Most Powerful Pokemon List

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Most Powerful Pokemon List


Beetle-type Pokemon have never played a key role in the  competitive game. The only monster that has emerged thanks to its extraordinary power is Scizor, and in particular its Mega Evolution.

The double Beetle / Steel type is certainly not the best: in fact the weakness x4 to the Fire type, one of the most popular in competitive, limits the use of this Pokemon. With the right countermeasures, however, Mega Scizor is very powerful thanks to its high attack and its remarkable physical defense. A great choice for Pokémon Bug lovers.



The Dark type, introduced in Generation II, has always proved to be an excellent type for the vast amount of Pokemon to refer to. Among the strongest and most used monsters we certainly find Umbreon or Zoroark, but the best Pokémon for this type turns out to be Krookodile.


Krookodile can be used both as an attacker and as a defender, too important a feature that should not be overlooked. The Pokemon also has access to the Power of Skill, one of the most used in the competitive landscape given its extraordinary usefulness. Most Powerful Pokemon List. Being also of the Earth type, finally, it has access to a series of powerful moves of that type such as Earthquake, to be used in combination with Flying type monsters or with the Levitation Skill.



The Dragon type is undoubtedly one of the most fascinating and, in many ways, powerful types of the Pokemon world. With the introduction of the Kobold type, the Dragon type has undergone a significant weakening but it always remains one of the most used types. The best Pokemon cannot be Garchomp. Most Powerful Pokemon List.


Garchomp also has access to a Mega Evolution but his normal form still remains an excellent ally in battle. The peculiar feature of Garchomp is its incredible attack power combined with an equally extraordinary speed, which certainly make it one of the best physical strikers in the competitive landscape. Most Powerful Pokemon List. It was also the protagonist of VGC 2017 and also from the aesthetic point of view it is one of the most captivating Dragon-type Pokemon. Ice-type weakness x4 can be a problem but among the moves Garchomp can learn by pairing there is also Metaltestata.



Three different monsters play the role of best Electric-type Pokemon: Jolteon, Raichu Forma Alola and Ampharos. The latter predominates thanks to its Mega Evolution.

Mega Ampharos has a really good combination of types, namely Electro / Dragon. It also has good Defense and Special Defense stats (as opposed to Raichu Forma Alola for example) and compensates for an attack thanks to a good Special Attack. Most Powerful Pokemon List. Mega Ampharos can therefore be used in different ways and also has access to different moves including powerful STAB Electro and Drago, which can be used in different situations.



The best Fighting Pokemon could not be Lucario and in particular its Mega Evolution, Mega Lucario.

The Pokemon Aura is very versatile and can be used as both a physical attacker and a special attacker, given its two high Attack and Special Attack statistics. Mega Lucario also has access to a wide range of very powerful moves that make him the protagonist of different types of different sets . Most Powerful Pokemon List. Among the moves he can learn are also priority moves like Pugnoscarica or Extrarapido. His Fight and Steel STABs undoubtedly made him one of the strongest Pokemon in competition.



As many would have expected, the best Fire-type Pokemon can be considered Charizard.

In addition to being one of the icons of the Pokemon games (as well as the cover of Pokemon Red), Charizard is very powerful given its two different Mega Evolutions. On the one hand, it is possible to have a Mega Charizard X with the double Fire / Dragon type, useful as it causes the Electric and Water types to lose their weakness. In addition, this Mega Evolution receives the STAB bonus from various Charizard Dragon-type moves. On the other hand we have a Mega Charizard Y which, obtaining the Drought Ability, allows you to launch unexpected Solar Beam against the opposing Water-type monsters. Finally, both have high offensive statistics: Mega Evolution X has the same Attack and Special Attack that allow you to create different  sets , while Mega Evolution Y has a very high Special Attack. Most Powerful Pokemon List.

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The best Flying-type Pokemon, also given the very strong Dragon type, is Salamence with its Mega Evolution.

Many would have expected Salamence to be the best Dragon-type Pokemon. Instead it can (and should) be placed as the strongest Flying-type monster for one simple reason: its Ability. In particular, reference is made to the Skill gained thanks to Mega Evolution, or Pellecielo. Only two Pokemon can have access to this incredible Ability that allows you to transform your Normal-type attacks into Flying-type attacks making it gain even 20% more power! Thanks to a quick calculation it is possible to have a Flying Type Hyper Beam with a devastating power of 270 given the boost of Ability and STAB.



There are many very strong Ghost-type Pokemon: just think of Mega Sableye or Mega Gengar. Yet Aegislash is the best Pokemon of this type.

The double Steel / Specter type is very strong and has allowed Aegislash to enter the competitive Olympus for the duration of the Sixth Generation, if not beyond. His defensive statistics, combined with the two forms, make him a particular monster with a singular force. Its peculiar move is also very useful as it has a good secondary effect: Royal Shield, in addition to acting as Protection and therefore protecting the user, allows you to lower the Attack of the attacking monster by two stages. An incredible move for an equally incredible Pokemon.



As for the Fire type, we have placed the relative first Generation Pokemon, also for the Grass type, the First Generation acts as a sovereign: the best monster of this type is in fact Venusaur with its Mega Evolution.

The great Seed Pokemon, thanks to its Mega Evolution, becomes a first class  bulky (or a large Pokemon with equally high statistics)! His moves also allow you to make the most of this feature: moves like Synthesis allow you to recover most of the Health Points and make the battle difficult for your opponent. The ability acquired thanks to Mega Evolution, Thick Thick, is very powerful precisely for the type of Pokemon that uses it. Mega Venusaur thus halves the damage from Ice and Fire-type moves that would do him Super Effective damage!



As the best Earth-type Pokemon, we find the third generation Swampert starter.

