How To Make A Boat In Minecraft

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Hello dear friends, fans of this exciting and mysterious Minecraft game. Today I will talk about an interesting and useful subject, such as a boat. Perhaps you have not thought about this opportunity in our fascinating Minecraft world yet. This article will give you a complete guide about how to make a boat in Minecraft?

But it is unlikely that you have not encountered water. In Minecraft, it is everywhere. We often have to swim to overcome water obstacles in our search, and you know from your own experience how slowly without a boat, which means it happens tediously. Therefore, I want to analyze in detail the questions that will interest you as well.

How to make a boat in Minecraft?

To make a boat, we need five boards. They can be obtained from any wood. You probably already know about crafting boards in Minecraft. They need to be done on a workbench, where boats are also crafted. Place the boards on the workbench as in the photo. Now we can safely cross any seas and swim along rivers in search of new resources. I want to warn you, my friends, you need to move with a certain degree of caution because if you collide with blocks, the boat can break. In this case, three sticks and two blocks of boards will fall out, not counting the time we spent on crafting, and we will have to do it again.

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By the way, you can make excellent water slides for them, and you can also make high-speed waterways. If you have already managed to make rails and trolleys and try to ride a boat on them, you will not succeed: it can only float on water. And it does it faster than we move on foot on land. Although I must admit, the trolley on the rails moves much faster.

Collect necessary materials

Before proceeding to the detailed procedure on making a boat in Minecraft, I think it may interest you to know more about how you can obtain the materials necessary to realize this project. The information below is useful for the game’s Survival mode. In fact, I remind you that in Creative mode, you already have all the items you need in the inventory. Well, as far as the rowing boat is concerned, the materials you need are simply a workbench and 5 wooden boards. You must first collect wood to get the latter, destroying the trees you find in the game’s forests. So you can also do this with your bare hands. You don’t necessarily need an axe, although this will speed up the harvesting process.

Once the wood is collected, place the Log units inside the Inventory Crafting slot and collect the wooden plank units that are spawned. As for the  Workbench, it is created by joining 4 Wooden Planks in the Inventory Fabrication system. Perfect, now you have everything you need to build a common rowboat. If you’re planning to build a boat Viking, you will serve instead of the following materials: pine trunk bark, dark oak planks, stairs dark oak, oak planks, stairs Oak, white wool, red wool, oak panels, carpets reds, white carpets, cornices, and ladders.

To find these materials, I recommend using an online tool that provides information on each element in Minecraft: my search, a site designed to allow players to easily obtain combinations to create any element within the Mojang title. To use this service, you need to connect to its home page, type the name of the object you want to build in the search bar at the top right, and select the most relevant search result.

How to make a boat in Minecraft

After explaining how to obtain the necessary materials, I would say that you are ready to proceed with your boat’s construction. Well, all you have to do is place a workbench, interact with it and place 5 units of wooden planks (obviously, any type, such as oak, is fine). You must leave the middle and top 3 blocks of the crafting table blank. You may also need to place a shovel created by joining a stick and 1 unit of a wooden plank in some Minecraft versions.

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Now you have to drag the boat icon into your inventory, select it and place it in any watercourse. Now, to get on board the boat, you need to interact with it. You can then move with the vehicle using the classic movement keys. The system will tell you which key you need to use to go down (e.g., Left Shift on PC). In short, nothing could be easier!

How to make a Viking boat in Minecraft

As you have seen, building an ordinary how to make a boat in Minecraft is not very difficult. Building a “serious” boat, on the other hand, requires a little more effort. What am I referring to? Well, to give you an example, I can explain how to create a Viking boat. However, I remind you that the only navigable boat by default in Minecraft is the rowing one: the others, like the Viking boat, remain stationary, however beautiful to look at. Having made this necessary clarification, let’s take action. To start, take any 5 blocks (e.g., granite) and place them one block apart. They will serve as a basis for correctly placing other blocks.

Now, take  5 blocks of debarked spruce log and place them in front of each block you placed earlier. Make the trunk “look” towards you. Then remember to break the support blocks you placed earlier, as you no longer need them now. Once this is done, place some Dark Oak Planks, dividing the rows of blocks in half. Step out one block to both left and right. Then, go up the structure to the left, take some dark oak steps and place them on the penultimate two blocks on both the right and left. At this point, cover the remaining blocks with Dark Oak Planks, always leaving the last block free, both left and right.

