Best and Cheap Electric Bikes to Buy in 2020

Riya Sen

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Do you want to buy cheap electric bikes? It is a purchase on which it is pertinent to think so that you do not get a cat for a hare. Due to pollution levels and oil is getting closer to depletion, in many parts of the world, the electric bicycle is becoming an ideal means of transportation. With cheap electric bikes, you can travel anywhere and park easily, because it does not need much space.

An electric bicycle can be used for exercise, as a conventional bicycle, or as a means of transport. Electric mountain bikes can travel on any road and are much more stable. The electric bicycle can reach a speed of up to 25 kilometers per hour when traffic is dense in cities. You can go faster than car drivers. The assisted pedaling makes the electric bicycle an excellent option, as it is accessible to all audiences since it does not require a driver’s license. Below you can read about buying the best electric bikes at affordable prices.

Here are the 5 Best and Cheap Electric Bikes to Buy in 2020

  1. Moma Bikes E-MTB 27.5

    Moma Bikes E-MTB 27.5
    For us, the best electric bike of 2020is the Moma E-MTB 27.5A powerful model, with autonomy, that some electric cars would already want and valid for both city and mountain. It is the most expensive, but its characteristics are worth it. Let’s see them

    – It has a 250W brushless motor that gives us an instantaneous torque of 55Nm. It won’t seem like much if you compare it with the torque of a car but think that the bike weighs ten or fifteen times less.

    – The fork has suspension for the bumpiest terrain and disc brakes on both wheels. The change is the Shimano brand and has 24 speeds.

    – The battery is removable and offers a maximum autonomy of 120 km. It is ideal for both mountain routes and any other daily route.

    – The handlebar has a screen where you can see the speed, the remaining battery, and the distance traveled.

    – Another important advantage is that it is available with the frame in several sizes and of two types: with simple suspension and full suspension.

  2. Moma E-16 TEEN

    Moma E-16 TEEN

    We begin the 2020 edition of electric bikes with the Moma E-16 TEEN, a very light urban bike with very interesting features.

    – The first thing to consider is its motor, which in this case, is a brushless type with a power of 250W.
    Thanks to it, we can reach a maximum speed of 25 Km / h.

    – Its autonomy, in most cases, is more than enough for day to day; 50 km can be done with each load.

  3. Moma E-BIKE 28

  4. Moma E-BIKE 28
    The next model we are going to talk about is the Moma E-Bike 28, a powerful electric bike designed to enjoy the big city without pedaling or contaminating.

    – Its 250W motor achieves a maximum speed of 25 km / h, which, remember, by law can not exceed.

    – The battery, in this case, is Lithium-Ion with a voltage of 36V and 16Ah capacity, enough to reach up to 80km of autonomy.

    – The frame used in this model is made of aluminum, thanks to which a weight of only 20 kg is achieved. If you take into account that the wheel diameter is 28 ”, it is light.

    – It incorporates an LCD screen where you can view the speed, partial and total distance, the battery capacity, and the level of assistance that you carry at that time and that on this bike, you can regulate up to 5 levels.

  5. Windgoo


    We give way to the most economical of the market with the Windgoo, a small model, perfect for small urban displacements, and that is very well priced.

    – Proof of its size is found in its wheels, which are only 12 inches. Both are equipped with fenders.

    – It has a 350W motor that allows us to drive at a maximum speed of 30 km / h

    – The autonomy figures are not bad either, with it you can do 25 km with each load without any problem. The battery, also, is from LG and has 6Ah capacity.

  6. Xiaomi Qicycle

    Xiaomi Qicycle

    Our latest recommendation is the Xiaomi Qicycle, a model of the Asian brand whose benefits are the best. buy electric bikes at best prices. It is one of the best we can find, and we want to explain the reason.

    – Its engine is just as powerful as the rest, with the difference that we have it available in three levels of power: echo, normal or boost.

    – In these modes of operation, the engine performance is 50, 100, and 150%, respectively.

    – It allows us to pedal to spend less battery, something we will only do while we are in eco mode. In the other two modes, the power is so great that it will not be necessary.


You can use your electric bike all the way or combine different means of transport; For example, you can use your bicycle to get to the subway and board it, and thus make longer journeys more easily. So you don’t need a car to transport it, nor leave it on the street. Cities are currently becoming friendlier for the use of bicycles because it is of global interest to reduce environmental pollution. That makes it easier for you to use an electric bicycle. So It is worth it to buy the cheap and best electric bikes at affordable prices.

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