How to Clear Cache and Junk Files on Mac OS Mojave

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Some Mac customers may need to temporary and cache files from Mac OS. Stores and fleeting archives can consolidate things like browser cache and history, messages cache, specific app temporary and cache files, incomplete downloads, and more. While most applications will easily manage cache and junk files, and Mac OS will manage some other cache type records authentically too, further created customers can genuinely meditate and remove their temporary and cache files from a Mac as well.

Alongside the day by day utilization of Mac, cache files will be accumulated out of sight. The cache is utilized to abstain from reproducing or re-downloading some data for the working of framework and applications. Cache files are essentially brief information that is stored on your hard drive and used to accelerate forms. For example, Safari will download pictures on a site page into the cache so that next time you visit the webpage you don’t need to download the pictures once more.

Here comes the inquiry, how to clear cache on Mac? Which is the best mac cleaner? We have mentioned below a few steps to clear junk and cache files from Mac manually and automatically, have a look!

How To Clear Cache On Mac Manually

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Cleaning cache files will increase more memory in your Mac hard drive and below are the steps to clear cache files from Mac manually, follow them.

  • Stop any effectively open Mac applications.

  • Open Finder.

  • Press and hold down the Shift key or Option / ALT key and select “Go” from the Finder.

  • Select the Library from the drop-down menu in the Go tab.

  • In the Library option, you will see the Caches folder, open it.

  • Select which caches and temporary files you have to clear, you can select application app caches and temporary files to clean*, or you can select them all, then place those store things into the Trash.

  • Empty the Trash in Mac OS as normal to clear those temporary and cache files from the Mac.
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Note- The cache and temporary files contain numerous absurd document names and organizer names, with names like “” and “” and numerous others. To locate a particular app cache, you’d search for a file or document that coordinates the name, for instance, the substance of “” would contain the Safari cache. These temporary files folder and caches are not intended to be user friendly or user-facing, so don’t anticipate that it should be.

How to Clear Cache And Junk Files Using Software

You might have tried using the above manual steps and you have invested your energy physically by erasing temporary and cache files. What if you could simply get an application or software to do it for you? The magnificence of these applications is that they, for the most part, do significantly more, and they’re particularly acceptable at freeing up space you didn’t have any acquaintance with you had.

Smart Mac Care

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Smart Mac Care

Smart Mac Care is one of the best Mac cleaner software. This program encourages you to remove mess from your system to create more space on your Mac. The application accompanies a great deal of removing clutter files and improves system performance proficiently. This cleaner encourages you to support your framework execution as well as guard your Macintosh against malware, adware, Trojans and spyware. It can sweep and evacuate all the infections and undesirable applications, to prevent all security issues on your Mac.


  • With Disk Usage, you can sort the bulkiest documents from your Mac.

  • Allow users to uninstall suspicious or undesirable applications on your Mac.

  • Evacuate login things to improve your Mac’s boot speed.

  • Scan and erase copy duplicates of documents to recoup pieces of capacity on Mac.

Clean My Mac X

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This application finds and expels undesirable records, be it halfway downloads, pointless confinements, cache. Additionally, you can dispose of clutter from your iTunes, Photos and Mail application to restore gigabytes of your Mac hard drive. It comes power-pressed with a lot of highlights to manage hoarded RAM, debilitate and oversee Login Items, dispatch operators and then some. This will reduce the weight of your Mac and make it run quicker.

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  • Removes online traces, browsing history (offline and online).

  • Scan to discover any vulnerabilities on Mac.

  • Help in erasing large documents and files to increase more space on Mac.

Disk Clean Pro

Another Macintosh cleaning programming, Disk Clean Pro encourages you to keep your Mac advanced by erasing excess records. With its One-click Cleaning feature, you can restore significant disk space on your Mac. 

It has likewise accompanied Logs Cleaner, Junk Cleaner, and different highlights for intensive cleaning. With its enhancement highlights to discover copy documents, unused and old records, huge records and old downloads, you can sort your disk storage in a matter of moments.


  • Remove undesirable documents and incomplete downloads 
  • Erases crash reports recovering space on your Mac 
  • Remove history and traces to guarantee your security remains unblemished. 
  • Remove bulky documents and classify records according to your preferences.

How To Clear Cookies On Mac

  • Launch the Safari browser and then you can get started clearing cookies.

  • Click the word “Safari” at the top left corner of the screen.

  • Click on “Preferences” in the dropdown menu that appears.

  • Select the “Privacy” tab of the menu. If you want to clear and block all cookies, tick the box beside the words “Block all cookies”.

  • Click “Block all” to confirm it on the pop-up window that appears next.

  • To remove cookies from certain specific websites, on the Privacy window, click the button “Manage Website Data…”.

  • In that window, sort through the sites listed and click “Remove all“.

Above we have mentioned all the manual steps and software to clear cache and junk files from your Mac. If you have any questions and suggestions, feel free to mention them in the comments section below.


Would you like to know how to clear cache and junk files on macOS Mojave? How to clear cookies on your Mac? Read the above article to know more.