How to Save Instagram Photos

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Instagram is a very famous social platform after Facebook. There is a lot of use of an Instagram Account. We have personal accounts, business accounts, and celebrities have verified (blue-ticked) accounts, and currently, in this digital generation, there are “Instagram Influencers” evolving. In this article, we will give you a complete guide about How to Save Instagram Photos?

Regardless of saying how helpful this app has become in our lives. Few pictures are emotionally motivating, few are a personal favorite, and some provide important business tips. We want to keep them for future motivation or re-creation. And there is nothing wrong with it until the fair use conditions are met, and proper credit is given to the owner.

But ever imagined how we could download photographs from Instagram? This article will guide you through 8 easy methods of downloading Instagram photos.

Where is the save button!!

Ever found yourself long-pressing an Instagram photo and looking for a save or download button? Well, Instagram doesn`t really have a download button. Unlike the other social apps such as Facebook, WhatsApp saving pictures, and Videos from Instagram is very tricky.

But brace yourself because we are here to show 8 easy ways of downloading Instagram photographs using mobile phones and laptops in this blog. Stick to it by the end of the article to know.

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How to Save Instagram Photos: 8 easy ways of downloading Instagram photographs

Method 1:

Change your Instagram Id Settings

Perhaps you want to download photos you’ve taken directly through Instagram. Or you want to download the filtered edited version to your phone. Downloading Instagram pictures is easy now, with some setting change. You have to turn on one setting, and your IG photos will be download automatically.

Well, it`s already there! This is the most helpful method of saving photos directly to your Mobile Gallery. Simple steps-

Go to your Instagram ID> Settings> Account

You will see ‘original posts’ (in android) > Save Original Posts.

Turn this ‘Save Original Posts’ option on

There you go! Now you can go and check your mobile gallery. Each time you post any picture on Instagram, This will be directly downloaded in your gallery under a folder named “Instagram.”

This method is helpful because once this option is turned on, whatever you post in your own ID, that will be saved automatically on your mobile gallery without seeking your permission each time. In this manner, none of your photos will ever be lost.

But this creates double images on your device if you had taken the photo by your phone and uploaded it to Instagram later. So, use a manual check to delete the duplicate file to save yourself from running out of space.

But what if you want to save others’ posts/pictures? Check out method 2 to know.

Method 2:

Bookmark the posts easily!

In 2017, Instagram introduced a beneficial feature for Instagram users. The feature was that anyone could bookmark a post (of someone else), which would be saved under “Your Collection” within the Instagram App.

The procedure is straightforward. Steps are:

Find a post you want to save, look carefully, and you will find a flag-like button at the very bottom right corner of the post. Press on this button, and it will show a Collection folder which you can name yourself and completely customizable.

Accessing this also comes in handy.

Go to your profile page> Tap on the Three Horizontal Lines at the top right corner.

Tap on the same flag button under ‘Saved.’

You can see a plus ‘+’ sign as well, which allows you to create another bookmark category.

This method is one of the best ways to save an Instagram post. It allows the user to keep his/her favorite and necessary posts for an undefinable period of time.

Since it is a customizable collection book, a Digital Florist may save his necessary decoration tips in a folder named ‘Decoration Tips, or a housewife may save furniture designs for making such furniture in the future under ‘Furniture Designs.’

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This collection, however, remains private, and only the user can view it. And most importantly, if the owner is not using an Instagram Professional/Business Account, they won`t even know someone has saved his/her posts.

What happens when one uses a professional Account is that they can see how many people have saved their posts using the Instagram Insight button. Though they still won`t know who has saved their work.

So, this is how Instagram Bookmark Feature becomes the second most famous method of saving a post.

Method 3:

Download Pictures from Instagram:

Yes, you heard it right. You can download Pictures from Instagram.

Instagram, though, doesn`t allow downloading pictures directly. Hence, this method is a bit tricky.


Open Instagram app > find the picture you want to download >

Tap on the three dots on the top right corner of the photo > Find ‘Copy Link.’

Open the browser (any browser would do) and paste the copied link (shortcut for laptop “ctrl+V”)

Then photos will appear on the browser when you paste the link.

Now long press and select the option ‘copy.’

Now you will need to open up your mobile/ laptops notepad/notes app (e.g., Google Keep, Samsung Notes, etc.)

On a blank page, long press and select ‘paste’> the photo will arrive on the screen.

Find the share button and press the ‘Save image.’ This works both on android and iPhone. (Using Google Keep is recommended for this method.)

This seems like a lengthy process, but it is also a recommended method of downloading Instagram pictures.

Method 4:

Download photos using ‘Page Source.’

Page source is another method that lets downloading pictures from Instagram. However, you can download Ig photos using your desktop browser.

How to do it?

Follow these basic steps as said here:

Start the browser (e.g., Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, etc.) on your desktop or laptop.

