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To make the slides for your latest work, you decided to rely on a PC or mobile device that you had not used for some time, immediately realizing that the version of PowerPoint installed on it is definitely obsolete for your needs. Instead of starting desperately looking for a new device with a more updated version of Microsoft Office and PowerPoint. Here you can know about how to update PowerPoint.

I invite you to stop for a moment and take just a few minutes of your time: in this guide that I made especially for you, in fact, I intend to show you how to update PowerPoint on all devices for which the famous Microsoft software is available.


Before going ahead and going into the concrete of this guide, however, let me give you some explanations regarding the differences between the various versions and the licensing systems of Office, so as not to incur any type of error. To begin with, if your copy of Office is still supported by Microsoft, updating the features is free.

If you have subscribed to an Office 365 subscription and intend to switch from one version of Office to another (e.g. from Office 2016 to Office 2019 for PC and Mac), simply keep the subscription in question active. If, on the other hand, you have a Retail copy (physical) of Office, instead you will need to get a new product key and installation support for Office, so that you can overwrite the obsolete version in your possession.


Now that you have all the necessary information, you just have to take a few minutes of your time, make yourself comfortable and read very carefully everything I have to say on the subject: I’m sure that, once you have read this guide, you will be perfectly able to update your copy of Office in the most suitable way for your needs. Happy reading and good work!


How to update PowerPoint on PC

To begin with, I intend to devote the first part of this guide to updating PowerPoint on PC and Mac. Don’t worry if you’ve never done it before: it’s a very simple procedure, which can be put into practice in a couple of clicks!




If you are on Windows, you can easily update your copy of PowerPoint (with Office 365 or Office Retail): first, start the program by calling it from the Start menu  (the flag icon located in the lower-left corner screen) or from the operating system desktop.


Once at the PowerPoint welcome screen, click on the New Presentation button to access the main interface of the program, then click on the File menu located at the top left and then on the Account item in the sidebar that opens on the screen.

At this point, identify the Product Information section and click on the Update Options button, then on the Update Now button. The system will automatically search for available updates for PowerPoint and install them immediately afterwards. Before proceeding with this operation, I advise you to save any open Office documents, since the update operation may require restarting the programs of the entire suite.


If, on the other hand, you have installed Office via the Microsoft Store (thus combining the credentials of the Store with Office itself), you can manage the updates of the entire suite from there and, in particular, of PowerPoint. To proceed, start the Microsoft Store by calling it from the system bar (the shopping bag icon with the Windows logo in the center), from the Start menu or from Cortana and, once inside, click on the little icon man to sign in with the same Microsoft account credentials that combined use within Office.


Once you have gained access to the store with the Microsoft account linked to Office, click on the button (…) located at the top right, select the item Downloads and updates from the menu that opens and, finally, click on the Retrieve button updates at the top. In this way, if there are updates for Office or PowerPoint, they will be immediately downloaded and applied to your system.

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How do you say? Do you have a Retail copy of PowerPoint, and are you interested in a version upgrade of the program (and, therefore, of the whole suite)? In this case, I recommend you read my guide dedicated to how to download PowerPoint, in which I illustrated all the steps to obtain a valid license and download the PowerPoint installation support (together with the entire park of Office applications) on your computer.




If you have installed Office on your Mac, you can proceed with the update in a very similar way to what has already been seen on Windows.


First, therefore, start the PowerPoint program from the Mac Applications folder or by calling it from the Launchpad (the rocket icon attached to the Dock bar ). When you reach the welcome screen, click on the New presentation button and then press on the menu ? of the program, located in the top panel of macOS. To update PowerPoint, simply select the Check for updates item in the menu that opens on the screen, and then follow the simple procedure proposed.


How do you say? Are you interested in upgrading to a later version of PowerPoint? Then you must independently provide the installation support for the version of Office you are interested in. With the related product key. If you need a hand, you can refer to my guide dedicated to Office for Mac. In which I have collected the necessary procedures to obtain a valid license for Mac and all the steps to be performed to install this precious program.



How to download PowerPoint for free on Windows PC

The free Italian PowerPoint download on Windows PC is officially available only by joining the free trial of Office 365. The duration of which is valid for one month, as we explained in a similar guide on how to download Word for free.


At the end of the trial period. The automatic renewal of the subscription will start unless you decide to deactivate it by the expiry of the trial in this regard. We suggest setting a reminder on the phone on the day of the start of the trial.


