Surefire ways to Get More Followers to your Instagram Account

Riya Sen

, Marketing

Stop turning over in your sleep; you just need some ideas to grow your profile. That’s all; now we work on it. It’s hard, we know. Keeping up with your Instagram can be difficult, especially if you want to post something new every day. Today we will show you some steps that you can follow to save time with your Instagram so that you can spend more time on your photos or your strategy and less time on posting.

Strategies to Get More Followers to Your Instagram Account

The Instagram algorithm is constantly changing and has the “best practices” to grow your account become too old? Don’t panic! There are new strategies to help you get more followers and grow your account.

Discover new ways to grow your Instagram

  1. Try to post every day to keep your followers glued and improve your engagement.

  2. Try to understand what the best time to post is the day and time that perform best for your audience. Determining the best time to post on social media won’t waste your time. Many tools can help you with the task; we mention two of them all:

    – Hootsuite is a social media management tool that can do anything from posting social media posts to measuring social media ROI. The AutoSchedule feature allows Hootsuite to determine the best time to publish a post based on when similar content has been successful in the past. It can also publish the same message at different times based on audience engagement on each specific network.

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    – Best time to post: Prime for Instagram –The best time to post is a free App with a powerful algorithm that processes hundreds of thousands of data to determine when your followers are online, their activity, and their relationship with you and, in definitive, when you have to post on Instagram.

Move with method and accuracy

They look pale, but in the long run, they will prove to be your best friends. Prepare carefully and collect all the elements you need to compose your post (photo, text, hashtag, etc.) and, only when you have everything you need, compose your post. It will take you half the time.

  1. Schedule your feed. We advise you to make yourself a nice editorial calendar. It will simplify your life, and you will have more time to devote yourself to photography (or looking for amazing images).

  2. Write a nice caption and put an emoji in it.

  3. Find the right hashtags for your audience and follow them.

  4. Use the Stories to attract new Instagram followers. IG is a great marketing tool; the stories have become so important that they often take all the work with dedication on all fronts of your feed.

  5. Change your profile name; make it more “Professional.” If, in a moment of euphoria, you opened your account and called it @ Pippa_scheggia, think again. It is important to introduce yourself well to your users, going to their research, routing them. Remember that the reader does not struggle; he goes where he easily finds what he is looking for. So if you sell retro cars, you will get more visibility by calling your @Pippa_auto_retro account. Also, add a few lines of text to make yourself known, create content as much as you can. (If by chance Mr. Pippa Ventura exists, we salute you).

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  6. Add at least one link to your bio to direct users to your content (profiles on other social networks, campaigns, promotions, press reviews, etc.). Never forget that:
  • the competition in the newsfeed is high
  • Organic reach tends to decrease.
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Take care of your aesthetic

Create a constant aesthetic and keep it on all posts. This is the fundamental part of distinguishing your photographic project. Aesthetic consistency is very important if you want to attract more followers and create more engagement. You will find that a nice Instagram feed is key to growing your community faster. Slowly build a personal, recognizable style. It is the attention to detail that makes the difference, take the high road for the construction of your Personal Branding.

Social habits untaggable

Instead of always advising you on what to do, today we would like to invite you not to do:

  1. Use emojis consistently and sparingly. According to recent surveys, 56% of brands have found an increase in unique openings with their use. Look for those that correctly refer to your posts. You can find anything you want on Emojipedia.
  2. Avoid publishing sensitive data such as photos of your documents; making your personal data public is dangerous.
  3. Go easy on the filters; if you take a selfie, try not to distort it with too marked effects. Use special effects in moderation.
  4. Avoid photos with a “deja- vu” effect even if you like cappuccinos with a little heart, girls with hair in the wind and fiery red sunsets, give yourself peace. Focus on originality to distinguish yourself.
  5. Avoid baby influencers: don’t post photos or videos of children, unleash your creativity without using shortcuts.

It is your authenticity that makes you unique: trust yourself more. Let your personal gaze on the things of the world emerge. Nobody will have exactly the same angle in your search for beauty. Dare, get your hands dirty, the web will reward you. It is the customization of the strongest trends of the year to attract more Instagram followers.

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Bottom Line

Just be consistent and keep in mind the objectives of your brand. Understanding how having multiple followers on Instagram is the hardest thing at first. Once you have passed your first 10,000 followers, you will need to continue using some or all of the strategies in this article to continue growing your account up to 100,000 or even over a million. Don’t forget to update your profile, especially your Instagram biography, regularly. In conclusion, you will have to get more involved than ever before. Posting on Instagram three times a day or every day of the week help you increase your visibility. But in the end, all this hard work will pay off. And you will have gained a following to be proud of.

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