Log in to your Instagram account> right click on the image> the menu button pops up> choose ‘View page source.’

Head-up: if you are not logged in to your account, you would have to right-click on the image and choose ‘Copy Link Address.’

This would open a page source code in a separate browser tab. Look for the “.jpg” format in the codes manually or by using the ‘find’ tool of your browser.

Copy & paste this entire link to the .jpg file (easily recognizable method; it stands in between two speech or quotation marks) into a new tab.

Now the easiest and exciting part; once the photo has been loaded, you can download it to your desktop similarly to any other picture on the internet.

This method lets to downloading any picture either from your personal account or from others’ accounts. For instance, you want to save a food recipe so that you can make it later, and that`s why you want to download it. You can easily download it using the ‘page source link.’

One needs to know the coding interface, and that will do. You have to recognize the exact link which will help you to download the picture.

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How to Save Instagram Photos: Third-Party Apps are life-savers!

But if none of the above methods are working well for you, you can opt for third-party apps or software that allow you to download pictures from Instagram. These apps are pretty easy to use, have a basic interface, and most of them come free.

The most famous and handy ones are listed below-

Method 5:

DownloadGram is a website. This only requires to put the URL of the post into the box.


Access your Instagram Account> Find the photo you want to download

Choose the three dots and press on ‘copy link.’

Go to the website > paste the link to the post.

Click on the Download Button & Save

DownloadGram is the best Instagram downloader and is recommended among all other third-party apps. It comes free and handy for any user with internet access.

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How to Save Instagram Photos: Method 6:

4K Stogram is another easy-to-use app. You can install this app on your desktop.  You can then download your photo via subscribing or using a hashtag, or simply by the username.

And this allows downloading photos using a post link or URL.

Method 7:

FastSave service: This is a free app available on Google Play Store and Apple Store. You have to install the app on your phone and use the FastSave Service feature to download pictures.

Select FastSave Service > Select Open Instagram

Tap on the three vertical dots and choose ‘Copy Link.’

Congratulations! Your desired photo is already downloaded.

This gets downloaded and saved in your phone’s gallery.

Though it is a very easily useable app, it too has some technical restrictions. It does not allow downloading multiple pictures at the same time. But it one of its unique services is Fast Downloads of pictures.

But what if you want to download multiple images at the same time? And you do not even have much time to do so? Well, we have a solution to this as well.

Method 8:

Use the “Save-o-gram” app that allows multiple downloads at the same time. Save-O-Gram one can download downloaded from after installing the app > Enter a hashtag or username on the text box.

Select multiple images and press on either ‘Download Selected photos’ or ‘Download as a ZIP file.’ This downloads the images selected. But to access the images from the ZIP file, you need to use a ZIP extractor (e. g. WinRAR Software)

But this is only free for 7 days of first use, and after 7 days, it requires a one-time fee of $9, which is for sure not a loss investment for those who download pictures from Instagram regularly.

How to Save Instagram Photos method 8

Though these apps claim a smooth downloading procedure from Instagram, none of these are perfect. They, too, have technical errors and may backfire at times. Hence, it would help if you understood that no app or third-party software could guarantee an even journey to downloading an Instagram picture.

On the other hand, it is important to understand the restrictions enforced by Instagram on downloading Photos. One can easily save his/her own photos by using the first method mentioned at the beginning of the article. That is the most recommended method to save pictures directly into the gallery automatically.

But we want to remind you of the Instagram policies why it doesn`t allow downloading photos. Because of safety and security reasons and protecting everyone`s privacy. Accounts for online theft of others’ work. It is unknown how others long-press and save a picture and use it under their name. Instagram highly monitors that no one can use someone`s photography or artwork or personal picture for any unfair means.

So, the Bookmark button is a safer option for fair use of other posts.

You can go with any other options described above. But we recommend a fair use of everyone`s content and encourage downloading pictures that are do not violate copyright claims.

I hope you enjoyed reading this article and found it helpful.

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How to Save Instagram Photos: FAQ:

  1. Can you download pictures from Instagram?

Yes, go to IG settings > accounts > Turn on Original Posts.

Or, you can Bookmark the posts and save them as a collection within the Instagram App.

  1. How do you save other people`s Instagram photos?

To save others’ posts, Bookmark the posts, and save them as a collection within the app.

  1. How can I save a picture from Instagram to my phone?

Access your Instagram Account through mobile > go to settings> accounts > turn on save original posts.

Done, now all your posted pictures on Instagram will be directly saved to your phone.

  1. Is it legal to save pictures from Instagram?

Saving others pictures are subject to copyright issue. It is both because of security reasons and online theft of someone`s work. That’s why Instagram strictly monitors that no one can misuse someone`s work.

Saving Instagram pictures is legal until it follows fair use conditions and provides credit to the content creator’s owner id re-used.

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