11 Best Places to Visit in Singapore in 2020

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Singapore, a sovereign island city-state in Southeast Asia, is one of the best destinations to visit across the globe. Singapore is famous as a global financial center. Singapore’s market economy is highly developed, most innovative, and highly competitive. Singapore is one of the best countries to make a trip from various perspectives. Undeniably, there are several best places to visit in Singapore. Singapore is the country the visit to which is not to be missed in one’s lifetime.

The tourism industry in Singapore

One of the significant sectors of Singapore is tourism. This industry has dramatically progressed by attracting millions of international tourists every year from all across the globe that has made it 2nd and 5th most visited country in the Asia-pacific and world, respectively. The unique charm of this country is its tropical climate and multicultural population.

Reasons why international tourists prefer to visit Singapore

There are many reasons for the tourists to visit this country, especially to visit the best places in Singapore. Having a multicultural population, Singapore is center for the colorful festivities from different cultures of the globe, especially Chinese, Hindus, and Muslims. 

  • Singaporeans are fond of foods. Expats from various cultures have also created a demand for cuisines from diverse cultures. Local delights and international foods sold on the hawker stalls, food outlets, and served in the restaurants entice tourists to have a taste of luscious dishes.

  • Famous as a Shopaholic’s Haven, Singapore has malls at every corner, which has made this country the best place for shoppers. The international tourists also visit here with a specific aim of shopping.

  • Singapore has a growing art culture. The art festivals in diverse fields of art are organized frequently in this country that attracts art enthusiasts from across the globe. 

  • Singapore reflects a blend of traditional heritage and innovativeness. The old-fashioned picturesque neighborhoods here are a unique attraction for international tourists.

  • Apart from sightseeing, shopping, participating in festivities, and dining, international visitors also like to visit Singapore for business.
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Why plan a trip to Singapore

There are plenty of best places in Singapore to visit, dine, and shop, especially the best places to visit in Singapore for sightseeing. This is quite apparent from the reasons illustrated above. A trip to Singapore may be planned with a specific purpose of sightseeing, shopping, participating in festivities or dining, or two or more activities may be the aim of someone’s trip here. The reason could be any, but the charm of making a trip to Singapore is always great.

Here are the 11 Best Places of Singapore

Singapore is worth visiting as an international destination for family holidays. There are many best places to visit in Singapore with family. Let’s have a look at the sightseeing places in Singapore one can enjoy with the family.

  1. Sentosa Island

    This is a must to visit a place to have fun on the Siloso Beach and to do many other activities such as kayaking, skimboarding, and playing volleyball on free courts, Swimming with dolphins in the Underwater World Aquarium on this island is an excellent attraction for the family tourists. One can also see and go on the top of Singapore’s famous statue, Merlion, a mythical creature that has the head of a lion and the body of a fish. Merlion Park and Merlion Club are great places to visit for family tourists.

  2. Pulau Ubin (Granite Island)

    It is a peaceful countryside place with pristine forests and diverse wildlife and a population of fewer than 100 people.

  3. Marina Bay Sands

    This resort’s complex includes a high-end hotel, Skypark Observation Deck, the ArtScience Museum, and a mall with a canal running through it.

  4. Singapore Flyer

    This is the world’s largest giant observation wheel that encompasses the views of far off Spice Islands of Indonesia and Straits of Johor in Malaysia, apart from the look of the Singapore skyline.

  5. Botanic Gardens

    These gardens preserve pieces of the wilder heritage of Singapore. One can use a walking trail that leads to the gardens’ heritage trees.

  6. Gardens by the Bay

    This is a stunning spot, a glimpse of which, especially the beautifully designed green space, gives a lot of enjoyment.

  7. Singapore Zoo

    It is a marvelous place with a lot of habitats, space, and lush vegetation. The visitors can watch the many animals, both babies, and adults, in their natural habitats. This place is unique fun for children.

  8. Night Safari Singapore

    This park is an innovation of the conventional zoo experience. This is quite an awesome experience to visit this safari park.

  9. Raffles Hotel Singapore

    This colonial building is the last grand 19th-century hotel in the world.

  10. Universal Studios Singapore

    This 49-acre park of Resorts World Sentosa is a theme organized for film and television shows.

  11. Asian Civilization Museum

    This is the best place to satisfy one’s urge for colonial architecture. This is a unique museum for those who have a great interest in world history and historical events.
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Planning Singapore’s Trip

The above mentioned are the top places in Singapore. These are also the best places in Singapore to visit for 3 days if far off places are excluded from the trip. When a trip to Singapore has a perspective of shopping than Orchard Road and Chinatown may be included in the tour. There are many other places to shop, but one will have to skip some of the best places of Singapore, especially when the best places to visit in Singapore in 3 days are what one can afford.

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