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Steam Remote Play Together transmits the game flows to friends via the internet connection. So they can be part of remote to play sessions designed for local multiplayer. The new Steam feature allows you to share online experiences originally designed to be lived sitting on the same sofa. Valve announces that up to four players will join the game immediately. And only the host will need to own and have the game installed. From the friend’s list in the Steam Overlay, select Remote Play Together, and you will start playing together. Their controllers will be detected as directly connected to the player’s computer who sent the invitation. And the game and voice chat options will be available in one section. Friends will only view the game, while desktop and personal content will be blacked out.

Instead, the host can decide whether to share the mouse and keyboard. Which can help learn from friends how to tackle a particularly demanding challenge or pass on other game secrets. The service allows you to share video, audio, input, and voice chat between players. And play together regardless of which platform the game originates from, therefore also on Mac and Linux. “During the beta, we will improve network stability and compatibility on a wide range of hardware. We look forward to hearing your feedback on our discussion forum,” reads on Steam.

What is Steam, and how it works: Steam Remote Play Together

Let’s make a brief introduction to Steam since not all gamers know about it. And it can also be useful to anyone. In the title, we talk about Steam’s joysticks since particular controllers play more adequately on the platform. Steam is a web server that distributes a large collection of games over the Internet.

The site sells copyrights and has become very well known since 2013.  About 40 million active users have registered every day, and the catalog of games exceeds 4 thousand titles.

The purchase of content takes place through payment by credit card and, until 2017, with Bitcoin. It is currently removed because it is considered too risky. Digital distribution begins with the game’s choice added to your personal library and then downloaded to your computer. Naturally, you must register on the platform server with all your data that are acquired via a secure connection. The possibility of having games always available wherever you are is really very convenient and cost-effective. The functioning of Steam may seem complex, and in fact, the features are many.

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Revolutionary joystick for Steam

There is an entire section dedicated to controllers on the website and, in particular, to those released specifically to play online. The joysticks for Steam are produced directly by Valve Corporation, which launched the portal in 2003. Some say that the official gamepad launched in 2016 is better than those for PlayStation and Xbox.

It is a fairly revolutionary object with a complicated operation but, once learned. It becomes a perfect accessory for playing online. Those accustomed to traditional PlayStation-style joypads will surely find themselves blown away by the Steam controller since Valve has sought to revolutionize the world of gaming. The keys are mapped like those on the Xbox, but you immediately notice two trackpads that you can also press. The one on the right is similar to a physical key and can be used both as a pad and as a button. The one on the left also functions as a directional cross as well as by swiping your finger.

To operate the joystick for Steam uses a receiver to be connected to the USB socket. Which is sold in a bundle with the package along with its case and a cable. There are buttons to click on the back of the gamepad. But the amazing thing is that there are two additional flat buttons on the right and left bottom. The position within reach of the middle finger is absolutely ergonomic and functional. Because it is possible to use the whole hand evenly to play without excessively tiring it. In the video guide that follows, you can see all the controller features, with strengths and weaknesses.

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Steam remote play together

Today Valve is preparing for a decisive turning point, both for the company and potentially. And we want to be very cautious – for PC gaming. The two devices that would like to redefine how we will play on the largest gaming platform are available on the Steam site. The Steam Link and the Steam Controller. Also, pre-orders will be available very soon for most of the Steam Machines and, in theory. The very first Vive, the virtual viewers that perhaps more than the others are convincing fans.

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In this change of course for Valve, the Steam Controller plays a fundamental role. Guaranteeing the complete usability of the Steam library without using a mouse and keyboard. To enjoy all the titles in the living room thanks to the In-Home streaming service. We have participated in the last three weeks in the pre-release of the controller. Released in a few units on October 16th, a move allowed us to file the defects in a beta-testing of the software sector. It was not exactly what we expected, and the road is still long but full of potential.

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Steam remote play together games

From the package, you can immediately see the frankness of this Steam Controller. Only an instruction leaflet about Big Picture, the key needed to make it work, and a set of batteries. The Steam Controller comes without frills, in its characteristic shape that vaguely resembles that of an owl. As you well know by now, the big news is the two tactile devices. That replaces the right analog stick and the D-pad present on all the most popular controllers. Taking it in hand for the first time, the Steam Controller turns out to be very light, with generous dimensions and standard materials, certainly inferior to those of the more technical pads.

Such as the Razer Sabertooth or the Elite version of the Microsoft pad, but absolutely in line with the competition. The two handles’ satin surface also extends under the controller. At the same time, the two trackballs are very close to both the left analog stick. And the four classic AXYB keys on the right. In addition to all this, Valve has introduced two buttons on the back, which follow the handles. In short, we are in the norm in terms of construction and materials. But after hours and hours of play, we have three notes to report.

Hardware: solid, light, and loud

First of all, the four AXYB keys are quite small and a little too close to the right touchpad. You won’t have a hard time switching between buttons without delay. However, we warn you: at first, it could be a nuisance. Secondly, the two upper backbones (to be clear: LB and RB) did not convince us too much because their stroke seems too short on one side and “jerky” on the other. The last point, which we found perhaps more annoying than the other two, is the noise level. Honestly, we were surprised at the beginning of this particular one because if you are playing without headphones and at normal audio volume, you will hear every click of each button trackpads included.

