Top Crypto News Sites in 2020

In order to be a successful trader, you have to be up to date about the market all the time. The Crypto Shark is always well aware of the trending news about the trading market. Hence, there are a lot of crypto news sites working on the internet that provide all the news and updates about different things such as how the market is going, what are the competitors doing, etc. It is very important to get all the news from a reliable source as fake news is all over the internet. 

It is hard to tell which one is real without any authentic source. So, this article provides you with some top crypto news sites trending this year. This list is based on their monthly visit, average visit duration, Alexa rank, their DA, bounce rates, number of backlinks, etc.

Here are the Top 10 Crypto News Sites to know the Latest Crypto Updates

  1. Crypto Shark

    Crypto Shark is a video-based news portal that uploads a video every day about binary options trading, cryptocurrency, bitcoin and so on. In fact, there are a number of videos uploaded everyday. It is connected with many social media such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, and Pinterest. Actually this site itself works more like social media. You can also make an account here and upload a video about trading. The videos are organized in popular, hot and trending sections in this site. You can also add videos as your favorite ones or to read later or make a collection of selected videos. There is a history option too so that you do not lose any video from the past. All these options make this site very young generation friendly. 

  2. Cointelegraph

    This independent news website was founded in 2013. Besides giving unbiased news about the digital currency, this site is famous for its creative graphics. With cryptocurrency, it also gives information about emerging fintech trends and the blockchain industry. Its Alexa rank is 3,656.

  3. Coindesk

    It was created in 2013 by Shakil Khan and owned by Digital Currency Group. Its headquarters are in New York. It is famous for its accuracy and reliability. It focuses on the contribution of virtual assets on the global financial system. Its Alexa rank is 4,934.

  4. CCN

    It was founded in 2013 by Jonas Borchgrevink. It is one of the earliest crypto news sites and was created when there were very few sites reporting on cryptocurrency. It was known back then as It claims to be a global news organization operated in the US, EU, and Asia. It does not have any political agenda but takes opinions from influential people. Its Alexa rank is 4,539.

  5. Newsbtc

    It was created in 2013 and mainly provides information about the industry, technical analysis, and reviews and education. It has a directory of cryptocurrency businesses and a list of casinos. Its prime focus was the education on digital currencies. However, it claims to have some best minds in the cryptocurrency industry. Its Alexa rank is 26,567.

  6. Fx Empire

    This news site was established in 2011 and very famous for Forex trading. It gives technical data, analysis, charts, tools, streaming quotes and so on. One of the best facts about it is that Fx Empire is available in 21 languages.

  7. Hackernoon

    This independent tech media site was founded in 2016. It gives blogs and opinions on tech. It claims to serve technologists, software developers, Bitcoiners, blockchain enthusiasts. This site has a unique technique of answering everyone’s questions in only 6 words or less.

  8. Bitcoin Magazine

    This website was created in 2012 Vitalik Buterin and Mihai Alisie but now owned by BTC Inc. It is one of the oldest print magazines that provides news about Bitcoin and cryptocurrency. It claims to be passionate about Bitcoin featuring both highs and lows of the Bitcoin industry. Its Alexa rank is 64,494. 

  9. Bitcoinist

    It was founded in 2013 and now has more than 2 million visitors each month. It gives breaking news on digital currency, coin prices, data, and analysis. It also gives information about different community events. Its Alexa rank is 27,403.

  10. AMBCrypto

    This independent news portal is established in 2018. It takes great pride in being a non-funded organization. Without any fund, it has exceptional growth over the years. It claims to focus on giving the latest unbiased information about the cryptocurrency market.
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The global community Crypto Shark is always on all the news portals. It is important to find a reliable one to get the news and information. The websites of this list of 10 best crypto news sites are giving the best services. 

However, these websites also work as a guide for the beginners in news portals to show the right path of giving information about digital currency. So, you can visit these sites to get all the updates about the crypto world regularly. Hopefully, this article will help you.