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Cooking allows players to combine a variety of ingredients found and mined across Azeroth to create food that will not only help restore health and mana between battles but also improve specific characteristics. In WoW Classic, cooking is a secondary profession that you can level up by playing as any class and regardless of the chosen primary businesses, which you can select only two. So, here you will get a complete idea about wow classic cooking guide.

As well as for pumping the skill of other professions, the maximum possible for obtaining the cooking skill is 300, and you increase it by merely using the learned recipes near the hearth, you can either learn recipes from a mentor or buy at the auction or get it as loot.

Also, it is very convenient to pump cooking at the same time as the other auxiliary profession Fishing since the caught fish will provide you with raw materials for recipes.

This guide discusses in detail all the essential points of pumping such a profession as cooking.

Leveling Cooking 1-300 in Wow Classic Cooking Guide

As in any profession, to increase your skill level, you need to cook the desired recipe as many times as necessary until it turns gray. When you open the profession window, you see that the recipes you know vary in color. Here’s what these colors mean:

  • Orange: Guaranteed to add skill points
  • Yellow: Almost always adds skill points
  • Green: Infrequently adds skill points
  • Gray: Never adds skill points

That is, it turns out that after the recipe has turned gray, in principle, it is no longer needed, and there is no point in preparing these dishes, only if it is not food that improves any of your characteristics.

Ways to pump cooking Guide 1-300

There are several ways how to pump cooking to the maximum level, but they differ only in the form of obtaining ingredients for cooking. This can be fish caught using fishing, prey from animal mobs, or in extreme cases. The components can be bought from those who no longer need them.

Below are some of the recipes, in ascending order of usage:

Smoked Desert Dumplings, recipe reward for completing the Emergency Supply quest in Silithus.

WoW Classic Cooking Guide: Teachers

  • Alliance
  • Horde
  • Master Culinary (150-225)

At the second stage, after obtaining the status of the Apprentice, you will need to learn the skill of Cooking up to the level of the artisan and get a further opportunity to pump the ability, up to level 225, you will need to go to the mentor and purchase a book called the Craftsman’s Cookbook for one gold. Coordinates of the location of the teachers selling the tome for both factions:

Wow Classic Cooking Master (225-300)

Wow Classic Cooking Guide

Wow Classic Cooking Guide

To master the Mastery of Cooking up to the Master level, you have to complete a short chain of tasks. If you play as the Horde, then Zamja starts the quest chain in the capital, Orgrimmar. Find her and take the [To Gadgetzan You Go!] quest. If you play as the Alliance, the starting quest will be [I Know A Guy …] given by Daril Riknussun in Ironforge. Now that you have the quest, both factions need to collect the required ingredients to take them to Tanaris, Gadgetzan, and speak with Grave Swiftcutter to complete this quest.

Firstly, you can find the Tomb of Swiftcutter in the tavern of Gadgetzan, talk to him, and he will give you the next quest [Clamlette Surprise]. Moreover, turn in the materials to the Grave, and he will reward you with the Master level of the Cooking skill!

Cooking Guide: How to cook

Firstly, you have learned the wow classic cooking guide ability and basic recipes from any of the mentors, you can finally cook your food anywhere in Azeroth and not depend on the merchants. In addition to collecting ingredients for each recipe, you will need fire to cook food, for these purposes, it is quite possible to use any hearths and braziers in cities, and also, the Common Fire ability will appear in your spellbook, allowing you to make a fire anywhere. Building a fire is more applicable if you need to cook something far from the city, since there is already a burning brazier next to each cooking teacher, just so that players can try new recipes immediately after learning.

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You will also find that in addition to fish and meat, there are ingredients that you didn’t come across in the farming process, but that is also needed in recipes, such as Herbs, flour, or Refreshing spring water. In most cases, they can be purchased from nearby cooking teachers or their assistants.

So, you have a bunch of ingredients collected, you’ve learned a few recipes. Now what? Let’s walk you through the process of preparing your first meal step by step!

  • Open the spellbook (‘P’ is the default key).
  • Find the cooking icon and click on it.
  • This tab contains all the recipes you know. Select a recipe to view the materials required to prepare.
  • Find a cooking fire, a brazier, or light the hearth yourself using the ability Normal fire – you need to be near the fire to cook food.
  • Select “Create” and do not move while using the recipe.
  • Done!

Choice of food for each class

The Satiety buff is given to players by eating food, usually prepared using high-level recipes, in addition to restoring health and mana, food will also affect your stats. The following table summarizes the healthiest foods for each class, along with a quick summary of how to get them.

And by the way, do not forget that only one buff can act on your character at a time. So, using a food type that gives a different buff will cancel the current effect.

At the moment, some of the content will not be available in Phase 1 of Classic WoW, for example, Recipe: Rune Tum Root Dessert, which drops from Puzillin in the Forgotten City dungeon, will not be available until the beginning of Phase 2 when Dire Maul is open to players.

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Classic WoW Cooking Profession Guide & Leveling 1-300

Cooking leveling guide 1-700 – World of Warcraft guides

Cooking is one of the minor professions in World of Warcraft. Its primary purpose, as you might guess, is the preparation of various dishes from fish and meat. These dishes allow players to replenish health and mana, and also provide pleasant bonuses to characteristics. So, this tutorial will show you how to level up Cooking 1-700.

Fast Leveling Cooking 1-525

This Cooking Guide takes into account the difficulty of obtaining reagents for pumping: we tried to include in the guide only those reagents that are collected in the most natural way. This guide also does not indicate the number of reagents required to increase the skill, since in most cases, it is challenging to name their exact amount.

