What are the Best Low Maintenance Haircuts

A disheveled fringe, a bob with the points facing inwards, a soft blur. These are just some of the small details that can easily give us a new look. Changing your eye doesn’t necessarily mean twisting it. And, therefore, run every time to the hairdresser to provide it with a sensible shape. It is possible to see each other even by varying a few details on how to mess a fringe or use a simple product to give volume. The stars in this are teachers: with their low maintenance cuts, they always know how to make a change in their hairstyling. In this article, we talk about what are the best short maintenance haircuts.


Best Low Maintenance Haircuts


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Best Low Maintenance Haircuts

The beauty of the Ursula Cubero and Barbie Ferreira mullet is that it can enhance any hair.

From wavy to curly to super straight. A texturizing or smoothing spray is enough to give a different fringe and cut consistency.



According to Bryce Scarlett, the hairstylist of the celeb owner of the 454 North Salon in West Hollywood, the cut that touches Margot Robbie’s clavicles is not only a low maintenance choice but will also be one of the most significant trends of 2020 for its extreme versatility (lends itself easily to super fluffy tails, chignon and braids). In addition, as the actress Ana De Armas (next) shows, this cut enhances even the thickest hair textures.



10 Latest Long Pixie Hairstyles to Fit & Flatter - Short Haircuts 2020

Best Low Maintenance Haircuts

We loved her with her dreadlocks, but with this “imperfect” pixie cut, Zoe Kravits has surpassed herself. The amount, performed by Nikki Nelms, self-proclaimed “Hair MacGyver” on his Instagram profile, underlines the roundness of the actress’s head made even more intriguing by the work of the modeling paste that “creases” in a sexy way locks and bangs. The same effect but smoother and smoother is that exhibited by actress Rowan Blanchard.


Jada Pinkett Smith and Charlize Theron share the same haircut at this time in their career. A line, halfway between a pixie and a bob, of remarkable versatility: you can work sideways for a more dramatic look, combed forward for a pseudo-bowl style, or all the way back for a relaxed and structured look that leaves uncovered the whole face.



There is an excellent return of extra-long hair, Cher-inspired to be exact. And the reason is soon explained: they offer a valid alternative to medium lengths and shorts that are growing. Obviously, extensions are the fastest solution to create this super length (even in pigtails like those of Kerry Washington), but for those who are trying to get there naturally, a regular snack is enough to keep the tips healthy.



30 Iconic Retro and Vintage Hairstyles

Best Low Maintenance Haircuts

Who would have guessed that Shrek’s notorious villain could affect a haircut? Nicknamed by insiders The Farquaad Flip, the smooth bob with the ends facing inwards, is one of the most popular of the moment. There are many celebs – from January Jones, Kaia Gerber, and Selena Gomez to Kylie Jenner, Khloe Kardashian – who have let themselves be conquered by this chic cut.


There is no like a curtain fringe capable of changing the look in seconds. Because it adapts to any hair: from the smooth one to the Jourdan Dunn to the more moved to the Camila Cabello. The use of dry shampoo to refresh the bangs is the key to having it always voluminous and shiny.



Hair 2020: each cut of the Zodiac

For every woman of the Zodiac, there is an ideal hairstyle with which to feel more comfortable because it reasonably reflects the astrological characteristics of the Sign. Here’s which look to focus on (and the famous inspirations), case by case

Yes, there are also winning stylistic choices in astrology! Some aesthetic devices are able to enhance the potential of each woman more than many others, highlighting the most significant physical and character traits, according to the Zodiac. What are the Best Low Maintenance Haircuts you must need to know this?

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Not for nothing, among the astral protagonists, there are those who appear more inclined to show off short cuts, those who show a particular lover of color variations, those who are still “faithful to tradition” and, in terms of hairstyles, would never give up their own proven and evergreen style!

It is also discussed in Sexology, a manual of astrology of sex and of the sexes written by the American couple of experts Starsky & Cox, in which there is no lack of ideas to make your appearance highly seductive and in line with the sex appeal inherent in every female protagonist of the Zodiac.


So here, sign for sign, some suggestions to decide on which cut or hairstyle to bet now. Objective: To show off “stellar” looks like celebrities.



Hair Zodiac - Hairstyles and Colors by Horoscope | Hair styles, Hair color,  Cool hairstyles

Best Low Maintenance Haircuts

The indomitable “warrior” of the Zodiac often has fine hair, tending to be straight, sometimes even a little dry. Your ideal style? Long smooth and not particularly combed (the messy effect gives it that slightly wild air that feeds its sex appeal so much!). Papabile alternative: the timeless helmet.



To tempt her, most of the time is that pair of the sexy bomb a little retro made up of “wide and fluffy hair + well-marked makeup.” But the ideal aesthetic dimension for a Taurus woman, on the contrary, wants it to be fresh and natural as a young nymph: line in the center and free hair on the shoulders or slightly gathered in a braid or bun. For a simply-chic style, with a Passepartout effect.



The most exuberant woman in the Zodiac needs solutions in step with the times and, above all, cheeky. This is why we see her most of the time with short, contemporary cuts, which are the perfect frame for her round face. And even when she decides to grow her hair, she often and willingly opts for a very well fringe or forelock that allows her to acquire that extra touch of character.



