How to spy on another phone’s WhatsApp for free

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Is it true that you are concerned that somebody may keep an eye on your WhatsApp exercises and stick their noses into discussions that ought to stay private? You do well to be keen on these issues; any way you don’t need to be distrustful: WhatsApp embraces propelled security frameworks and. Except if you succumb to “stunts” or tricks that give direct access to the cell phone on which the application is introduced. In this article, you can know about how to spy on another phone’s WhatsApp for free. You can barely capture the discussions made about it.

All things considered, there are numerous arrangements that permit you to control the gadget and monitor the discussions made on the last mentioned.  Okay, prefer to know more? Indeed, at that point on the off chance that you need. I will give you a hand to extend the subject.

On the off chance that you take a couple of moments of your spare time, I can disclose how to keep an eye on another telephone’s WhatsApp for nothing and, all the more significantly, I can reveal to you how to shield yourself from assaults that permit this kind of action: I guarantee you that with at least consideration and the information on the dangers you can confront, you will have the option to rest moderately calmly. Appreciate the perusing!

How to spy on another phone's WhatsApp for free

How to spy on another phone’s WhatsApp for free


Peculiar as it might appear, perhaps the most effortless approaches to keep an eye on WhatsApp from another free telephone is to utilize assistance included straightforwardly in the application: I am alluding to WhatsApp Web, which, as you presumably definitely know, permits you to utilize WhatsApp on your PC through your program.


How WhatsApp Web functions are incredibly basic, and that is the place the difficult untruths! By associating with the primary page of the administration and surrounding the QR code that shows up on the screen with your cell phone, you can get to every one of your discussions and use WhatsApp simply as you do on a cell phone.


Where is the security hazard in this component? I’ll clarify it immediately. In the event that you leave the checkmark close to the Stay associated thing, WhatsApp Web keeps access to WhatsApp open in any event. For ensuing uses, along these lines, the output of the code is not, at this point, required, and you straightforwardly get to the visits.



Since WhatsApp Web doesn’t require the association of the cell phone and PC to a similar remote system (as long as the cell phone on which the application is introduced is turned on and associated with the Internet. additionally through 3G/4G organize). An assailant could take you with a reason the telephone. Outline the QR code of WhatsApp Web on his PC (or even on a tablet). Keep a hole consistently open on your private discussions.


On WhatsApp Web luckily has become more troublesome. As the administration speedily sends warnings with each entrance made. In any case, in the event that you need to ensure yourself further, follow the guidance underneath.


  • Avoid loaning your cell phone to others – as unimportant as it might appear, this exhortation is the best of all!
  • Control access to WhatsApp Web – by getting to the WhatsApp settings on your cell phone, you can check the open gets to on WhatsApp Web and close them, with the goal that the QR code examines is mentioned once more. In the event that you utilize an Android terminal, you can control access to WhatsApp by squeezing the ⋮ button situated at the upper right and choosing the WhatsApp Web thing from the menu that shows up. In the event that you utilize an iPhone, nonetheless, you can do likewise by heading off to the Settings tab situated at the base right and choosing the WhatsApp Web/Desktop thing from the last mentioned. When you have distinguished the dynamic WhatsApp Web meetings, you can close them by proceeding them or, on the other hand, you can tap on the choice to detach from all PCs and close all entrance to WhatsApp Web all at once.
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The dangers identified with WhatsApp Web likewise apply to WhatsApp Desktop, the authority WhatsApp customer for Windows and macOS. I enlightened you regarding it in more detail in my instructional exercise on the best way to introduce WhatsApp on PC.

How to spy on another phone's WhatsApp for free

How to spy on another phone’s WhatsApp for free

Applications spy

One of the greatest privacy dangers of conversations carried out on WhatsApp (and not only those) is represented by spy apps. These are applications that, as their definition suggests quite easily. Hide from the user’s eyes and track all its activities. The phrases and words typed on the keyboard (in this case, we speak of keyloggers ). The apps used, the websites visited. The incoming and outgoing calls, and much more.


Unlike what one might imagine, many spy apps. Although expensive, it does not require advanced technical knowledge to be used. Just get hold of the victim’s smartphone, install them (often via APC package on Android and via Cydia on iOS) and make yourself comfortable so that you can receive all the data collected by the latter directly on your PC or on your portable device. Suppose you don’t believe it. Try taking a look at iKeyMonitor. One of the most popular spy applications on Android and iOS. Which you can also try for free for a few days.


Spy apps, as mentioned, can be completely invisible to the user’s eyes. But this does not mean that there are no clues that can betray their presence if you suspect that your smartphone has been brought under control with a solution of this kind.

