Integrate Facial Recognition in your System

Riya Sen

, Tech

As we see, the past few decades have marked the incorporation of technology in all the systems. The infrastructure is made and maintained with the help of technology and we cannot imagine our daily tasks without the use of technology. This technology was never imagined before and no one could think that there would be such an extent of development. With the increase in new fields, criminals have found ways to fraud the systems.

They steal identities and steal personal information through different methods. Looking at these crimes, researchers found a way that is less likely to be fooled which is face recognition SDK. This technology allows the system to recognize a person with his face which means there is no chance of fraud since people may copy the information, but no one can copy the face of a person.

The face recognition technology has been used in many different areas like:

  1. Avoid retail crimes

  2. Privacy security in the smartphones

  3. Smart advertisements by judging the age and gender of the audience

  4. Finding a missing person

  5. Helping blind people

  6. Protecting the law

  7. Helping in forensic investigation

  8. Diagnose diseases that cause recognizable changes

  9. Protecting schools from threats

  10. Facilitate secure transactions

And many more like these.

These uses show the acceptance and success of face recognition technology which is helping and supporting people in almost every sector. If you are thinking to adopt face recognition technology, then you have to consider only the best service providers because these technologies can even be used for criminal purposes. So, a service provider is needed who guarantees the security and privacy of the users. One of the best service providers is Path partner.

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They serve the following services:-

Driver Integration

Embedded sensors in the camera and integrated modules and configuration help with the process. CSI2-MIPI interfacing, CCD interfacing and CMOS sensors to different SoCs along with the sensor bring up and tuning.

Image quality or ISP Tuning

Developmental and organizational of different algorithms like 2A, removal of the noise, white balancing, and color correcting. The quality tuning of the images is also available for platforms comprising of discrete or embedded ISPs under different combinations of lights, lenses, and sensors.

Imaging Algorithms

Developing and integrating camera algorithms like high dynamic range, lesser light exposure improvement, deep map generation, array camera setup, ToF and many others alike. Embedded platforms have algorithm optimization for better servicing.

System Unification

Framework development of the camera and unification on different embedded platforms along with the applicated development for different use-cases with vision-based solutions.

These Image processing algorithms are very useful for different businesses because they provide complete security with the integration of privacy in it. There are different uses of technology in every sector as listed above because the technology is growing at a fast rate making its applications everywhere. These algorithms are best supported by the Pathpartner because they are the best service providers. These services might be provided by other service providers as well though, the services by Pathpartner provide high-quality services.