Proud and grandiose in all its manifestations, the Leo woman belongs to the zodiac sign of maximum vitality. Her face – often with a typical heart shape – is framed by a thick and voluminous mane, in perfect line with the animal that gives it its name. If you exceptionally have sparse, straight, and dry hair, a good solution would be to make them grow long, to give an impression of greater volume. The typically low attachment and the addition of extensions or other styling products can give it a ruffled appearance like a real lioness!



With a solid and graceful beauty, the Virgin woman reflects an ideal of beauty of the past. Often characterized by thick, wavy, or curly hair, with a rather high hairline that highlights the forehead well, its ideal style is that which gives it a Renaissance air, characterized by long hair worn naturally or in soft harvests, intertwined and with small decorations.



She is undoubtedly the most glamorous woman in the Zodiac, often characterized by light hair, mostly ash blonde. But even when it belongs to the people of the brunettes, in comparison to the other women in the family, it will always be the most “luminous” of all! Very attentive to current trends, it does not have a single style of reference but loves to show off the most popular cuts. Moreover, thanks to good taste and its innate elegance, it is the Zodiac Sign that can afford any look.



That of the Scorpion woman is a beauty that in many cases could be defined as “gothic”: the hair, often raven or ash blonde, frames her alabaster face, and often have a low attachment on the forehead which is sometimes covered by delicate tufts to form a sort of “hood” that frames the face. The smooth, thick hair, sometimes difficult to comb, often gives it a shaggy appearance unless you decide to keep it at bay with a shag cut or an elegant hairstyle.



Audacious and extroverted, even when she wants to look super sexy, the Sagittarius woman needs a style that infuses her with dynamism and lightness. Generally, she lets her hair grow in thick and long hair that often lightens, so her ideal look – when it does not translate directly into an intriguing short cut – is perfectly represented by a long cut with fringe, also perfect to be transformed into a practical and fast ponytail.

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Straight to elegance, she does not like flashy looks, and her “aristocratic” air makes the Capricorn woman one of the most admired (and somewhat feared) of the Zodiac. Often endowed with a high hairline, she becomes sensually irresistible when she chooses to adopt austere backward hairstyles, which give her elegance and pride.



Characterized by an unconventional beauty, the Aquarius woman generally has bright and elastic hair, but often so curly and rebellious that in the morning they are impossible to manage. This is why most of the time, his choice falls on very short cuts, although the ideal solution is rather in medium cuts. Greenlight, therefore to bob, long bob, climbed that give character and at the same time are easy to tame.




Short and scaled hair

Short scaled hair is a great way to wear short curly hair, for example, because, difficult to tame, they tend to give shape to a lion’s mane. You don’t have enough time.


Scaling, in fact, for those with wavy or curly hair is an excellent solution to give it the desired shape and perfect volume. The last must-haves, in this sense, would dictate that the short layered wavy hair (in the web, for example) should be worn along the lengths, smoothing the front tuft as best as possible with the line worn on the side. How to Sleep Better on Higher Altitude


Short hair with forelock

For the woman who wants short hair but does not feel like giving up, giving up emphasizing her femininity and framing the profile of the face with her hair, the ideal solution is short hair with a tuft.


This can have different lengths, ranging from a tuft that goes up to the eyebrows to a tuft that can be hooked behind the ear.


The tuft is a highly appreciated element because it allows you to give a hairstyle different facets depending on how you move it or how you treat it while maintaining a short haircut.


Tips for a festive evening

Having short hair will not only make you give up the chance to experiment with some useful hairstyles for a party evening, but will even emphasize the creative search for a new look, and guarantee you a truly fairytale look! If you want to know more about the best chances you could have to be able to experiment with a new short hairstyle for a particular evening, you have to read further: we will see together a nice collection of new short hairstyles that you could use for your best evenings! How to Build New Healthy Habits with these 7 Ways?


10 Additional Tips

What are the Best Low Maintenance Haircuts? Here we write ten essential tips for your hair low m.aintenance

  • The first cut, fairly classic but always suitable, is the climb that comes just above the shoulders. Suitable if you have a lot of hair that tends to have a nice volume by nature. To take on a more romantic air, make the uniform on one side with the side tuft covering the forehead.
  • Like the previous cut, cut the hair over the shoulders and opt for a nice scaling. This time, however, leave your forehead free!
  • How about following previous models but with the fringe?
  • Do you have very straight hair and not very voluminous in nature? Leave them on your shoulders, and don’t climb them; create some waves with the hair straightener!
  • If you prefer the always smooth effect, you could style the tips outwards or inwards to give a different touch.
  • This cut is perfect if you have wavy hair. The length must be slightly below the shoulders and very scaled. An extra touch is a fringe, which is also left unmoved!
  • The right side slightly longer than the left side. The former left free on the profile of the face, and the latter strategically kept behind the ear.
  • Add a tuft or fringe to the previous cut.
  • If you like romantic haircuts, opt for a nice bob and move the uniform to the side, exceeding a little. Cut your hair, letting the side forelock cover one eye.
  • If the tuft has tired you, a short fringe mid-front is perfect.



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