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20 Best Anime Series

The Bizarre Adventures of JoJo

Do you want to embark on a crazy and alienating company that will confuse you at first, but then make you absolutely dependent? We hope so, because The bizarre adventures of Jojo , the excellent anime taken from the long cult manga of Hirohiko Akari (super guest at Lucca Comics & Games 2019 ) is waiting for you. The saga follows the deeds, generation after generation, of the Joestar family , whose fate was intertwined in ancient times with that of the immortal vampire Dio Brando. You will find yourself in front of a work that resembles itself only, constantly over the top, characterized by a flashy metrosexual aesthetic, ingenious fights and moments of great dramatic tension. And then the current season, Vento Aureo , is set in Italy!


The Knights of the Zodiac: The Lost Canvas

If you are a fan of the legendary Knights of the Zodiac, or at least keep the fond memory of it when you watched them as children, probably the Netflix remake will turn your nose up. Best Anime Series. Don’t worry, though, because if you want to experience the exploits of Athena’s warriors worthy of the originals there is The Lost Canvas , the series that narrates the war against Hades fought by the Knights (or Saint, if you are purists of the original) of the eighteenth century . Exciting storyline, many Golden Knights and a new Pegasus, to love as much as what you already know.


Banana Fish

Among the most recent and interesting anime, one cannot fail to mention Banana Fish , the series that updates a famous shojo manga (that is, a manga for girls) of the 80s. Don’t be fooled by the target, however. Banana Fish tells the story of Ash’s violent life , a beautiful seventeen year old who to escape a life of abuse has become the protégé, and later rival, of a New York mafia boss. Best Anime Series. His days are exclusively a continuous fight against death, at least until he meets by chance Eiji , a young Japanese photographer who will give him what he had never had: something worth protecting . Their love storyhowever, it will be far from roses and flowers.



Haikyu !!

Shouyo Hinata loves volleyball with all of himself and constantly trains to become Japan’s greatest hitter . Too bad it’s very, too low . However, Hinata is not discouraged by this limit and joins Karasuno, where her hated rival, the lifter Tobio Kageyama, also plays . Obviously, it can only be the beginning of a rowdy friendship.

Haikyu !! it is striking for its realism in telling volleyball (don’t expect exaggerations like Holly and Benji, in short), but also for the ability to make you become terribly attached not only to the members of the leading team, but also to those of all the other teams. You will find yourself cheering hard during matches , rejoicing for the winner and saddening for the loser.


Cells at Work

Remember Exploring the Human Body ? Well, then forget it, because the Japanese have made their version more crazy , more energetic, sexier, more kawaii , more … well, Japanese! On the Yamato Animation YouTube channel you will find the entire first season of this series which proudly touches the crazy and entertains by building crazy yet strangely captivating situations.


April Lies

Do you know those days when, for some reason, we need a simple, daily story, but capable of moving us and moving us to tears? Well, April Lies seems made on purpose. The protagonist, Kosei Arima , was a child prodigy of the piano , but the terrible pressure of the professional environment, combined with the even worse exerted by his mother, ended up leaving him empty and devoid of passion. Arima hasn’t touched the piano for years when she meets Kaori Miyazono , a violinist of her age who, unlike her, has never followed the rules imposed by academic circles.

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A touching school soul, which brings to mind all the new and totalizing sensations of adolescence .


Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood

As soon as they were children, the brothers Edward and Alphonse Elric broke the greatest taboo of alchemy , the art that allows to shape matter: they tried to make human transmutation , to resurrect the mother who had just died. In the attempt, Edward lost an arm and a leg, Alphonse the whole body, and his soul remained tied to an old armor. The two brothers should be sentenced, but Edward is offered another choice: to become a state alchemist for the army , and in the meantime undertake the search for the Philosopher’s Stone, which could return the body to Alphonse. Best Anime Series. It is the beginning of an exraordinary story, undoubtedly among the best of the last twenty years, dotted with adventures, drama and unforgettable characters.



A cute anthropomorphic red panda in her early thirties, Retsuko , does a frustrating job for a boss she hates. Not being able to let off steam otherwise, he keeps everything inside until, in the evening, he goes to slacken by singing death metal at karaoke.


This anime, inspired by the homonymous character Sanrio (the Hello Kitty brand, so to speak), has nowhere near the productive values ​​of the previous ones, yet has been able to conquer everyone here also in the West thanks to the comic, but tragically realistic portrait of a generation crushed by a world of work that offers no stimuli or ways out.


