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Checkers is a strategy board game involving 2 players. Different variants are depending on the country in which you play: checkers, English checkers, international checkers. The checkers takes place on a checkerboard or chessboard. Made up of 64 squares, on which they move only diagonally. And only on the black squares, 24 pieces, half white and half black. Starting the game is always a white pawn.

The game’s object is to eat all the pieces’ opponents or force them not to make more moves. The pieces’ moves allow you to eat the opponent’s pieces eliminated from the chess. When a pawn reaches the opposite end, it becomes a king and has the ability to move in the other direction as well. It cannot be eaten by a simple pawn, but only by another queen. There are cases of ties in the game of checkers, which happens when none of the players. Will be able to eliminate or block the opponent’s pieces. When you are in the lead, you cannot finish the challenge within a certain number of moves.

How to play checkers

The game of checkers has very ancient origins. In Egypt, corresponding finds have been found dating back to 5000 BC, preserved in Brussels’ archaeological museum. Its diffusion took place during the Roman Empire, and later more variants have developed. Here is a series of strategies and tips to win in checkers:

  • The last row must remain intact until you are forced to move the pieces that compose. Thus, your opponent will not be able to perform checkers for a long time.
  • Advance the pieces in tight groups or pairs: this will make it more difficult for your opponent to eat them.
  • Sacrifice pieces when you have an advantage: sacrificing a bit to eat 2 always has an advantage. Sometimes, offering more than one when you are already in benefit allows a favorable exchange.
  • Take control of the checkerboard center: doing so will make you more likely to get to checkers.
  • Strive to promote as many checkers to checkers – having more checkers is an advantage. So try to move your checkers to your opponent’s empty spaces, sacrifice checkers if necessary to allow for a checker.

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How to play checkers: Rules?

Many types of checkers are practiced around the world. In fact, many countries have their own gaming systems. There are mainly three games: The checkers, practiced only in our country, the international one, played in countries. Such as France and Holland and also in the rest of the world. As a system to compete in international competitions. And finally, the English lady with which have been experimenting for relatively few years. Despite this, we have already conquered several world titles thanks to this game’s similarity with the checkers.

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Some Tips for learning to play chess

As is inevitable, most people have known the game of checkers since they were children. Because it is a board game that is hardly missing in any family’s home. To become reasonable, it is essential to know the rules in-depth, much more straightforward than other board games such as chess.

Learning the rules well, especially those of tricks gives the possibility to implement. The game’s first objective, which is to capture the opponent’s pieces. To achieve this goal, it is good to initially learn some tactics (see the category of Shooting). Such as grabbing checkers and then taking back a higher number. And thus gaining material using the rules of seizing or conquering. The possibility of bringing checkers to checkers. And thereby acquiring a real playing power.

To play well in this phase, it is good to consider our pieces as soldiers. That you would not send forward recklessly. If you send one or two soldiers to face many more, they will undoubtedly be irreparably shot down. Therefore the approach to the enemy base must homogeneously take place. We compact our forces and attack our opponent’s weakest points taking care.

The consequence of what has been said is absolutely not adopting the tactic (recommended in some sites by those who love to write and talk about things they do not know) of not moving the pieces at the base. If the situation requires it, it is good to bring these pieces into play to support the more advanced components. And prevent the opponent from making an attack. In general, the first to be brought into play is always the piece in the corner square to the player’s right (canton).

Checkers Strategy and Tactics: How to Win Every Time

The next phase of the game is called the middle game or the mid game. This is the stage where our tactical and strategic creativity can be enhanced. It is essential to devise a game plan to be able to unhinge the opponent’s defenses and. At the same time, avoid a possible enemy attack. To implement what has been said, it is essential to know where you want to go. Then understand and study the basic final positions to exploit the superiority obtained in the game. I recommend checking out the articles on how to win the Basic Finals in the Beginner category of this site.

There are books, guides, and video courses to help you along this path, but keep in mind that to understand. Everything that is said and written, it is necessary to gain experience with stronger ones. Remember that to learn how to win. It is not required to face masters. In fact, I would say the opposite. Always play with players who can give you something but who are a little higher. Understand where you are wrong, and improve.

