Finding the needle – The top qualities of real estate agents

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If you’re investing in property for the first time or you’re just new to the property market, it is highly recommended that you hire a real estate agent to help you throughout the process. But with so many real estate agents in the market, some super expensive and some cheap, you might be confused about whom to choose. First things first, you should never hire someone just because you happen to know them through a friend or because you are related to them. It’s essential to find out the credentials of a real estate agent, their experience, their skills, their approach, and their ability to get the job done. You need to find a real estate agent that is right for you! From estate agents in Belsize Park to real estate agents in Leeds, the list is endless. To make sure that you pick the right person to represent you, here are some of the top qualities of real estate agents that you should look for!

1 Clear communication

You should be able to communicate with your real estate agent clearly, and vice versa. No beating around the bush, no hidden facts, and not someone hard to get in touch with. Your agent should regularly be communicating with you and keeping you in the loop. Since time is of the essence in the real estate market, communication is vital.

2 Local knowledge

One of the qualities of real estate agents is they know everything there is to know about the local market; the average price of the property, the taxes applicable in the area code, the laws governing the area, the crime rate in the area, and so on. Local knowledge is fundamental, especially when it comes to individual taxes and regulations that could cost you in the long run if you are kept unaware of them.

3 Work ethic

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The top qualities of real estate agents are known for their work ethic. Someone impossible to get in touch with, a real estate agent who keeps canceling, or an agent that never shows up on time probably doesn’t have the best work ethic. You need to hire a professional who is known for their strong work ethic because only such an individual will be able to get the job done! 

4 Ability to listen

Your real estate agent needs to be a good listener. He or she needs to listen to your needs, your likes and dislikes, your demands, and they need to understand what it is that you are looking for. They need to understand the type of property you need, the area that is best suited for your needs, a property that fits your budget, and so on. An estate agent who doesn’t listen will never be able to find the property that you are looking for. 

5 Honesty

Honesty creates trust; and without honesty and trust, you and your real estate agent will never be on the same level. Property matters are a significant investment, and you want someone in your team whom you can fully trust. This means no hidden costs, no half-truths, and no deception. You want someone who is working for you and with you.

6 Attention to detail

Since you trust a real estate agent with one of the most significant investments of your life, you need to be sure that your agent will pay attention to the details. You have hired a professional because this is their field of expertise, but if they ignore the elements, then your reason for hiring them becomes null and void.

7 Problem-solving mindset

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The top qualities of real estate agents will have a problem-solving mindset. Instead of delivering bad news about a problem that may have come up, the right estate agent will tell you all the possible solutions that can be used to eliminate the problem. In a sector where things can change daily, a problem-solving mindset is essential.

8 Self-motivation

A top real estate agent will be self-motivated. He or she will go above and beyond to find the property that suits your needs and meets your requirements. If your estate agent is not self-motivated, you will have to keep pushing them to find better properties and keep following up on the same. An excellent real estate agent will be a self-motivated entrepreneur who will ensure that he or she always puts their best foot forward.

9 Ability to negotiate

Negotiation is key. When you find the property that is right for you, you negotiate till you see the price that is right for you. An experienced real estate agent will know the art of negotiating. He or she needs to be able to negotiate a fair buying price, a reasonable selling price and a good rate of commission. A real estate agent that is at the top of his or her field will be an expert negotiator.

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