In Tokyo in 2112 an advanced computer system known as Sybil System allows monitoring the so-called crime coefficient of people. Namely the latent possibility that they may carry out antisocial acts . Some latent criminals deemed suitable. However, are enlisted by the city police service as Executors , i.e. real hunting dogs that, under the supervision of an Inspector , manage to effectively hunt down the criminals as they share their way of thinking. Best Anime Series. What could easily have become a braggart action is one of the most solid and intriguing science fiction productssince the days of the Matrix , which engages the viewer in questions and ethical reasonings that are anything but trivial.


Neon Genesis Evangelion

There has been much talk about it also because of the controversy concerning the new suitably , now removed, and list could only end with him, the ninety piece recently arrived on the Netflix catalog at the same time worldwide .


Fifteen years after the Second Impact. A tragedy that has halved the world’s population, gigantic creatures identified with the term Angels make their appearance. Shinji Ikari , a fourteen-year-old boy, is ordered by his father to travel to the city of Neo Tokyo-3. Where Shinji is escorted to Nerv, a paramilitary organization created to fight the Angels. Shinji is ordered to board an enormous humanoid machine. The Evangelion Zero One , but he would rather die than do it. Best Anime Series. What started as a robotic saga becomes a dramatic. Honest and disconcerting oneinsight into a selfish. Fragile and suffering humanity. On the meaning and secrets of this anime you will find sites, books, forums, podcasts … and you will want to recover them all.


Death note

Light Yagami as the true son of a cop always dreamed of becoming as good a policeman as his father to punish criminals. And he had a chance. One of the death gods threw a death note on the ground. With its help, you can change the world, kill criminals with impunity. Light found her and began to administer justice. Best Anime Series. But the police became interested in a very mysterious avenger, and the best detective was sent to catch him.

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The Elven Song

It’s about Lucy. She looks like the most ordinary girl, but in fact it is a creature that was modified using genetic engineering. They call such Diclonius. The Dicloniuses are monitored by the government and kept in solitary confinement.


But Lucy riots, kills the guards and escapes from the detention center.



Ninjas are not born, ninjas become. And in order to become a real ninja, you need to unlearn at the academy, where young people are taught special wisdom. The graduates of such an academy will be discussed in the anime series Naruto. Distinctive bandages have just been handed over to them, and they are already waiting for fights, chases, dangers and adventures.

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One Punch Man

The animated series, based on a comic book posted on the Internet in 2009. Saitama is the strongest person living on a planet similar to our Earth, which helps its inhabitants just like that. Saitama is 25 years old, he protects humanity from disasters, monsters and just villains.


Attack of the Titans

Titans are huge monsters that devour humans. A hundred-year war with these monsters seems to have dragged on. The survivors decided to build a wall around their country, so high that the titans could not step over or jump over. The idea was a success, and for the next hundred years, people lived in peace and tranquility. But once the super titan destroyed the wall and his relatives rushed into the city, eating everyone in their path. The boy who saw how his mother ate swears to exterminate the titans and save people.


King of the shamans

There are ordinary people, and there are those who communicate with spirits. They are called shamans. Once, a schoolboy named Manta met a young shaman, You, who is just able to communicate with spirits. And even command them! You should soon go to a tournament that takes place only once every five hundred years. Which must be won in order to eventually become the King of Shamans. You needs the help of friends, because at the tournament he will face the evil shaman Hao.


Sword Art Online

The dream of all gamers came true – a game with maximum immersion was created. She was waiting for several years, and now with the release of tens of thousands of copies were at one point swept away from the shelves. All participants went to the virtual world. Once there, each of them saws the creator. Who explained that in order to exit the game. You need to go through it completely. And disappeared. Thus, began the sword battle. One thing but – the one who dies in the game, dies in real life.


Cowboy Bebop

Bebop is a spaceship on which the former cop Jet Black and Spike Spiegel move. Soon they will be joined by Fay Valentine, a pretty gambler. Ed – a computer genius and Ein – the smartest dog in the world. Now they are a crew, and their mission is a bounty hunt.


The Cool Teacher of Onizuka

Eikichi Onizuka is a new class teacher who tripled to work at a private school known as the Sacred Forest Academy. He is sent to teach in the most reckless and uncontrollable class 3-4. The students decide to teach the next upstart lesson, but they do not suspect that Onizuka, although a mediocre teacher. Can force discipline to be followed by not entirely permitted, but effective methods.


Fullmetal Alchemist

After the death of his wife, the great alchemist had two sons, who became his disciples. As soon as they were a little over ten years old, they decided that they already knew science in full. The first thing the boys decided to return the dead mother from the next world, but nothing came of it. They paid terribly for the mistake.


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