17 Top Courier Service Providers in UAE

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During the old times, people used to rely on local postal services to get packages delivered. With the advancement in technology, courier services can get your packages their reach nationally as well as internationally. You can now send everything through these services from clothing to vehicles. You can use these courier services to get your packages delivered at the correct destination in due time and track the whole process.

Here are the 17 Best Courier Services Company in Dubai UAE

Some of the most reliable courier services in Dubai are-

  1. Emirates Post

    One of the best courier services in Dubai, Emirates Post offers services such as Parcel Service, Express Delivery Service, Document deliveries, etc. It has a great planned system and manages long-term as well as short-term deliveries all over the world. It also offers customized courier services according to the target audience like same-day deliveries throughout the UAE for corporations and governments, premium services for domestic customers and express delivery in remote areas.

  2. DHL

    Another top courier service in Dubai, DHL provides numerous postal services and specializes in providing secured delivery of dangerous chemicals. Their deliveries are customized according to the customers. They also have a money-back return policy for wrong or damaged packages. It also has the same day jetline service known as “Mission-critical next flight out” which ensures delivery within 24 hours.

  3. TNT Express

    Considered to be one of the best international courier services in Dubai, TNT Express has a huge array of services including exports and imports of goods, domestic deliveries, delivery of important documents, etc. From small parcels to bulky orders, this is the go-to service for people in Dubai covering over 200 locations across the globe. Customers can easily get their packages delivered using their online portal.

  4. DTDC

    DTDC is one of the notable cargo companies and courier services in Dubai providing various delivery options such as economy, premium, and express. It has temperature-controlled warehouses where utmost care is taken to ensure the safe delivery of packages without any damage. Established in 1990, it has set up its services in 10,000 locations around the world providing top-notch postal services. 

  5. FedEx

    FedEx is a well-established courier service that offers billing and collection services in addition to the other postal services. The company focuses on e-commerce, transportation, and billing. It has an online portal where customers can access their services including tracking options, rate distribution charts, etc. It is known in the marketplace for its timely delivery of products.

  6. ParcelEx

    Another well-reputed cargo company and courier service in Dubai, Parcelex provides courier services across UAE as well as around the globe. It has quite affordable rates and top-grade delivery services for all types of packages. With many years of experience in the marketplace, it is a reliable and trusted service, highly preferred by the people.

  7. Professional Express Courier Services

    Professional Express Courier Services is a leading Dubai courier service with a decade of experience in the market. It provides customized deliveries of packages nationally as well as internationally. Its most notable service is the “reliable emergency service” which ensures a very less transit time. Like other courier services, their rates also vary according to size, location, and weight of the packets.

  8. Dubai Courier Service

    Dubai Courier services offer deliveries inside as well as outside Dubai. It is a local courier service but provides many reliable services such as safe delivery of payment instruments, parcels, domestic documents like cheques and collection of goods from ports beyond borders.

    Its special feature is the “Bullet Service” which provides safe deliveries of important documents in the shortest possible time.

  9. Aramex

    A UAE-based service having 15 branches across Dubai, Aramex is situated at an ideal location, making it easier to render fast delivery services to consumers and businesses throughout the world. It offers a smart desktop application that allows customers to use its numerous technical services such as tracking orders, calculating shipping rates, managing shipping addresses, sending pick-up requests, etc.

  10. Century Express

    One of the most preferred services in Dubai, Century Express offers many services and delivery options according to the customer’s requirements. It has been rendering its services in 195 countries over a span of ten years. When sending a courier to any GCC country, this service should be considered for sure. Its same-day delivery in domestic areas attracts a huge customer base.

  11. Best Express Cargo

    Best Express Cargo is a freight-forwarding company offering delivery of small packets, single pallets, part loads, full loads and warehousing activities. It ensures the door to door delivery of products nationally as well as internationally. In addition to this, it also provides packing and moving services. You can access its website and get a record of everything related to your delivery.

  12. Zajel Courier Services

    Another courier service in Dubai is Zajel Courier service offering its services in the eCommerce sector, SME business, medicine delivery, and government purposes. In addition to these, it offers a remarkable E-passport service where UAE citizens don’t need to visit the General Directorate of Residency and Foreigners Affairs (GDRFA) offices for renewal of their local passports. They can get that done here!

  13. Team Express

    One of the top courier services in Dubai providing fast and reliable delivery, the Team express courier services has been an absolute favorite of the residents. It offers numerous delivery services with various options like scheduling, bullet services, etc. it has a multilingual staff to assist the customers and fulfill their requirements.

  14. Continental Courier

    Continental Courier is a growing courier service in Dubai with excellent online portal services. It includes numerous features such as a tracker, notification sender, billing system, etc. It has been providing commendable services since 2001 and is one of the most reputed courier services in Dubai. It also provides door to door delivery services for ease of customers.

  15. Max Express

    Established in 2013, Max Express is a postal network that offers numerous delivery services such as door to door services, domestic and international delivery services. Its e-commerce service is highly preferred by firms and businesses. It also features Cash on Delivery which is why it attracts a huge amount of customers.

  16. Gulf Worldwide Express

    Having a strong network in Asia, the Middle East, and North Africa, Gulf Worldwide Express offers many postal services inside and outside Dubai. Services include Overseas pickup requests, special weekend deliveries, late-night deliveries, COD shipments, door to door services, etc. It also features land freight, air freight, and sea freight services as well as proper warehousing for keeping packages safe.

  17. Prime Express

    Prime Express has various branches all around the world which includes Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, Kuwait, Philippines, India, London, Saudi Arabia, and Dubai. Thus, it is one of the best courier services in Dubai offering delivery services to around 200 locations. A notable feature is their “Personal Baggage service” which offers to pick up, pack and deliver projects for customers according to their requirements.
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Wrapping Up

For sending delivery packages within Dubai as well as internationally, here’s a list of some of the best courier services for your aid. To gather more information about them, visit atninfo.com which is an information treasure and store records of all services.