How to write an article for the fanfiction genre and become famous?

Before we get to ‘how to write an article for fanfiction,’ let us talk about the fanfiction genre. It is the field where readers and viewers add to the storyline, creating their version of a successful TV series, book, movie, or real life.

How to write an article for the given format?

Each fanfiction website has a specific format. Some sites avoid stories related to very violent or adult content. Thus, read in detail about the terms and regulations of the site. Although most fanfiction sites do not emphasize grammar, it is best to give a readable content to your readers if you wish to become famous.

How to write an article with endless possibilities?

There is no boundary when it comes to fanfiction. You can link any two characters, pretend that a specific incident never took place, or even introduce a new character from another series or movie. How to write an article and keep up the storyline when the possibilities are endless? The first step is to create a goal. If you plan on writing a fanfiction story on the lead female character and her romantic life, you need not involve unwanted characters to the scene.

The goal is to avoid confusing readers. If you are making a grand change to the storyline, mention it upfront. The other main disadvantage of this endless possibility is the length of the fanfiction story. Writers tend to get too overboard and move on from one sub-story to another, without bringing a clear conclusion. It is best to keep it short, simple, and work with a smaller number of characters.

How to write an article with originality?

The process of trying to be original while writing a fanfiction article might look impossible. However, if you wish to be famous, it is imperative to look original. For instance, the fanfiction stories like Bella from Twilight getting together with Jacob instead of Edward is something that hundreds of writers already tried. There is very little originality that you can create in this scenario. Thus, it is important to look for new horizons.

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The best way to find untouched routes for the original story is by reading top fanfiction stories on the platform. If you go through a few tens of articles, you will find where most of the writers are buzzing. It is best to avoid those already crowded tunnels and try something new. Remember that fanfiction readers are mostly those who do not want a story to end. Thus, giving them something new to read would make you instantly famous.

It is equally important to write for the changing trend. A book turning into a movie or a TV series is not something new. New details and storylines get added during these adaptations. It is important to stay updated on these changes. These new changes can help you create an originality. The best way to learn the trend is by watching every material on the subject matter and reading relevant fanfiction pages.

Use tags properly when you write fanfiction

If you wish to become famous, your story should be available to the readers looking for specific content. Do you want to link two characters in the story romantically? It is best to use the particular fandom jargon to specify the type of fanfiction. For instance, if you are writing fanfiction about Jon Snow living happily ever after with Daenerys Targaryen, use tags like Game of Thrones, Jon Snow Daenerys Targaryen, finale, etc. on.

Keep up with the community

A fanfiction community is a large group of writers and the audience. Broadcast messages, give comments, rate other stories, or even collaborate with other writers. Many platforms offer comprehensive tools to get connected to the community. It is not just about how to write an article for your fanfiction audience, but also about how to engage with them and keep your name in use. It is just like brand marketing.

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If the primary audience remembers your name as a great contributor, your stories will get more attention. It does not mean you need to troll people with different storylines or imagination. It is best to be supportive and inspire new writers.

Four pillars of fanfiction story writing

When it comes to a good fanfiction story, it all comes down to four main points. The first element is ‘what if.’ You cannot rewrite the same story as you read in the book. Something must be different for you to set a plot. This difference is the ‘what if’ part. It is the crucial element of the story, similar to the title. For example, ‘what if Harry Potter’s parents weren’t killed but trapped in a portal?’ This ‘what if’ element drives the audience to your story.

The second element is how you write the article. It is about keeping it simple, good grammar, and sentence structure. Use chapters and, if possible, give a preview of the story before you dive into it. The third element is the originality, discussed in the previous points. The last element is consistency. If the story is about Harry Potter’s parents being alive, focus on the main storyline with little deviations. If Lily Potter is alive, Snape becomes one of the main characters in your fanfiction, but do not deviate from the main storyline of Harry meeting his parents. You cannot keep changing the central premises of the story.

The last element is consistency. As an author, a specific part of the story would entertain and excite you. But, it might not be the same for your readers. Thus, do not rush through any details. Give the gist of the environment, the dress of the character, mood details, and any dialogues, if needed.

The last tip is to be patient. Not all fanfiction writers get the attention from the very first post. You might be a great writer, but your fanfictions might need a little dusting and polishing. If you keep up your good work, soon, the world will stay await for your articles.

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