Put in place the following tips to dispel any doubts about it.
  • If you use an Android terminal, go to the Settings> Security> Device administrators menu and check if among the apps that have permissions to administer the device (therefore, they can have deep access to the system) there are some “suspicious” ones. So, turn them off (by removing the checkmark from their names) and uninstall them. If your device has been subjected to the root procedure, open the SuperSU / SuperUser application and check if, among the apps that have active root permissions, there are some that can be considered spy apps. Again, if you detect “suspicious” apps, delete them from your smartphone by following the standard procedure to uninstall Android apps.
  • If you use an iPhone, go to the Settings> Device Management menu and check if there are custom profiles related to “suspicious” apps. In this case, proceed to remove the profiles and associated apps. Suppose the Device Management menu is not available. It means that there are no apps on your iPhone that use custom profiles. Suppose you have an iPhone subjected to the jailbreak procedure. Also, open Cydia and check if there are spy applications among the installed packages. So, select the packages and remove them from the phone by pressing on the appropriate option.
  • Open your browser and try to connect to the localhost addresses: 8888  and localhost: 4444. Some spy apps use these addresses to hide their configuration panel, so by visiting them, you can betray their presence.
  • Open the dialer and try to enter the code * 12345. It is another secret code used by spy apps to hide their configuration panel.


In addition

To the spy apps, you must also be careful with parental control and anti-theft applications. Therefore legitimate apps, also available for free on the Play Store, If configured appropriately, can turn into apps to spy on the activities of users.


A few examples? Question (Android / iOS / iPadOS ) and  Screen Time ( Android / iOS / iPadOS ) are two parental control apps that can be downloaded and tested for free. They do not require advanced configurations and allow you to monitor all user activities. They are also limiting access to certain apps if desired.

In the same way, anti-theft applications can be used to locate the user and control his smartphone remotely. If you want to know more, I told you in detail about all the applications that I just mentioned in my tutorial on how to spy on Android.


To counteract the action of the apps for parental control and anti-theft apps, you can follow the instructions above and read my tutorial on how to eliminate spy software from your mobile phone.

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Applications to detect access to WhatsApp

Until some time ago, there were some applications. While not allowing you to directly spy on WhatsApp conversations. Still represented a potential risk for privacy as they allowed you to monitor access to WhatsApp by a user simply by typing their phone number.


But to take advantage of the data export function and use them without limits. They are usually required to subscribe to a subscription plan. Their operation was very simple: you had to start the monitoring app and type in the number of the WhatsApp user to be monitored. In this way, they were able to see. The user’s access times to WhatsApp to be “spied” and receive notifications relating to his activities.


The apps in question are no longer functional. Fortunately, I would say, but I thought to warn you against them in order not to ignore this potential risk (although unlikely, a possible flaw in WhatsApp could allow a new life to this kind of solution).



MAC address cloning

As you certainly know. WhatsApp does not allow you to use the same number on more than one phone. This means that if an attacker tries to activate WhatsApp using your phone number. At the same time, having the smartphone at hand and being able to obtain the verification code on the latter. The app will continue to work on one device. You are thus allowing the victim (i.e. you) to expose the identity theft attempt promptly.


The recognition of the device on which a WhatsApp number is used takes place via MAC Address. A 12-digit code that uniquely identifies all devices capable of connecting to the Internet. In fact, there are apps that allow you to camouflage. The MAC Address of your smartphone and, therefore, to deceive. The security systems of WhatsApp making believe the application of star using the victim’s phone and not another device. Among the applications in question, I point out Spoof MAC for iPhone and  BusyBox and Mac Address Ghost for Android. But there are also other similar solutions.


The only way to defend yourself from this threat and not to lend your smartphone to strangers. It would also be good to set a secure unlock PIN and hide the display of SMS from the lock-screen.

So as not to allow any attackers to discover the WhatsApp verification code without unlocking the device.
  • To set a secure PIN on Android, go to the Settings> Security> Screen Lock menu and select the PIN item. Avoid using “sequences,” which are much easier to guess than PINs. To set the PIN on the iPhone, instead, go to the Settings> Face ID and Code or Touch ID and Code menu and select the Change code item from the screen that opens.
  • To block the display of SMS in the Android lock-screen, go to the Settings> Security> Screen Lock menu, set a secure PIN and, at the end of the procedure, choose to hide only sensitive content. To block the display of SMS in the iPhone lock-screen, instead, go to Settings> Notifications> Messages and remove the check from the Lock screen item.


Sniffing Wi-Fi networks

As I also explained to you in my post on how to sniff a wireless network. Sniffing Wi-Fi networks is a technique that allows you to “capture” all the information that passes on a wireless network. The systems that carry the data let the information pass in the clear. This is not the case with WhatsApp.


WhatsApp, in fact, uses a security system called end-to-end encryption. Which protects messages and all multimedia content that passes through WhatsApp with “padlocks.” This means that only the owners of the correct keys, i.e. the legitimate senders and recipients of the messages. Can decipher the content.


In a nutshell, even sniffing a Wi-Fi network and capturing WhatsApp data. These would be indecipherable by the attackers (unless sensational flaws in the implementation of encryption by WhatsApp developers. Which are improbable but not impossible). In any case, I advise you to be cautious and not to connect to public networks. Always prefer private Wi-Fi networks and 3G / 4G networks of telephone operators.

If the topic related to end-to-end encryption teases you and you want more information on how to encrypt WhatsApp.

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