Then place 6 dark oak steps on both the right and left to “cover” the last part. Now, place dark oak steps in front of the remaining “free” blocks on either side. Perfect, now the base of the boat is ready. Next, place 2 Oak Planks on both the left and right of the structure you created. Once this is done, cover the “outline” of the boat with oak steps.

How to make a sailboat in Minecraft

How do you say? Don’t you have too much desire to use your time for how to make a boat in Minecraft and would like to find it ready and navigable? No problem: if you have the Java version of the Mojang title, you can create sailboats through the mod called Small boats (compatible up to version 1.7.10 of Minecraft). To proceed, connect to the 9minecraft website, scroll down the page and click on the red link under the text relating to the version of Minecraft in your possession. Now, press the blue DOWNLOAD button that appears on the screen.

This will download a file called Small-Boats-Mod- [version] .jar. At this point, you have to move/copy this file to the mod folder. On Windows the path to follow is C: \ Users \ [username] \ AppData \ Roaming \ .minecraft \ mods , while on macOS it is ~ / Library / Application Support / Minecraft / mods . In some cases, you may need to install the Forge profile for the mod to work properly. To do this, all you have to do is go to the official Forge website and press the Installer item. If you are looking for Forge for an “outdated” version (like 1.7.10), you have to press the Show all Version button. Once the download is complete, open the forge- [version] – installer.jar file obtained, select the Install Client item and click OK. Great, now you have successfully installed the Forge profile.

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To start using the mod, select the Forge profile using the down arrow icon on the left, next to the PLAY button on the Minecraft Launcher’s main screen. Once you have started the game and entered the creative mode game, press the E button on your keyboard and put it in your inventory.

How to operate the boat?

To jump into our ship, you need to click on it with the right mouse button, and at the end of the voyage, click again and get out. To move, use the keys W, A, S, D. If you turn the camera towards the rear with the mouse and press the W key. The vessel itself will turn its front towards the direction the camera is looking at. When meeting with other players or mobs, the boat changes its direction.

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As I already warned: when sailing in the world of Minecraft, you must observe safety measures, and if they did crash, then we will be thrown into the water. And you will have to swim to the shore, and again you will have to craft! Also, be careful, dear friends, and do not run into lava on it. Since there, your ship can take huge damage and quickly break down because fire resistance does not work on it.

Travelling of Minecraft world

Travelling through the huge world of Minecraft, the heroes often have to face water obstacles. Of course, the water can be overcome by swimming, which is quite difficult and will take a long time. But it would be nice to resort to making a boat. It’s good that the developers took care of this. Crafting a boat is relatively inexpensive and easy to remember. In order how to make a boat in Minecraft, you need boards. The required number of boards is 5. Next, you will need a workbench on which the craft of boards and the boat will take place. Craft boards should be arranged as follows: the first row of three cells must remain empty, in the second row. The first and third cells are filled with boards (the second remains empty). In the third row, all three cells are filled with boards.

The finished boat appears in the cell next to the craft. Next, the boat is taken and added to the hero’s inventory. Then you should go outside and go to the water. By clicking again on the right mouse button, the hero gets into the boat. For the hero to get out of the boat, press the left Shift. A boat floating on the water moves much faster than the hero on land. So in search of all sorts of usefulness, it is best to use it.

Having gained speed, do not forget that you can bump into a cobblestone. The boat will immediately fly to pieces from such a blow. And the hero will be in the water and will have to swim to land. You should also beware of collisions with lava. Otherwise, it will cause serious damage to the swimming facility. Having collided with mobs and other players.

How to make a transport network using a boat?

Make a moat three squares wide. For the boat’s safety, the moat’s edges can be made woollen in case of excess wool. Then place pressure plates every five squares. Place water springs behind each slab in the direction you are going to swim. You can install sources only at the edges. Equip the moat’s end with a dock of soul sand or place 10 cells of water sources. Make the same ditch on the other side. That’s it. Now you can travel quickly without rails! In this case, the boat will sail by itself and will not need to be steered.

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