How To Reset Apple Watch

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It would help if you had a charged Apple Watch, a phone with Bluetooth running, and the Watch app. Pairing devices is very intuitive: the watch and the phone tell you what to do and where to press.  In this article, we will give you a complete guide about how to reset the apple watch.

To connect Apple Watch to iPhone, you need to do the following:

  • Charge your Apple Watch at least 60%. Synchronization with an iPhone, setting quickly “eat up” the battery. This is a critical point that will save you a lot of nerves. It takes approximately 55-60 minutes to charge Apple Watch from 0% to 60%;
  • Turn on Apple Watch by holding the side button for a long time (if they do not turn on, they are most likely very discharged, and you need to charge Apple Watch again). The watch will immediately ask you to select the interface language and go into pairing mode with the iPhone.
  • Launch the Watch app on your iPhone and click on the “Pair with Apple Watch” button and point the iPhone camera’s video finder over the “galaxy” on the watch screen. The process is similar to scanning a regular QR code. Everyone, your watch is familiar with the iPhone. But this is where the fun begins.

How to reset the apple watch and pair it again

Follow the prompts on your iPhone to complete the pairing process. You will be asked to perform a series of actions that many are already familiar with when activating an iPhone or iPad. Customization and hand selection. If you have configured it before, you can click Restore from Backup and follow the screen’s instructions. Then press “Left” or “Right” on the iPhone to select a hand.

  • Enter your Apple ID password to use features such as Digital Touch and Handoff.
  • N Check the settings. The iPhone settings from the Diagnostics & Usage, Location Services, and Siri screens will be transferred to Apple Watch, and vice versa.
  • Create a password. If you click Create Passcode or Add Long Passcode on your iPhone, you can create a personal passcode using your Apple Watch. Then it would help if you decided whether the iPhone will automatically unlock the watch.
  • Synchronize programs. Click Install All to sync iPhone apps that are compatible with Apple Watch. Tap Later to sync only basic information such as Mail, Contacts, and Messages.

Keep the devices close to each other until you hear a beep and feel the how-to reset apple watch’s slight pulsation.

Testing the performance of an external drive

I have an external hard drive Seagate Expansion Portable Drive 2 TB (STEA2000400) under warranty (2 years), so I did not disassemble it and test the drive itself separately. All measurements were carried out with the device as a whole by connecting it to a USB 2.0 port (unfortunately, there was no other at hand at the time of testing).

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In theory, a transfer speed of 40 MB / s can be achieved over USB 2.0. True, I have never come across flash drives and disks that would have crossed the 30 MB / sec line. It happened this time too. The popular testing utility CrystalDiskMark showed linear read speeds of about 30 MB / s and 24 MB / s write speeds, which has a data exchange rate via the USB 2.0 port not exceeding 17 MB / sec.

Automatic stop of the magnetic disk

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How to reset apple watch: Disable in Settings.

When messages arrive on two iPhones simultaneously, not everyone knows how to disable this service. Call duplication occurs because there is a connection between Apple equipment. This is established when you log in to one account on several devices connected to the same Internet network. Learning how to reset a call on an iPhone is certainly worth it, but the constant cancellation of calls can get bored.

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Double calls and messages are convenient if the phone is far away and you don’t want to go after it or charge. But the situation when the iPhone and iPad are ringing simultaneously will require knowledge of how to disconnect the connection because it causes inconvenience. There are two ways to solve the problem through Settings, which differ in approach. The first is to disable the function completely.

  • Go to the “Settings” section from the main screen.
  • Select the item “Phone.”
  • Go to the submenu “Calls to other devices.”
  • To prevent the call and message from being duplicated on devices. You need to remove the top toggle switch in the “Allow calls” line, making it inactive.

The second solution allows you to partially disable the function, leaving parallel calls on the necessary gadgets:

  • The settings menu opens.
  • In the same section, “Phone,” select “Calls to other devices.”
  • In a separate window, remove the toggle switches for those gadgets that do not require duplicate calls.

Sometimes this menu is not present – this indicates.

How to reset apple watch: Setting

The next important question is how to set up Apple Watch for further work. To do this, you need an iPhone, preferably with the latest version of the iOS operating system. The first generation smartwatch required an iPhone 5. The Apple Watch Series 3, sold in September 2017, cannot be set up without an iPhone 6 model. To connect Apple Watch to iPhone, you need to sync the devices with each other. So the pairing process with the third series of watches will not take long:

  • The Watch application is downloaded to the smartphone, in which the button for pairing with a smartwatch is pressed.
  • The iPhone is brought up to the watch.
  • On the watch, a similar button is pressed in the settings.

