How to Test the Best Features in Android 11 Preview Builds

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Smartphones are as universal in the21st century as the landline telephone was on the 20th.  Many people prefer Android phones over iPhones because they offer almost equal functionality at much lower prices.  Like their ios counterparts, the makers of Android phones are always coming up with newer versions.  The newest version of the Android phone is the Android 11.  If you have recently purchased this phone, read this article.  It will offer you valuable insights in terms of testing its best features android.  You can determine for yourself if you have indeed made a good investment in your mobile device by doing this.

Some of the 11 best features in Android are listed below as are the ways to best test them.

  • Pixel-based accident tracking technology
  • Chat bubbles
  • Customizable share menu
  • Dark theme timers
  • 5G connectivity enhancements
  • Pixel-based motion sense media playback controls
  • New app permission options
  • Screen recording

  1. Pixel-based accident tracking technology

    All models of Android 11 Smartphones come with this app and technology.  It is an app that is designed to keep drivers from getting into potentially deadly car accidents that have the potential to cause tens of thousands of dollars in property damage and bodily injury to all parties involved.  The Android 11 developer Preview 1 technology is what allows this app to run.  The best way to test its functionality and effectiveness is to extract its APK from its Google 4 predecessor.  You then load it into an older Android phone.  The superfast functionality and amazing effectiveness and ability of this app to detect car crashes immediately before they occur will amaze you!

    Researchers who develop new technologies and apps to put on Android phones love this app because it has the potential to save hundreds of thousands in expenses related to damaging car accidents.  The app also shows strong promise in saving thousands of lives because of its amazing and effective functioning capacity.  The accident prevention app tracks your car’s location, speed, and a microphone to alert you when an unforeseen but impending crash is about to occur.

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  2. Chat bubbles

    The Android 11 phone uses bubbles to display chat messages on important social media platforms like Facebook.  These messages float like bubbles on the top of your phone’s screen.  You can enable and test it by going to the Android settings menu and clicking on the bubbles icon.  You’ll see one result on your screen which you must click on.  Then go to the developer options to enable the setting so that the chat bubbles will appear on your smartphone.  You’ll get a message from a major messaging app like Facebook messenger or iMessage.  You’ll press on the notification for a while until the ‘show as bubble’ line shows up.  You will then see your messages appear on your phone in bubble form.

  3. Customizable share menu

    This feature will allow you to customize the apps on your Android phone and the contacts listed in the Android 11 share menu.  You’ll find that this menu is hidden behind a flag in the chrome flags menu.  You can test this menu by launching Chrome twice.  A screen with the custom Material Design sheet option will appear when you tap on any part of the option.  You’ll then see two rows of sharing options.  The screen will have many options, including sharing options, at its bottom.  Click on the ‘copy link’ and ‘share of your devices’ options to customize your share menu.

  4. Dark theme timers

    You can set certain timers that will synchronize the appearance of dark themes on the phone.  This will help you conserve battery power and save energy either when operating the phone at night, or when having the phone on sleep mode at night.

  5. 5G connectivity enhancements

    The new Android 11 contains APIs that will make these smartphones compatible with the next generation of apps that Android Developers are testing.  This feature will allow your phone to operate and load web pages and sites much faster.  The 5G connectivity enhancement will also translate into less downtime for your smartphone.  You’ll be able to play high-resolution games that consume a lot of data for longer with this connectivity enhancement.  The dynamic metered API feature of this enhancement will also allow you to detect if your phone’s energy usage is being metered.  If it is, you will be able to switch it off to be able to use apps and programs on your phone that are very data-intensive.

  6. Pixel-based motion sense media playback controls

    These controls use the brand-new pixel-based technology which characterizes the new generation of Android phones.  If you have a phone that supports Pixel Technology, you’ll be able to use basic gesture controls to switch between different apps on your phone and to turn them on or off.  The best part is that you can do this when your phone is in sleep mode.  You can turn the motion sensor option on and off by:

    – Going to the settings app
    – Tapping on the system option
    – Tapping on the motion sensor option in the system
    – Turning on motion sense

    You can then gesture through your screen. You’ll see a blue light appear at the top of your screen when you do so.

  7. New App permission options

    You will be able to program your phone to allow app access at certain times. You can use the options to allow your Facebook app to access your camera app in the morning when you do your photoshoots and post them to Facebook.

  8. Screen recording

    This feature will allow you to record any and all activity taking place on your screen directly from the controls menu.  It would come in handy if you allow other people like your kids to use your phone!
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Android phones are easy to use

Android phones are currently very popular and these new features of Android are intended to make the Android 11 phone more popular.  Now that you know how to test the new features, why don’t you get an Android 11?  You’ll be amazed as to just how easy it is to use!

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