To start the download of PowerPoint on Windows 10, you have to connect to this page and click on the link Try for free for one month. You are now redirected to the Try Office 365 free page. Where you have to press the Free trial button again for one month, scrolling down, you will find the services to which you will have access once the operation is finished, including 60 free minutes for Skype calls and 1 TB of cloud storage space.


In the new screen, you are asked to log in to the Microsoft account for which you want to activate the free trial period of the Microsoft Office suite. The first time you need to enter the email address. Mobile phone number or nickname used on Skype. Then confirm everything by clicking on the Next button.

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How to update PowerPoint on smartphones and tablets

In this part of the guide, I will show you how to update the Powerpoint app on your smartphone or tablet—considering that the Microsoft apps are present on the official Android and iOS stores. The update procedure is extremely simple.


Suppose you have an Android terminal and do not use automatic updates if the PowerPoint app has not yet received the scheduled update. You can manually check for updates via the Google Play Store.


To do this, start the latter by calling it from the Android drawer (you must touch the coloured triangle icon ). Swipe from the left edge of the device towards the center. Then tap on the My Apps and games item: immediately after. The search for updates for the apps available on the terminal in question should start. To install them all, including PowerPoint, tap on the Update All button to complete the operation. If, on the other hand.  Identify the app on the proposed list. Press on its name and then touch the Update button.


If, for some reason, the update is not successful. You may have to restore PowerPoint settings: keep in mind that, in this way. The synchronized documents on the device will be deleted, and you will have to log in to the account again Microsoft to get them again.

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Do all clear? OK, let’s go! Launch the PowerPoint app by calling it from the Android drawer. Tap on the photo of the Microsoft account located at the top right (next to the New document button, so to speak). In the new screen that appears. Press on the Settings item and tap the button Reset located at the bottom. Confirm the will to proceed by tapping the Reset button and once the procedure is complete. Try to update Office using the instructions I gave you a moment ago.


To avoid manually checking for PowerPoint updates and authorizing Android to proceed independently. You need to turn on automatic updates. Such as? Simple: access the Google Play Store. Swipe from left to right to access the main menu of the app and, from there. Touch the Settings item.

At this point, touch the Automatic app update item and put the checkmark next to the wording. Only via Wi-Fi (to update the apps only if there is a wireless connection). On any network (to allow updates even in case of connection from the cellular network. Be careful, as this option could quickly dry up the Giga included in your offer).

Suppose you can’t get the PowerPoint update via Google Play. You can download the app’s APK file from an external store and then install it on your Android device. I advise you to perform this procedure only in extreme cases. Since the installation of files outside the official Google store could compromise. The security of your device: do not say that I did not warn you.


It is having made this necessary premise. It’s time to take action: one of the safest sites from which to recover the latest version of PowerPoint for Android is APKMirror. A portal that contains the APK files of the most popular apps dedicated to the Google operating system.


To use it, connected to the section dedicated to Microsoft PowerPoint through this link. Tap on the  See Available APKs item. On the most recent version, you want to download and, on the summary page of the features. Tap on the VOC  Download APK below to start immediately downloading the file.


After completing this operation, open the APK file by touching the “balloon” relating to the file that appears in the notification area of ​​the device (or by going to the Downloads folder of the terminal using any file manager). In most cases, you should be asked to activate the installation of files from Unknown sources. Deactivated by default: proceed following the simple instructions shown on the screen.

If necessary, open the APK file again after unlocking and. On the screen that opens.

If you need additional help regarding the steps just shown. I invite you to refer to my guide on how to install APK. In which I explained by a thread and by sign how to remove (temporarily). The security lock on Android to proceed with the manual installation APK files.



If you use an iPhone or iPad, updating PowerPoint is just as simple since the update system is well integrated into the App Store.


To proceed, then tap on the App Store icon located on the Home screen of the device. Then go to the Updates section located in the lower bar of the app. At this point, you just have to check the availability of updates for PowerPoint. So, simply tap the Update item in its correspondence to start the update process.


To avoid checking the availability of updates for the iPhone and iPad every time. You can activate automatic updates on iOS: to do so, touch the Settings icon located on the Home screen of the device. Go to the iTunes Store and App Store section and check that. In the Automatic Updates section. There is a checkmark next to the Updates item.


If you want to update the apps even when you use a data connection (it could foresee additional costs or consume a large part of the data traffic included in your offer), Just activate the item Use cellular data. Attached to the same screen that I showed you a while ago.

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