Here I quote what was written by the distinguished theorist of the past Francesco Lavizzari:

“In the formation of a strong player, the experience drawn from the games played is essential. Especially when meeting superior opponents. The live game puts the player in front of always different problems. And forces him to a mental work of analysis that accustoms him. Little by little, to see clearly for a long series of moves, without resorting to moving the pieces. And contribute to giving the player that complex of knowledge that will make him an expert “.

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Rules to play checkers

  • The board comprises 64 boxes alternating in color, white, and darkened, with the last box at the bottom right in black.
  • In the beginning, each player has 12 pieces of a different color from those of the opponent (white or black), placed on the first three rows of dark squares placed on their side of the board. Black occupies the squares from no. 1 ton. 12, white those from n. 21 to no. 32. The choice of color among the players is made by drawing lots.
  • Always start playing white.
  • The pawn still moves diagonally across the dark squares one square at a time and only forward. When an instrument reaches one of the last row squares, it is promoted. It becomes king and must be marked with the overlap of another pawn taken from those not in play.
  • Each instrument can eat those opponents that are forward, on the diagonal square next to their own. And have the following free court. After the catch, if they encounter other pawns diagonally with the next open square. They must continue to eat without removing the hand from the instrument itself.
  • The queen also moves one square at a time, always diagonally, in all possible directions, eating both the pieces and the opposing ladies.
  • In the case of taking, it is mandatory to eat the leftovers. The old rule of the “breath” is to capture the opponent’s piece. That despite having the right, by distraction or choice.

International checkers rules

  1. The board comprises 100 squares alternating in color, white and dark, and must be placed with the last court at the bottom right in white.
  2. In the beginning, each player has twenty pieces of a different color from those of the opponent (white or black) placed on the first four rows of dark squares placed on their side of the board. Black occupies the squares from no. 1 ton. 20, white those from n. 31 to no. 50. Always starts playing white.
  3. The pawn still moves diagonally across the dark squares, only forward and one square at a time. When an instrument reaches and stops for the first time on one of the last row’s five yards.
  4. Each pawn can eat both the ladies and the opposing means. As long as they are on a diagonal square next to their own. Both forward and backward, and that they have the next diagonal square free. If an identical catch situation occurs from the new arrival position, a “multiple catches” must be carried out, i.e., The most significant possible number of opposing pieces. If the checker reaches a square in the last row and still eats backward during multiple catches. It only passes through the previous square remaining a checker.
  5. The king always moves diagonally in all possible directions, moving several squares of his choice. As long as other pieces do not occupy them.

International checkers rules part 2

  1. The king always eats diagonally all the opposing pieces that have at least one next free square. At any distance, crossing with the other diagonals, where it is possible to take as many contrasting fragments as possible. Being able to pass several times on the same empty squares, but never on the same piece.
  2. At her choice, the king can stop in a free square on the diagonal that follows the trick’s end.
  3. If you want to fix a poorly placed piece, you must first warn the opponent by declaring “accommodated” or “Acconci” and await approval.
  4.  In official competitions, you also win when the time for reflection available to the opposing player ends.
  5. There is a tie in the evident final balance situation by agreement of the players or applying. The technical regulations by the referee at the end of the count of a certain number of moves available for the final.

How to play checkers on the internet

The lady is one of the oldest games globally, and despite this, it does not lose its charm tramutandosi an excellent pastime for even. The technology that can play with its virtual transpositions. If you, too, are a big fan of checkers and would like to try to play it on the computer. To stay there because I’m about to explain how to do it without effort or unnecessary waste of time. You must know that there are many alternatives to play checkers against. The computer or people in the flesh connected from all over the world on the Net. You need to find the one that best suits your tastes and save it in your favorites. Just think, you don’t even have to install programs or weird plugins on your PC to play! So, what are you waiting for to discover with me how to play checkers online?

Suppose you want to find out how to play checkers online. But want to practice a little before challenging people in the flesh. No doubt, you need to play a few games of Checkers Fun. As its name clearly implies, it is a very simple Flash virtual transposition of the classic checkers you play against. The computer having two different difficulty levels: Easy for beginners and Hard for experts.

To play Checkers Fun, all you have to do is connect to the web page with the game. Set your preferences on the videogame home screen ( View to adjust the game view, Mode to choose which pieces to use. Difficulty to assess the level of difficulty game), and click on the Start item to start a new game. Also, by clicking on the Play full-screen item located below the game box.

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