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Saudi National Day is a day of celebration of renaming the kingdom of Nejd and Hejaz to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia by a royal decree of King Abdul Aziz Ibn Saud in 1932. It was later in 2005 that September 23rd was announced as National Day by King Abdullah. 

This year the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia will celebrate its 90th National Day on September 23rd, 2020 with the same enthusiasm but keeping in mind the precautions of COVID-19

Public pride can be felt all through the nation during the day. On this day, individuals who aided the nation’s foundation are regarded and the achievements that the nation has accomplished are recollected. You can hope to see the embellishments of structures and streets and firecrackers at night. 

Thing To Know About Saudi National Day

  • Saudi Arabia has 83,000 square miles in area, which makes it the 13th largest country in the world.
  • It is the largest country in the world without river.
  • Riyadh has the world’s biggest camel market and it sells about 100 camels per day.
  • Saudi Arabia will have the World’s Tallest Building in 2018 called the Kingdom Tower, which is 3,280 ft.
  • It has two of the biggest mosques in Makkah and Madinah, which is visited by millions throughout the year.
  • One of the ancient cities ‘Mada’in Saleh’ is located in Saudi Arabia. It has been designated as world heritage site by the UN.
  • Saudi Arabia desalinates (takes out salt from seawater to make it usable) more seawater than any other country.
  • Saudi Arabia has more oil than any other country in the world.
  • World War I was the point at which the Ottoman Empire which had been administering since the sixteenth century fell and the advanced Kingdom of Saudi Arabia developed. 
  • Ibn Saud (the child of Abdul Rahman container Faisal who had been the last leader of the ‘Second Saudi State’), turned into the Sultan of Najd, the focal district of Arabia in 1921.
  • Despite being King of the two areas, he administered the two pieces of his realm independently for the following five years.
  • And afterward, the time of 1932 showed up when following a two-year mission to stifle and annihilation previous partners, that the realms of the Hejaz and Nejd were renamed and brought together as the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.
  • The green color is a common sight on the National Day, as it is the prevailing shade of the Saudi Arabian banner
  • The Flag highlights the white calligraphy on a green background which peruses, “There is no God except for Allah, and Muhammad is the Messenger of God,” which is the calling of confidence that each Muslim expresses as they play out their day by day supplications. 
  • Under the engraving, a blade is delineated which represents King Abdul Aziz, the primary sovereign of the Kingdom.
  • The banner’s essential shading is additional imagery of Islam and is accepted to be the supported shade of the Prophet Muhammad. 
  • the Saudi Arabian Flag speaks to the realm’s rich history, grandiose philosophical thoughts just as public pride and personality.
  • On National Day, you’ll discover no lack of individuals sporting green and investing wholeheartedly in their legacy as innumerable green banners are waving in the breeze.

Since this year the Saudi National Day is falling on a Wednesday, that is mid-week, we can help you figure out things you can do to celebrate this wonderful occasion.

  • Dine Out with Family and Friends
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This National day take your families out for dinner to the best restaurants in town. Enjoy authentic dishes, peaceful ambiance, and some quality time with your closed ones.

  • Shop from some exciting deals online

On the occasion of the National Day, all your favorite stores and brands throw a huge sale online as well as offline. Avail the best offers of all times and buy all your favorite and long-pending apparel, accessories, bags, etc.

  • Attend the light show at Burj Khalifa

Every year there is a light and sound show organized at the famous Burj Khalifa that attracts the crowd from all around the world. It is led by a firecracker at night which marks the perfect ending of the day overall.

  • Take a walk down the City

If you couldn’t spend the day enjoying the way you planned, take a walk in the evening to get a glimpse of one of the biggest celebrations of all time. After the dark just take a walk to the near markets or a drive around the city to admire the beautiful decorations and fireworks planned by the government for the evening.

  • Attend the Special events, Gigs, and Shows 

Lookup for the special events happening in a restaurant near you, on National Day there are many events organized by the restaurants and cafes around the city to entertain people for the evening.

With everything taken into account, the National Day festivity connotes how far the Saudis have come as a country and genuinely gives a phenomenal chance to the more youthful age to study their legacy. It is an important day for the king as well as all the people of the country. The National Day is celebrated with full enthusiasm and zeal by the people of the country and is very much evident by the events and celebrations organized by the government as well as the locals. 

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