Cooking rewards and daily quests

Whichever way you upgrade your profession, you will have to buy recipes for culinary rewards anyway. In our Cooking Guide. So, you will need 3 Dalaran Cooking Rewards and 9 Chef Rewards – this is the minimum number of rewards you need to upgrade a skill to 700.

Dalaran Culinary Award. Another way to get this currency is to purchase the Soggy Recipe item at the auction, which will give you the task of the same name. As a reward for completing it, you will receive five culinary rewards. Chef Award. So, it can be obtained by completing the Cataclysm daily cooking quests, which can be completed in three cities for each faction. In addition, the rewards for completing tasks will be 1-2 Chef Rewards.

In addition, completing Cataclysm cooking quests will increase your Cooking skill by 1 point for each quest.

Leveling Cooking 1-700


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Spice Bread (Simple Flour, Herbs)

Recipe: Trainer

The recipe can be learned immediately after learning cooking. Reagents can be purchased from any culinary merchant and cost very little. So, with this recipe, you can pump the profession up to 40 points.

wow classic cooking guide


Spiced Wolf Meat (Wiry Wolf Meat) / Herb Egg (Small Egg)

Recipe: Starting Skill

Both recipes will be available as soon as you learn cooking. A small egg from birds near Silvermoon City or from birds in Westfall.

85-135 Crab Meat

Pie (Crab Meat)

Recipe: Trainer

Meat is easily obtained from crabs on the coast of Westfall (Alliance) and Durotar (Horde).

135-200 Goblin

Mussels (Savory Clam Meat)

Recipe: Trainer

If you cannot find enough meat at the auction, you will need to go to the Blackfathom Deeps dungeon in Ashenvale, killing everyone who looks like a crab. So, on average, for one passage of the dungeon, you can get about 100 pieces. Spicy clam meat. However, this should be enough to upgrade Cooking to 200.


Spider Sausage (White Spider Meat)

Recipe: Trainer

Spider Meat can be obtained from level 35-55 arachnids in Swamp of Sorrows, Blasted Lands, Dustwallow Marsh, Searing Gorge.


Monstrous Omelet (Giant Egg) / Tender Wolf Steak (Tender Wolf Meat)

Recipe: Sold by Himmiks in Winterspring / Sold by Grumpy Innkeeper Tanaris

A fair amount of meat and eggs can usually be found at auction, but if you’re out of luck, you can knock them out. Tender Wolf Meat: level 30-50 wolves and coyotes in The Hinterlands, Badlands, Felwood; Giant Egg: Owls and some level 30-55 birds in Winterspring, Blasted Lands, Badlands.

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275-300 Mightfish

Steak / Baked Salmon / Lobster Stew (Large Raw Mightfish / Raw White Scale Salmon / Dark Claw Lobster)

Recipe: All three are sold in Feralas, Vivianna (A), Shiendra Tall Grass (O)

The most challenging stage in leveling cooking. You will need to uncover your fishing rod or purchase fish for cooking at the auction. So, if you go there for one of the recipes, buy the rest immediately.

300-325 Buzzard

Snack (Buzzard Meat) / Ravager Meat Sausage (Ravager Flesh)

Recipe: Quest reward from Legassi in Hellfire Peninsula / Sold in the same location, Sid Limbardi (A) and Kid One-Eye (O)


Talbuk Steak (Wild Talbuk Meat)

Recipe: Purchased in Nagrand from Uriku (A) and Nula the Butcher (O)


Mammoth Meat (Mammoth Meat)

Recipe: Trainer

This stage of cooking (350-400) can be pumped in many ways, depending on which reagent you like to farm more. However, there are similar recipes for the meat of most Northrend living creatures.


One of the Dalaran Currency Recipes (Matching Reagent, Northern Spice)

Recipe: Purchased for 3 Dalaran Cooking Rewards, Derek (A) and Misensi (O)

In order to pump these 15 points, you will need to buy a recipe from a culinary trainer in Dalaran for 3 Dalaran culinary rewards (they can be obtained as a reward for daily culinary tasks in Dalaran). In addition, you will need Northern Spices, which are the easiest to purchase at the auction. Buy a recipe depending on the availability of reagents and pump 15 professional points.

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wow classic cooking guide: 415-440 Darkover

Strong Beer (Dwarven Porter Fur, Keg of Bourbon)

Recipe: Trainer

Buy plenty of them and upgrade another 25 Cooking points.


Pump with the same recipe as stage 400-415


Roasted Mountain Trout (Mountain Trout)

Recipe: Purchased for 3 Chef Rewards from Bario (A) and Shazdar (O)

The easiest way to catch fish is at the auction, but if it was not there for some reason, you could also catch it in Hyjal. So, purchase the recipe, you will need to complete several Cataclysm Cooking Daily Quests to earn 3 Chef Rewards. Completing these quests will also increase your Cooking skill by 3 points (one for each quest).


Fried Fish (Multi-Toothed)

Recipe: Purchased for 3 Chef Rewards, ibid.

The recipe will require three more Chef Rewards. So, buy a multi-tooth at the auction or catch it in open water in any location of the Cataclysm (except Visher).


Brew-Soaked Crocolisk (Crocolisk Tail)

Recipe: Purchased for 3 Chef Rewards, ibid.

Crocolisk tail is usually in abundance at the auction, but if it suddenly isn’t there, you can quickly fill up a sufficient amount on Tol Barad.

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