Importance of Position Zero on SERP

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Everyone is hankering after the Position Zero on Search Engine Page Results. This makes people wonder about all the hype surrounding this ranking on the SERPs. To understand its importance, we have to first understand all about Position Zero so that we have a better knowledge of how to implement this SEO strategy and bring your website to the top ranking on the search result pages. 

What Is Position Zero (P0)?

Position Zero refers to the Google result that you see above all the organic search listings. This is often in the form of a snippet that gives you the information that you require without having to open up a search result.

The Position Zero is referred to as by many other names that other people might be familiar with on a more regular basis. These are:

  • P0
  • Rank Zero
  • Featured Snippet

The last one is the one that we know more commonly and the one that we interact with on a regular basis. This happens when we search for a keyword that can be defined or answered in the form of a snippet. It could also be a process that can be explained in a few sentences.

The History of Position Zero

Google has updated its algorithm a lot since its humble beginnings. They have continued to evolve so that they provide the most relevant results to their users. This has helped Google to become the number one search engine in the world.

One of the things that help Google to stand out among the rest is that Position Zero or Knowledge Panel that appears when you enter a search query. Initially, Google searched through the free databases to provide knowledge in this position. However, since these databases do not always contain the most accurate and updated information, Google decided to open up this position to all the websites in the world.

Today, the Position Zero space is one of the most coveted positions in terms of SEO strategies and every website is just trying to get on that prime spot in the Search Engine Result Pages.

P0 Content Origin

Many people around the world do not search for keywords but rather put in their search query in the form of a question. The snippet or the knowledge base panel scourge through the internet and find the most relevant content to answer the search query of the user.

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After the content from the website in the snippet, the knowledge panel shows the URL of the website from which the content has been taken. The page title is also shown in the knowledge panel.

Why is Position Zero Important?

Knowledge Panel

Everyone wants to occupy Position Zero on the Search Engine Result Pages. This begs the question of what the reason is behind everyone wanting the top position of the SERPs. 

If you have implemented an SEO strategy to boost the organic appearances of your website, you should update it to ensure that you are going after the Position Zero of the search results as well. It will help you earn more leads for your business which will in fact bring you more business.

Here are some of the benefits of having the Position Zero of the search results

  1. Occupy more territory of the SERPs
    When you search for some keyword that has a knowledge panel in the results, you will see that the P0 occupies more space than the normal organic results. Automatically, the organic results are pushed down further so that the knowledge panel can capture the attention of the users more effectively. It provides good exposure to your business and will help the users to learn more about your business within a short period of time.

  2. A Higher CTR (Click Through Rate)
    The Position Zero is the first result that you see on the search result pages. This means that it is better than ranking first on the search results as well and the CTR is the highest for the first result that the users see. Your website will see much more traffic if you have engaging content on the knowledge panel.

    The users see that your website has answered their search query quite effectively and will want to see what else your website offers in relation to the search query. This means that the user will find more engaging content on your website and will want to engage in business with you.

  3. Help In Voice Search
    According to the latest trend in the changes that Google has made to its algorithms, Voice search has dominated the changes. Users are searching for content and answers using Google Assistant and more than half the searches are being made through the Voice Search. The answers to the questions that are dictated by the Assistant are all from the Position Zero/Knowledge Panel content.

  4. Users Do Not Look Past P0
    It has become known that the average user tends to read the content that is provided in the Knowledge Panel and does not read past it. This means that if your website is not optimized to provide answers for the Knowledge Panel, you will miss out on quite a lot of traffic through the organic searches.
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Ranking Your Website for P0

There are many ways in which you can optimize your website for Position Zero. But digital marketing agencies have dedicated teams that will help your company page to be displayed on the position zero on the search engine results page, which will increase the sales and branding of the organization. 

These include transforming your content for P0 according to the following formats:

  • Paragraphs
  • Numbered and bulleted lists
  • Tables
  • Videos
  • Images
  • Charts

You will also want to optimize your content to match the following changes

  1. Answer The Five W’s
    These include answering questions that start with Who, Why, What, When, and Where. People are asking questions related to the keywords that start with these five W’s and you will want to optimize your content to answer them so that the Knowledge Panel can easily curate your website among the search results.

  2. How to Procedures
    Try to mold your content to ensure that you answer the questions in the form of steps. Use the “How To” keywords in your articles.

  3. Definitions
    This is yet another part of the knowledge panel that is often considered when Google is looking for a website to rank at Position Zero. You should want to include definitions of the keywords that you want to rank on so that your page is uniquely optimized to rank on Position Zero.

  4. Lists
    Try searching for Top 10 lists and you will find out that they are yet another feature of the Knowledge Panel. For instance, try searching for Top SEO companies in Bangalore and you will find out that no website out there is working on this keyword. However, if you try Top 10 SEO companies in India, you will find a list of the companies in the Knowledge Panel.

Capture the Spot Today

Position Zero is quite important according to today’s trends of SEO strategies. You should always keep yourself updated with the latest SEO and digital marketing strategies so that you are implementing them correctly and taking in most of the organic traffic that you can capture with the Knowledge Panel.