Top Suppliers and Dealers of Kitchen Equipment in Dubai

There are plenty of kitchen equipment manufacturers and suppliers in Dubai, not all are equal. To help you get a better sense of the best of the best, we’ve compiled a list of the top 15 Kitchen equipment manufacturers and suppliers dominating today’s Dubai’s market. These companies offer a wide range of equipment, products, and tools, including many services.

15 Top Kitchen Equipment Suppliers and Dealers

  1. Chefs Choice Kitchen Equipment Trading LLC

    They offer one of the broadest categories of quality commercial kitchen appliances in Dubai and throughout the Middle-East. They provide facilities including foodservice equipment, hotel, and catering supplies, refrigeration and cold storage equipment. Additionally, they also provide after-sales service and maintenance contracts that will give the client kitchen equipment a longer life. He has expertise in cold room supply, installation, commissioning and all its related maintenance. They have everything you need to keep your kitchen up-to-date, looking great and functioning smoothly.

  2. Al Ahlia Kitchen Equipment Trading

    They provide everything related to kitchen appliances and appliances of various specifications that are suitable for all types of kitchens, and to do the amazing and attractive design to perform the best and exploit spaces in creative ways and stunning designs to achieve the best performance and quality. Their service, maintenance, and preventive maintenance contract options complete the picture, giving you total peace of mind. They are characterized by their accuracy in performance, creativity in design and sophistication in practice to reach guaranteed results and satisfaction to our customers.

  3. Al Quresh Kitchen Equipment Trading Co LLC

    This company is known for the best commercial kitchen equipment companies in Dubai. The company is dedicated to delivering the highest quality product and best total value to our customers. Also, they are keenly aware of the importance of reliability, efficiency and environmental impact of their product range, making every effort to provide their customers complete satisfaction of knowledge related to kitchen appliances as per their order. They have specialization in service & maintenance of existing kitchen equipment, supply & installation new equipment for professional kitchens, stainless steel fabrication & making kitchen drawing, buying existing kitchen equipment and they supply all kinds of spare parts for brands which are mentioned in their list.

  4. Complete Kitchen Solutions FZE

    CKS is a 15 years old company dedicated to providing complete kitchen service to its customers. With more than 15 years of experience in this field, CKS has developed into a leading supplier and manufacturer of restaurants, hospitals, food courts, bakeries, airlines, and oil companies, commercial kitchens, and food service to hotels, etc. in the Middle East & India market. They are specialized in designing, after-sales-service and supplying equipment. There all equipment manufactured and certified by either American or European standards. Moreover, they have a highly experienced team of mechanical and electrical engineers working with our marketing and sales personnel.

  5. Paramount Trading Est

    Paramount established in 1988 has grown as one of the leading companies in Dubai which engaged in Manufacturing, Installing, Commissioning & Maintenance of Kitchen, Trading, Importing, Exporting, Consulting, Designing, Commissioning & Maintenance of Kitchen, Bakery, Super-market & Laundry equipment. Paramount has over 30 years of experience in Dubai, India, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Oman, and Southeast countries. The company primarily focuses on providing quality products and services supported by a dedicated after-sales service.

  6. Special Gourmet International Gen Trading LLC

    Special Gourmet International Gen. Trd LLC is a professional supplier of Kitchen Equipment. Their products are mainly classified into 3 categories hotel & restaurant kitchen, pastry & bakery equipment supplies, food ingredient and concept small business support. They strive to be as efficient as possible so they can offer the best customer service and competitive price.

  7. A1 Hari Om Equipments

    Since 2004, Hariom has been in the business of supplying kitchen equipment in Dubai. They are manufacturers of refrigeration as well as hot kitchen appliances and fabricated appliances. They provide innovative solutions for kitchen appliances and are driven by performance rather than size, which enables them to increase their competitive edge and stay on the top of the list.

