Monitor your kid’s phone activities using best parental control apps

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Kids kidnapping, online social bully, child sexual abuse is prevalent these days. Parents provide mobile devices to their kids as the internet has become an integral part of their education system. Schools and colleges are closed during lockdown to fight against corona virus. The easiest way to monitor the mobile activities of kids is to use the best parental control app. The selection of right parental control apps becomes difficult, especially when you have plenty of applications of the play stores or apple stores. If you are searching on the net for the best parental control app and have not found useful resources, yet then this article is made just for you. Here are the top 3 parental controls that can safeguard and protect your child from any illegal online activities.



– FamiSafe is the best parental control app that offers online monitoring services to parents. The user interface of the application is simple and easy to operate. The best part is that you can restrict the applications on your kid’s phones like dating apps, time-consuming gaming apps that affect their innocent minds, and kill their valuable study time. Not only has this parental control app compatible with android phoned but also can work with Apple devices like the iPhone and iPad. Parents can apply web filters and grant access to useful sites and restrict inappropriate sites for their kids.
Download FamiSafe parental control app from the play store or apple store to monitor the online activities of your kids.

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Google chrome parental controls

Google chrome parental controls:
– This parental control app can supervise your kid’s online activity effectively. Some sites are considered inappropriate for kids like pornographic sites, adult dating sites, or sites that contain inappropriate materials or contents. These sites can affect the innocent mind of the kids. Using Google chrome parental control app, you can restrict all these sites at once. Not only can you check their browsing history but also find their real-time location to ensure safety when they are returning home from school or tuition classes.

Spyzie Parental control app


Spyzie parental control app:– It is the leading online monitoring service app that is compatible with all devices, whether it is mobile, laptops, or desktop. Spyzie parental control app is easy to install and use. They stay undetected on kid’s phone but are very useful in monitoring the phone calls, SMS or text messages, and messengers chat conversations. You can also get instant notification when your kid tries to access pornographic content or adult sites. You can grant access to good sites and restrict the bad sites from their phone. In this way, your kids remain safe from any dangerous psychological effects.

Why we need parental control apps in modern times?

  • Online criminals: – Criminals are using fake accounts these days and affect the mind of young children to indulge them in criminal activity. They try to convince them to include them in their gangs. Parents need to be very careful about any such social interaction of kids on social media, which can put their risk to life. Using parental control apps, you can monitor any suspicious activity of their kids on the social media platform. 
  • Kids kidnapping: – It is seen that wealthy business people are soft targets for any criminals. They always threaten them about kidnapping their kids and ask them ransom money. Parents often fear to say this to the police stations because of the risk of losing the life of a child. Parents who use parental control apps can track the exact location of their children to ensure their safety.

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