Smart Ways to Plan Your Personal Loan EMI Repayments

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Availing personal finance is a piece of cake today. Sure, you will need to make some effort when it comes to documentation and approvals, but it’s not that tedious a procedure. However, during all this, you must remember how to calculate personal loan EMI, through which you can efficiently manage the monthly instalments. 

Using the EMI facility is convenient, but can be preposterous if you cannot repay on time, every month. This goes to harm your credit score in the long run, reducing your chances of availing better loans and interest rates in the future. Hence, here are some fantastic ways for you to plan your personal loan EMI repayments efficiently:

Using EMI Calculators

Most online lenders today provide a personal loan EMI calculator, which is highly lucrative in helping you manage your loan repayments. All you have to do is enter the interest rate, loan or principal amount, and loan duration. Within a few seconds, you will see the monthly EMI and interest payable. 

This is highly advantageous as you will know the EMI beforehand, and hence, manage your finances around it to repay them seamlessly. Moreover, this will also help you find the appropriate loan tenure, allowing you to repay quickly without the burden of impending monthly deadlines for more extended periods. 

Consolidating or Refinancing Your Loan

Asking your lender to restructure the loan EMIs, tenures, or interest rates is a good solution when you’re struggling to repay the EMIs. However, you can also choose to consolidate other smaller loans into a big one. This will help you avail a lower interest rate, making it easier to repay the EMIs. 

You can also opt to refinance the personal loan from new lenders who are offering lower interests and friendlier terms. To do this, you will have to transfer the loan to that lender, and with the better repayment terms, managing EMIs will become easier. 

Carefully Choosing Your Tenor

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Your tenor will have a massive impact on your loan’s affordability. Hence, you must review the different factors such as your monthly expenditure and income, before choosing a tenor. This will help you determine the amount of your income that will be available to pay the EMIs on time. 

Keeping Aside a Dedicated Cash Reserve

One of the best ways of managing your EMI repayments is maintaining a dedicated account, even before you apply for the loan. This will help you establish a bulk of funds to assist you when you start paying the EMIs. 

You can choose to put these funds in a savings account or start an FD account with them. That way, you can either use the savings to timely repay the EMIs or use the non-cumulative FD’s pay-outs to do so. 

Choosing the Right Lender

Ultimately, a significant factor for you quickly paying EMIs, is collaborating with the right lender, who offers affordable terms and interests. This will help your comfortably plan and repay the instalments since the terms match your capabilities. 

Work Smarter, Not Harder!

Now that you know these tactics, there’s no reason not to avail a personal loan. Use these strategies, plan smartly, and pay off the EMIs hassle-free!

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