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What is a word cloud generator free?

Word cloud is a tool that generates cloud-like our any other shape like structure with the provided texts. It is an automatic process, but editable. Many software, shops, or browser-based tools allow you to generate such word clouds. However, word cloud generator free and paid, both the option is available. So it helps consumers by creating text presentations from links, blogs, and tweets. In a word cloud generator, you can easily customize the shape of the word cloud and the fonts. You also can import images and fonts, anyone that you wish. So you can customize the color of the whole setup or change the theme too.

Word clouds are something that can be used for many purposes. It helps in presentations. It can very quickly be used as a tool to showcase a story to the people. Because it is a creative approach to represent texts uniquely. It is a great innovation and can prove to be vital in the field of content writing and presentation. However, before deciding anything, you should learn all of the good and the tool’s bad. But, you have to remember that it is a very extensively used method to show texts uniquely.

What are the steps of the word cloud generator free?

You can create word clouds for free. Moreover, there are some paid options. These paid versions provide some extra features for a measly amount of money. But, the free version is just sufficient for an average user. So now, the steps to create a word cloud are as follows,

  1. Write your texts in the dialogue box or upload a CSV file.
  2. Click on generate a word cloud.
  3. Customize your options like fonts, themes, colors, etc.
  4. Download your work along with the frequency and other useful scores

Top 10-word cloud generator free

Generating word clouds is an easy job. Anyone with the slightest knowledge can do it. You have to input the words and click on the name create. The process automatically initiates. Now you can easily customize all the things you want. For example, the font, theme, color, shape, etc.

Now, let us discuss done free word cloud generators,

  1. WordArt
  2. ABCya
  3. MonkeyLearn Word Cloud Generator Free
  4. Jason Davies
  5. TagCrowd
  6. WordItOut
  7. WordLift
  8. Mentimeter
  9. ToCloud
  10. Tagxedo

The above-mentioned word cloud generator free is discussed in brief below,

  1. WordArt:

WordArt was previously known as Tagul. It is the most popular word cloud generators free to use. It comes with a ton of features. So it is widely known throughout the world because of its open availability of designs. It also has a feature by which you can easily remove common words and numbers. Because it also comes with pre-processing options. The options are like stemming.


  • Unlimited customization of the color
  • You can customize 300 shapes at a maximum
  • You can customize up to 40 fonts.
  • Free of cost to use
  • It allows downloading files in JPEG, PNG file format.

It is a word cloud generator free service. So it allows you to customize every bit of information and create the best world maps ever. In this free service, you can add words, customize the number of words, relocate, or rotate the terms, and even you can add links to the word cloud. If you think that you can print the downloaded images from this tool, that might not be a good idea. You have to upgrade to a premium version to get high-resolution printable images.

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ABCya:It is basically a word cloud generator free, specially developed for teachers and kids. It has a playful interface. Because it has some basic functionalities. Though it might have only the necessary tools, it can also do some critical functions as well. You can choose the color palettes, fonts, shapes and can quickly randomize the whole setup. It is just like a game. It helps teachers show infographics in a very entertaining manner.


  • Only 12 font customizations
  • It is free to use
  • It has limited color settings.
  • You can download the files.
  • So you only have 10+ shape customization options.
  • You can download the files in PNG format.

Entertainingly and playfully, the words are represented.

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  1. MonkeyLearn Word Cloud Generator Free:

It has a very minimalistic experience. It provides a modern feel to the whole interface. And it has customization options about word relevancy, font, color, etc. It does not just make word clouds or bubbles. Because it also helps in making collages with words and mind mapping. So it helps in adjusting or organizing the name quantity.


  • It has unlimited color customizations with templates.
  • It has 5 shape customization options only.
  • So it is free to use
  • It is downloadable
  • You can have file formats of SVG, PNG, CSV.
  • It has 7 font customizations.

You can easily customize the color schemes, word-quantity, fonts, and themes. It helps you download high-resolution files, and also you can download your data as a CSV file. It comes with a unique feature of detecting the synonymous words that go well with the existing terms.

  1. Jason Davies:

It is mighty and quite a useful tool as a word cloud generator. It is available for free on Github. So there you can find it as an open-source license. It is written using JavaScript.


  • Customizable shapes
  • 100+ font customization
  • Unfortunately, no color customization.
  • Easily downloadable
  • You can download it in the SVG file format.
  • So it is free to use

You can use this tool in three straightforward steps. At first, paste your words, fix up the word limit, and then initiate. Then it creates your word cloud. You can easily adjust the rotations and word-quantity, etc. It also provides its results quickly. If you are looking to create a word bubble or cloud and promptly, then this free browser-based tool is the best one for you. It is one of the quickest in the business. Again, it comes with a whole lot of customizable options as well.