After a certain time required for gadgets to synchronize, it becomes possible to set up a smartwatch directly from an iPhone if synchronization is not required (another iPhone will be connected to the watch).

You can unpair the Apple Watch as follows:

  • Open the Watch app on your smartphone.
  • Select the “My watch” tab at the bottom of the window.
  • Select the connected Apple Watch and click on the ” i” icon.
  • Click Unpair Apple Watch.
  • Confirm the cancellation of device synchronization, after which all data about the watch will be deleted from the gadget.

How to reset apple watch: First setup

To pair with Apple Watch, you bring your iPhone (with Bluetooth on) to the watch and do the following:

  • After a message appears on the phone screen about the possibility of starting the configuration, click “Continue.”
  • Position the centre of the watch display exactly opposite the iPhone’s camera viewfinder.
  • Enter the Apple ID password, with which the user has access to various services.
  • Configure geolocation, the Activity application, and, if necessary, mobile communications from the iPhone.

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The first time you use it, it will take more time to set up. Other parameters (including the password for accessing the gadget) can be changed later. This does not always require an iPhone – some of the settings are available from the watch. For example, to change the watch face on the Apple Watch, you have to press the screen with an effort. A gallery of watch faces will open. You need to scroll through it with a swipe gesture and choose the option you like. It won’t be difficult to change the language on the Apple Watch. So it is enough to go to the screen for writing a message or reply, with an effort to press the display. The language selection button appears.

How to reset apple watch: Testing methodology

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A synthetic test that emulates the load of real applications and various patterns of using PC resources. The test drive creates a single NTFS partition for the entire available space, and PCMark 7 runs the Secondary Storage test.

Reset to factory settings using the side button

An Apple Watch owner who has forgotten his device’s password can solve the problem by returning the gadget to factory settings.

The following sequence of steps will allow you to do this:

  • Connect the watch to a power source.
  • Hold down the button that disconnects the device.
  • After waiting for the “smartwatch” menu to appear on the screen, click on the first item, “Off,” and pull up.
  • After that, a list of actions will appear in which you need to select the item “Erase content and settings.”

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The information on the watch will be completely erased with such an action. The smartphone connection will also be lost, so you will need to perform the synchronization procedure again. At this point, it will be possible to restore information previously stored on the gadget from a backup that was created on the paired device.

How to reset Apple Watch via iPhone

Even newer Apple Watch models are not immune to malfunctions. It happens that sensors begin to malfunction and thus confuse certain mobile applications using their readings. Before contacting a service centre or workshop to fix a problem that has appeared, you can try a less drastic method – restart your Apple Watch by resetting it to its original settings. Important! Keep your phone as close to your Apple Watch as possible during the entire reset and restore session. The step-by-step algorithm of operations is as follows:

The step-by-step algorithm of operations is as follows:

  • Launch the Apple Watch application and go to the “My Watch” tab. In the “General” item, go to the “Reset” tab.
  • Run the task “Erase content and settings” and repeat the selection of this menu item. At this point, you may need to enter a password related to your Apple ID.
  • If we are talking about varieties of Apple Watch GPS + Cellular, they provide an option when it is possible to save or delete an existing tariff plan from a cellular operator. So it depends on whether there are plans to pair Apple with the iPhone again. If so, you will have to leave the tariff plan. When it makes no sense to link the pair again, the existing tariff can be deleted. If you do not plan to create any pair at all (with a phone, with another watch), then you can even cancel your subscription to the existing communication tariff through the mobile operator.
  • After the process is complete, the Apple watch settings must be re-configured. When prompted by the system, you will need to choose to restore using a backup copy.

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How to find Apple Watch

Anyone can lose a smartwatch, but just like the iPhone, you can find it using the app.

  • Open the Find iPhone app on your iPhone.
  • Log in to the application, enter your username and password Apple ID.
  • Then find the item in the Apple Watch app.
  • Go to “Actions.”
  • If your smartwatch is on, you can use geolocation to
  • track to the place on the map where they are.
  • Mark them as lost.
  • Turn on the sound signal.
  • If the watch is in the same room as you, you can select Play Sound.

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How to find Apple Watch using a computer

You can follow this instruction on any computer:

  • Go to
  • Enter your details
  • Go to “Find iPhone.”
  • At the top, click on “all devices.”

Select Apple Watch and the desired action:

  • delete data.
  • Mark as lost.
  • Play a sound signal.

If you can add or share your experience of pairing and decoupling, write in the comments below.

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