Mega Swampert is definitely the strongest Mega Evolved Pokemon in any team that uses the Rain condition. His ability allows him to double his speed if subject to this weather condition. His statistic of very high Attack (well 150) combined with two excellent defenses make him a very fearsome monster, able to make the most of his Skill in a team that plays for him. Its strength therefore makes it the most competitive Earth-type Pokemon.



The Ghiaccio type has never been exploited to the full in competitive terms due to its numerous weaknesses. The fact is, however, that together with the Kobold type, the Ice type manages to keep up with the powerful Dragon monsters. The best Pokemon of this type can only be Ninetales Forma Alola.

This version of Ninetales takes full advantage of a combination of types as fascinating as it is powerful. The double Ice / Elf type allows you to learn offensive moves that the State can literally “freeze” the battle and control it in the way you want most. For example, with the move Hail it is possible to have the advantage of the weather on your opponent and increase the avoidance of Ninetales by 20% thanks to the Snow Keeping Ability. Or, with the Velaurora move (introduced in Seventh Generation). The damage caused by both physical and special attacks is halved for 5 turns! Ninetales Forma Alola can be considered an elegant Pokemon with a sublime fighting style.



VGC ruler of the last few years, Mega Kangaskhan is arguably the strongest Normal-type Pokemon ever.

His ability will remain etched in the annals of the competitive Pokemon game. Thanks to Amorefiliale, Mega Kangaskhan is able to attack twice and the second attack will cause half the damage of the first. The  combo most used with this skill features the Crescipugno move: the secondary effect of this move allows you to increase the physical attack of the Pokemon that uses it by one stage. Thanks to the Amorefiliale ability the move is repeated and the  boost is two stages! With this combination, Mega Kangaskhan wins the place of best Normal-type monster.



Despite not being the best Ghost-type Pokemon, Mega Gengar still falls into this special list as the best Poison type.

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Mega Gengar, in addition to being aesthetically very beautiful. It is one of the strongest Pokemon that a competitive player can have. Its double combination of Specter. Poison types allow it to have strong moves and high damage to which the Special Attack which is base is 170! One of the moves present in almost all  sets is definitely Magibrillio. Although it is not a move that benefits from STAB. Magibrillio is useful as a move against any Garchomp, the latter ready to wipe out Gengar with an Earthquake. Its high Speed ​​statistic also makes it one of the fastest Poison (and also Ghost) Pokemon.



Symbol of the Psychic type, Alakazam is a truly powerful monster that gives its best once Mega Evolved.

Although it has a low physical Defense and is ultimately a very fragile Pokemon. Mega Alakazam is one of the fastest Pokemon there are. His basic speed statistic is 150! Not having such brilliant defenses, all  sets featuring this Pokemon see it as a special attacker. Among the Psychic-type monsters. Mega Alakazam is certainly one of the strongest Pokemon in Special Attack. Its base statistic of 175 is one of the highest (without considering the Legendaries). The ability obtained through Mega Evolution is equally useful. Thanks to Track it is in fact possible to copy the ability of the opposing Pokemon.

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Even without considering its Mega Evolution, Tyranitar remains the best Rock-type Pokemon.

Tyranitar is one of  the strongest bulky in the Pokemon landscape. It is able to learn moves like Dragodanza, useful for increasing Attack and Speed ​​by one level each. Rock Levitator, powerful state move, and many Dragon-type moves. He has an incredible Attack stat and excellent defenses. Thanks to Mega Evolution he also receives an Attack upgrade. The defenses become those of a defender in all respects. Its versatility earns it the position of best Rock-type monster.



The Steel type is one of the most used types in the competitive landscape given the extraordinary number of resistances. The choice is therefore difficult but it is possible to say that the best Pokemon of this type is Mega Metagross.


Champion Rocco’s loyal companion has access to an incredible series of STAB moves such as Dagger and Psychic. His statistics are very high and leave no room for weakness. Mega Metagross can be used both as a physical attacker. As a special attacker and is able to resist most of the opponent’s moves. Its aggressive appearance also makes it very fearsome. Its Nail Skill obtained through Mega Evolution increases the power of physical moves that create contact by 30%!

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The Water type is the most common Pokemon type: this makes the choice of the strongest monster very complicated. Thanks to the Sixth Generation, however, this choice is easier. The best Water-type Pokemon is in fact the  starter  Greninja.

Greninja, in addition to being one of the most popular Pokemon by fans of the series. It is a really powerful monster thanks to the Mutatipo Hidden Ability. With this ability Greninja can become of any type, as long as a move hits him. Obviously it is difficult to establish a certain. Set of moves since it will be almost impossible to use its STABs. Thanks to Mutatipo, however, it is possible to generate confusion in the mind of your opponent. Who will have to remember what type our Pokemon is and therefore force him to act preventively. This way he won’t be able to implement his favorite game style.



And last but not least we find the Kobold type, introduced in the Sixth Generation. The best pocket creature of this type is without a doubt Gardevoir with its Mega Evolution.

From the point of view of statistics. Mega Gardevoir has a good base speed (equal to 100) and a very high Special Attack. Equal to 165! Most Powerful Pokemon List. The Fairy Skin skill allows you to turn Normal-type moves into Elf-type moves and boosts damage by 20%. A move like Granvoce, in addition to becoming an Elf type. From a power of 80 reaches a power of 144 thanks, obviously, to the earned STAB. From the purely aesthetic point of view, Mega Gardevoir is one of the most elegant Pokemon in the whole series.



And what do you think of this list? Do you agree? But now it’s up to you: let us know with a comment your very personal list of favorite Pokemon of all kinds! NextCuriosity returns next Thursday.

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