturb, Alexa. (when you don’t want to receive calls or messages)


Home automation: what Alexa can do

home automation

Alexa commands all the questions to ask the Amazon assistant

One of the main functions of Alexa and the Echo line concerns the home automation and the control of compatible connected devices.


Thanks to the voice assistant. However, you can control various aspects of the home & different smart products with your voice. You are making them work in synergy with each other.


For more information, see the updated list of devices compatible with the Alexa assistant. Here are some Alexa commands that you can use if you have products that can be connected to the assistant. These functions will vary according to the characteristics of the product used.


Alexa, turn off / on light (or whatever name you give the device)

  • turn off all the living room lights (just create a group of devices in the app)
  • lower the light intensity to 20%
  • change the color of the lights / set-put green light etc.
  • put Movie scene / good night mode/alarm mode (you can adjust the lights according to the set modes)
  • raises the temperature by 3 degrees
  • set the temperature to 20 degrees
  • close the entrance lock
  • activate the “IFTTT recipe name.” If you have set up your IFTTT. Recipes, assigned their name.
  • deactivate/switch off socket in the living room (switch off the iron, coffee machine, based on the name assigned to the Wi-Fi socket)
  • activate robot (or whatever name you give to the robot vacuum cleaner)
  • turn on / off switch
  • turn on / off air conditioner / TV (using IFTTT)




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