15 Best Scheduling Apps & Software for Coworking Spaces

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Coworking spaces are a boon and no one denies it. But, ain’t it a bit hard for both the users and the coworking space owners as well as companies to schedule and settle all the hustles within the stipulated time without affecting the workflow. Managing the users of coworking spaces, scheduling the meetings according to the space availability, providing access to the users, arranging the payments and billings, all these have to be done with the utmost care and proper coordination between the coworking space companies and the users. So which is the best scheduling apps? Here we have listed some of the best events, rooms and meeting scheduler for your coworking spaces.

15 Best Scheduling Apps that would help you Schedule Effectively for your Coworking Space

Coworking spaces have been supported by these best scheduling apps that are dedicated solely for workers, for owners and few of them allow logins for both of the parties and supply different consoles.

  1. Copass

    Copass is the kind of pass that allows you to use hundreds of co-working spaces that are registered with Copass. 

    The network can be made to use by workers, who can simply log in to Copass, sign in for a spot and directly check-in. 

    No strings attached and you are fully flexible to cancel your subscription any time. Space owners could simply list out their venue at the Copass to let them be selected by workers. They also allow companies to work around the globe with much flexibility and provisions.

  2. Nexudus

    Nexudus helps the co-working space owners manage their meeting rooms, helps with maintaining the membership.

    They make the payments automatic, it helps to make the events and sell the tickets. 

    Nexudus has a lot of payment channels approved and a thousand plus CRM software supported which will eventually make it a superpower over other scheduling apps. 

  3. Getkisi

    Getkisi is cloud-based access control that can help you with access to the coworking spaces without any support from the staff. 

    You can remotely have control over your space. It can use extensive integrations, flexible access permissions and the all-in-one solutions for intrusion alerts and visual audit trails.

  4. Cobot

    This is a leading coworking space management software for office hubs, flexible spaces, and coworking spaces. 

    Use a single white-label platform to take care of all daily administrative tasks. Onboard new members, streamline your billing, manage bookings and more – all in one easy and intuitive interface. 

    Cobot has the privilege of having many famous clients who have been pretty much satisfied with their service.

  5. Asana

    Asana helps to manage the team stay focused on goals and daily tasks that will eventually help grow your business. 

    It helps the co-workers schedule their daily tasks, and share the same with the coworkers and get the whole team on the same page to get the work completed and attain the goal. 

  6. OfficeRnD

    OfficeRnD is the all in one coworking space management tool needed to synchronize and schedule between the owners and users. 

    They deliver a better experience to your members, automate administrative tasks and increase occupancy rates. 

    They manage multiple locations, manage the billings and the meeting room scheduling. They also deal with the maintenance of the spaces. 

  7. Robin

    They help the workers choose the spaces and desks and also, completely manage the spaces and desks and also, the bookings.

    They provide interactive office maps, office resources, scheduling and wayfinding, workplace analytics and so on. 

    They optimize existing space, plan for growth and make the workplace more flexible and accessible with actionable suggestions based on your office data and industry best practices.

  8. Skedda

    It is one of the best scheduling software. Skedda is the venue booking system trusted by thousands of venues all around the world. They deal with all kinds of venues, from auditoriums to coworking spaces through sports arenas. 

    Skedda can be used for space scheduling and sharing to avail the availability of rental office pods, hot desks, meeting rooms, shared equipment, phone booths, etc. 

    Skedda automates the scheduling of space so you can focus on supporting your working community.

  9. YArooms

    YArooms is the meeting room booking software that manages shared spaces made simple for your modern workplace. 

    It eliminates double bookings and reduces no-show ups. It enables everyone to reserve shared rooms and spaces.

    Also, YArooms give you extra usage insights to better usage of shared space planning. 

  10. Coworkify

    Coworkify is a platform that allows flexible workspaces and coworking spaces to manage their members and operations in the most efficient way possible. 

    They let clients book rooms and resources like projectors. They also publish a professional landing page for your coworking space with photos and plans for potential Members to signup. 

    They support a wide range of membership plans and also automates the whole billing procedures.

    Well, these apps would certainly help the clients, as well as owners, use to schedule their bookings and management of co-working spaces. Coworking space has testimonies about the easy usage of these apps that have improved their business strategies. 

  11. Doodle

    Doodle is the simplest way that you can schedule a meeting. 

    With a doodle, you need not juggle with time zones, or have the regular “When will you be free” convos. 

    Show your best timings so that the other person can confirm theirs. The meeting scheduling app, Doodle can bring in different parties and keep up the security and privacy of your calendars at the same time. 

  12. Hubspot Meetings

    This one of the best scheduling tools. It is best suited for small businesses and startups to schedule their meetings. You can save time and eliminate the back and forth. You can optimize your work and add ore meetings to your day by close observation and scheduling. 

  13. WildApricot

    With WildApricot, automating and simplifying membership tasks for volunteers, members, the whole board, etc is possible in the most efficient way. 

    Associations, non-profit clubs, startups all use Wild Apricot for making the best workflow of your company. They have an online database, schedule your meetings, decide your workflow according to that. 

  14. When is good

    WhenIsGood, as the name pronounces, is the easiest way to find out when everyone can be free for a meeting. It does not require a signup form or password. This makes the whole process a lot easier and hustles free. 

    You can select the dates that you will be free from the grid. The grid can be sent over to your invitees as a link. They can fill in their free time on the proposed dates. 

    You can revisit the page and decide when to conduct the meeting. It is simple and easy to use a meeting scheduling tool.

  15. Vyte

    Vte has it all covered when it comes to powerful features that help you in saving time and avoiding unnecessary headaches. 

    They have smart group scheduling, have a booking page, and also avail the scheduling API. 
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Final Words – Coworking Meeting Scheduling Tool and Software

Scheduling meetings and managing the spaces is quite a big task. But with the right and best scheduling apps, you can easily nail any task. You could use any of these tools to understand which one would be the best for you.  

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