  8. Ace Process Equipment

    ACE has been in the business of manufacturing a wide range of kitchen equipment and furniture for the hotel, pharmaceuticals, hospitals, and other industries for more than 45 years. All products are made of stainless steel sheets & pipes, which are supported by production facilities based on international GMP specifications. ACE has gained its reputation for a complete commitment to product quality, precision engineering and maintaining a delivery program.

  9. Al Arz Refrigeration Equipment Trading Company LLC

    Al Arz Refrigeration Equipment Trading Co. LLC is one of the leading kitchen equipment suppliers and manufacturers of stainless-steel custom-made kitchen furnishing, chillers and freezers in Dubai. Al Arz designs and manufactures a full range of commercial kitchen appliances and stainless-steel furnishings according to the customer’s specific requirements. Al Arz has gained his reputation on technical skills and experience in providing high-quality stainless-steel kitchen furnishing.

  10. Al Bandak Trading Est LLC

    Al Bandak Trading Est LLC was established by Munir Jamil Al Bandak in 1988. Al Bandak is one of the leading suppliers and dealers of kitchen equipment in Dubai. Their goal is to deliver International and accredited commercial kitchen equipment. Using a set of management tools, business principles, client network, policies and a governance structure in place that are at least in line with the standard set for their industry.

  11. Al Barsha Electricals Eqpt Maintenance

    It is a firm that provides full repair service and retail parts for Companies, Hospitals, Hotels, Schools, Military, supermarkets, and cafes. ABEEM maintains a loyal customer base through its customer-oriented focus on business. Their employees are experienced and responsible for providing superior service, developing a long-lasting trust bond with customers. This is very important, especially in the electrical appliance repair industry.

  12. Al Bayan Kitchen Equipment LLC

    Al Bayan Kitchen Equipment LLC is one of the leading suppliers and distributors of internationally respected robust equipment brands for supermarkets, hotels, food and bakery services, food & beverage services companies and from small to a large range of businesses. With their customization and project services, wide product variations, they are considered as one of the high-end kitchen equipment suppliers in the UAE and to the neighboring GCC countries.

  13. Al Diwan Kitchen Equipment Trading LLC

    Al Dewan Kitchen Equipment Trading LLC, established in 1990, is one of the leading firms in Dubai for the manufacture and supply of kitchen equipment. They are dedicated to providing a good impression and satisfaction to their customers. Products range includes heavy-duty cold rooms, refrigerators, convection, and rotating ovens, shawarma and chicken rosters, Cooking line, salad bars, self-service line, beverage tools, and dispensers, ice makers, ice cream machines, all kind of exhaust hoods, sinks and preparation tables, bakeries equipment. They supply kitchen appliances and laundry for hotels, restaurants, cafeterias, and bakeries.

  14. Al Diyafa Hotel & Catering Supplies

    Al Diyafa Hotel & Catering Supplies, established in 1998, is one of the leading distributors of quality branded supplies and equipment in the Dubai hospitality industry. Ever since it was established, it has become the main player in both Dubai and Abu Dhabi markets with its 3 well-located showrooms and a large central UAE warehouse. Al Difa is also the largest stockiest of European manufactured kitchen utensils in Dubai and is ready to support you today with stock for replacement orders or large pre-opening projects.

  15. Al Ibdaa Refrigeration Devices Bakery & Kitchen Equipment LLC

    Al Ibdaa Refrigeration Devices Bakery & Kitchen Equipment LLC has 25 years of experience in the manufacture, marketing of kitchen equipment and refrigeration units. The firm is a leading brand in the manufacture, trade, and maintenance of kitchens, bakeries, super-market appliances. With a proven record of twenty-five years of expertise in the industry, Al Ibdaa has become the best and largest breed in the region.
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Bottom Line

And that brings an end to our guide to the Top Suppliers of Kitchen Equipment. Other popular Suppliers and Dealers of Kitchen Equipment in Dubai include Al Huda Kitchen Trading Establishment, Al Ghadeer Kitchens, Al Ghozlan Kitchens Establishment and many more, which are known for their robust kitchen equipment and superior services.