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  1. TagCrowd:

It is a simple but effective tool that is developed by a Stanford graduate. It has the Porter stemming algorithm. This allows it to provide regulatorily and accurately the word clouds. It doesn’t only showcase aesthetics but also shows excellent results.


  • It is a free tool
  • It has no shape customization.
  • There is also no font customization.
  • No color customization as well
  • It is available in PDF, HTML embed, and JPEG file formats.
  • It is downloadable
  • Because it supports 10 different languages

It creates minimalistic and straightforward word bubbles and word maps. It has all the basic but essential settings. So this is one of the best word cloud generator free to use in the whole market today. And it is an ambitious project and is getting updates. And it will improve in the future too. It is effortless to use and has many basic functionalities.

  1. WordItOut:

This is a unique tool. It can do some very impressive and the essential criteria stuff. It is easy to use and understand. People can use this simple and useful tool for free. It is browser-based. So, there is no need to worry about installing it. Like other word cloud generators, it helps to customize the font, size, color, theme, etc. It is a unique tool because it can recognize different characters and emojis. You can easily highlight or present the words in italics using a hyphen or the tide symbol in between the words.


  • It is free to use
  • So it can be downloaded easily.
  • You can also directly send the products to your email address.
  • It is available in PNG, JPEG file formats.
  • It has 9 font customization options.
  • Because it has unlimited color customizations.
  • It also provides free complete templates.
  • And it has only 2 types of shape configuration.

It is very, very similar to the word cloud generate free by MonkeyLearn. This is a great tool to showcase graphical representation.

  1. WordSift:

It is a free to use but useful tool. It is available to be used by many. Again, it’s usage is not that hard. It surely packs a great punch in the field of word cloud generator free. Because it helps to control the font, color, word rotation, etc. It also has the option for sequential/proportional colors. It keeps in mind the density of the words and acts accordingly. The way the data is presented here is a masterstroke.


  • It has 20+ color palates, which can be used for the color customization
  • 5 shape customization options
  • 7 options for font configuration
  • The files are available in PNG, SVG formats
  • It is free of cost
  • Because it helps to download the products easily

This is a free and simple tool that is trusted and utilized by many.

  1. Mentimeter:

It is like an interactive questionnaire presentation platform. It is basically a presentation platform. Here, you can present your subjects in a very creative way, and audiences can view them. You can use it as a word cloud generator, too, as it has that feature in it. It is such a free tool that asks its users or, in other words, the audience who are busing the presentation some questions like, how are you feeling today? Then it simultaneously creates a word cloud and starts adding the answers of the audience.

  1. iCloud:

It is a very minimal tool. So if you are looking to embed a word cloud on a website or something, this is the best tool. It seems kind of old school but surely has some unique and bold features that other word cloud generator free tools don’t possess. Because as it is a very minimal tool, the consumes’ option has access to the color hex code feature. Again, you can also change the color opacity too.


  • HTML embed
  • Minimal color configurations
  • No shape and font customization

This makes it a minimal but very effective tool.

  1. Tagxedo:

This is an extensively used word cloud generator in Firefox, Safari, and Internet Explorer browsers. Because it is free to use. You can also upload your own custom shapes, images, fonts, etc. So you can customize links, blogs, tweets, etc. You can change things, themes, rotation of the words, etc. But, to use it, you have to install Microsoft Silverlight. So this is only supported in Firefox, Safari, and Internet Explorer browsers.

These were the top 10 best word cloud generator free tools that are available on the Internet.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQS)

  1. Is there any word cloud generator by Microsoft?

Yes, fortunately, there is. It is known as Pro Word Cloud. Like any other weird cloud generator, it can create a word cloud from texts. You can also customize it and use it later. The customizations include font, shape, color, theme, layout, etc. The created products are free for any use you wish for.

  1. Is there any way to create a word cloud on PowerPoint?

Yes, you can very easily create a word cloud in your Microsoft PowerPoint software. Microsoft has made it accessible to create word clouds in your PowerPoint software. Head over to your ribbon and go to insert options. There find My Add-ins, and then click on see all. There you will find Microsoft’s Pro Word Cloud feature. Subject some words from your document and then click on create a word cloud.

  1. What do you understand by Word Cloud?

It is, in short, a whole cluster of words represented in a very haphazard manner. In this, the size of the word indicates how important it is. Again, everything is customizable. It just detects that the more frequently the word appears in your file, the more important it is.


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