Another flaw is inherent in the Valve pad’s entire body: the rumble is completely absent, i.e., the controller does not vibrate. In the beginning, we absolutely didn’t notice, and it took a while to understand what was different, but in titles that make explicit use of it, like Life is Strange, you won’t have the classic force feedback, the one that makes the music vibrate. ‘entire pad.

The reason is precisely linked to tactile input: obviously, there was no space to insert other components inside the pad. Finally, get ready to use the classic stylus batteries because there is no battery to recharge, and you will have to change them from time to time if you want to use it wirelessly. We were deliberately merciless at the opening in describing this new type of controller because the whole product’s whole point is its uniqueness.

The difference between stream controllers

The Steam Controller is something really different than everything else. Those who expected the definitive controller will inevitably be disappointed, but on the other hand, Valve has never had this intent. Today, all the titles in his library are fully playable without mouse and keyboard, with few exceptions and with a degree of control absolutely equal to the old Mouse and Keyboard combination, at least for some genres. You can control the mouse cursor with your right thumb and use the infamous tactile feedback to understand when to stop its run on the screen instinctively.

Trust me: it is much more difficult to explain it in words than to experience it yourself. In this respect (what we repeat from the beginning was the central point of the Steam Controller), Valve made a full center, in no uncertain terms. The trackpad is a technology dating back to the nineties. Still, with the introduction of sensory feedback, every movement is much more precise than in the past and really close to the results obtainable from a normal mouse. In other words, the Steam Controller has sixteen physical keys (including the Steam button) and up to fourteen freely programmable virtual keys. Do you need others?

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The Controller Forge

Pressing the Steam symbol, located in the center of the pad, will launch Big Picture. The living room interface of Valve’s marketplace. At the time of writing, Valve itself recommends using its client beta to benefit from the practically daily updates. It has brought and will bring to the experience, underlining the care taken in its implementation. We hadn’t started Big Picture for months and months, and, quite frankly, it is perhaps. The most successful interface ever for a mouse and keyboard-free experience. After this meager month, even if we were using a different controller to play. We definitely prefer to use Big Picture over the classic interface like the DualShock. We found the Live and PSN dashboards much more distracting and less intuitive to use.

But these are refinements. It is the substance that surprises, in true Valve style. The default options, without the user changing anything, work very well. The firmware updates of the team Controller and the beta client have constantly improved. The experiences without being invasive despite the frequency. Big Picture fully convinces us. We do not struggle to imagine a Steam Machine. Without Windows and connected to the TV, that only runs the Valve dashboard without folders, windows, and file management.

A real success of the so-called User eXperience opens up a whole world of possibilities. Suppose you use it with the Steam Controller. In fact, each game has a profile dedicated to the new valve pad. And saved in the cloud directly to your account. Brutally overriding any pre-set in-game setting, the Steam Controller is immediately compatible with any game. And can be set down to the smallest and most sophisticated control details to guarantee an experience that is as immediate as possible.

The controller forge download pc

Everything is straightforward to set: from each game’s profile. You will have access to the configuration screen button by button, while a menu below will show you various. Steam Controller configurations preset to load on the fly. Such as mouse and keyboard for strategy, first-person games, third-person games, and so on), settings recommended by the developers themselves (if any), and finally – perhaps the most useful – and an extensive list of configurations designed by other users, freely loadable and shareable at the push of a button.

It is also possible to vote for the best configuration to help other players find the optimal one. Obviously, the best configuration will always be the one you refine on your own. And you can actually set all the buttons on the controller to your liking for each game you want. As you see fit, with a level of accuracy that has some incredible.

To make you understand, think that it is possible to establish the two trackpads’ dead zone. Together with the track that your thumb typically travels on their surface. By doing this, you can change the sensitivity of your fingers’ stroke, depending on whether mother nature has endowed you with thin appendages or juicy sausages, as in our case. The Steam Controller is a mouse, joypad, and touch screen all in one. And it is up to users to have them as they wish. However, this extreme application flexibility is a double-edged sword.

The most used controller is that of the Xbox 360

Steam Remote Play Together

Steam Remote Play Together

Xbox controllers are the most used by Steam gamers, with 45% of users using them. That of Xbox 360 and 19% that of Xbox One. The data comes directly from Valve’s platform, which is a long post published on Steam community analyzed players’ preferences in the controller field. More than 30 million players have registered. At least one controller on Steam with a total of 60 million connected device-account associations since 2015. Obviously, the most used peripherals (91%) are those sold combined with Sony and Microsoft consoles. The controller for Xbox 360 is undoubtedly the most used (45%), followed by that for Playstation 4 (20%) and that for Xbox One (19%). Microsoft, therefore, knows no rivals in the controller field.

However, the result obtained by the Dualshock 4 is also surprising, considering that the PS4 controller has never been considered as a peripheral to be used with PC games. In fact, the native support is not standard, so players must necessarily rely on software capable of “translating” the input of the PS4 controller into the input of the Xbox controller with consequent problems in terms of, for example, in-game suggestions: the system in fact it could indicate to use the Y key to perform a certain action when in reality the right key would be the triangle.

It is also interesting to note that last month 20% of players with controllers connected to Steam used that of the Xbox One, while about 15% used the Nintendo Switch Pro Controller, and only 10% played with the Dualshock 4.

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