Best Time Travel Movies

Time travel is one of the greatest dreams a human being can cultivate. The inevitability of the passing of the years pushes us to want to rewind the past. But also to think of being able to go back to relive the most beautiful moments of our existence. To rediscover distant times or to redo some choices that, in retrospect, we would make differently. Almost all the films on this theme teach us. However, this last action would be hazardous as it would open a space-time short circuit capable of changing our destiny and perhaps also that of the universe. This article gives you the best time travel movies information.

So, to try not to cause a disaster that would upset the balance of the entire cosmos. Let’s stay with our feet firmly on the ground and start a magnificent imaginary excursion. Through the 25 best time travel movies. If at the end of the article. You still intend to embark on a fearless mission between one century and another. You will already have a cinematic guide to use as a reference!

Best Time Travel Movies Of All the Time

  1. ARRIVAL (2016)

The Earth is shocked by the arrival of 12 unidentified objects positioned in as many locations scattered throughout the planet. Who are the aliens, what do they want, and why are they here? To solve the questions and prepare an emergency plan. All the armies and governments are set in motion. The US one, coordinated for the mission by Colonel Weber (Forest Whitaker). Instructs the expert linguist Louise Banks ( Amy Adams ) and the scientist Ian Donnelly ( Jeremy Renner ). To lead a team to get in touch with the heptapods. So defined because of their shape. Little by little, Louise finds the necessary approach by taking risks personally. Decoding the alien language to set up communication with them later.

Not necessarily physical time travel movies, concretely perceptible.The choices in Louise’s present and determining those that could change her future. Written by Eric Heisserer and based on the novel Story of Your Life by Ted Chiang. Arrival – nominated for 8 Academy Awards, winner of the statuette. For sound editing and previously in competition at the 73rd Venice Film Festival – is a film. That once again highlighted the talent of Canadian director Denis Villeneuve. Establishing itself as an important step in the path traced two years earlier by Christopher Nolan’s Interstellar: contemporary science fiction. That deals with issues of extraordinary importance.


Teresa ‘Tree’ Gelbman is a charming, self-confident and pretentious college student, convinced that everything. Is due to her thanks to her charisma and beauty. On her birthday, Tree is awakened by her alarm clock to discover. That she has spent the night in Carter Davis’ room, probably after yet another drunk. The girl then spends the day as usual, always at full speed. However, in the evening, Tree finds herself in front of a man hidden by a chilling newborn mask. Who kill her without her being able to defend himself. Shortly after, the girl hears the alarm again in Carter’s room, thinking it was all a nightmare. This movie is the 2017 best time travel movies.

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It thus includes Directed by Christopher Landon and written by Scott Lobdell. Auguri per la tua morte has been one of the revelations films of recent years. Thanks to an ambitious narrative system that ranges from horror to thriller and offers fantastic elements. Or the most classic of time rings. Added value, however, is the fantastic protagonist. To impersonate her is the splendid Jessica Rothe. A versatile and brilliant actress perfectly at ease in the role of Tree.


The 1980s. A US nuclear aircraft carrier, the Nimitz, is thrown back in time. Due to the extraordinary effects of a mysterious magnetic storm. But it will not fall on a random date. Rather, in early December 1941, at the gates of the impending Japanese attack on the Pearl Harbor base.

Directed by Don Taylor and written by Peter Powell, Thomas Hunter, Gerry Davis, and David Ambrose. Countdown Zero Dimension is extremely intriguing, especially for its narrative setting, which mixes science fiction elements with those of the war genre. Finding oneself from the relative peace of the Cold War in the middle of the Second World War. With the possibility of changing future developments or letting history take its course. This is the choice that the protagonists of the story will face. Among the cast, Kirk Douglas, Martin Sheen, and Katharine Ross stand out. Between temporal interweaving and growing tension of events. This time travel movie was amazing.


An attack shocks New Orleans: a bomb explodes aboard a river ferry. The investigator will be agent Doug Carlin ( Denzel Washington ), who will soon confirm a terrorist act. Meanwhile, Carlin is asked about the body of a woman, Claire Kuchever, found lifeless in the river. But the latter is not a victim of the attack: his mysterious disappearance dates back to an hour before the explosion. Thus, Doug and the FBI will have an extra element to shed light on the story. Also, thanks to equipment capable of reconstructing events that occurred four days earlier.

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Directed by Tony Scott and written by Terry Rossio and Bill Marsili, DWJA Vu – Race Against Time is part of the thriller genre of the 2000s. But with additional elements of undoubted interest. Taking advantage, first of all, of the collaboration for the subject of the physicist Brian Greene. Who, in his studies, has often focused on the possible existence of the multiverse. Or single alternative and parallel universes that would converge. Composing the reality that surrounds us. Specifically, in the film, the déjà vuit can represent reliving an experience already lived. That we remember clearly – thus finding familiarity for a certain event – or that we do not remember. At all and think we are living for the first time.

  1. DONNIE DARKO (2001)

It was on October 2, 1988. An airplane engine crashes into the Darko family’s house, specifically in the room of young Donnie. He is a “complicated” boy, with a drifting character and a history of pyromania. At night, in the throes of sleepwalking, he leaves the house, waking up outdoors. And so it will also be when that incident occurs: he was attracted by the voice of a strange character, a very tall and threatening-looking rabbit. Thus, what appears to have happened … appears not to have happened. Donnie finds the words “28: 06: 42: 12” tattooed on his arm, which is nothing more than the countdown (28 days, 6 hours, 42 minutes, 12 seconds) towards the end of the World, announced by the hateful rabbit.

At first, a thunderous flop at the US box office (that of a plane crash a short distance). Written and directed by Richard Kelly (who since then has never reached the same authorial heights). The film talks about adolescence and the vicissitudes that characterize it, including unease within society and school. But also about loneliness and lack of communication.


To stop the threat of the Mimic, an extraordinary alien race capable of invading the Earth, disintegrating entire cities and leaving behind only corpses and rubble, the forces of all the armies of the world have allied for a last attempt to defend the enemy.  However, Cage awakens from the dead in a seemingly inexplicable way and finds himself reliving the same fight several times. Growing faster and more resilient, Cage joins forces with Rita Vrataski ( Emily Blunt ). A special military who has killed more aliens than anyone else.

Based on the Japanese illustrated novel All you need is kill and written by Christopher McQuarrie, Jez Butterworth, and John-Henry Butterworth, Edge of Tomorrow is one of the most interesting sci-fi action films of the last decade. Directed by Doug Liman, the film is based on two excellent protagonists and highly spectacular visual effects. The narrative experiment is interesting: the tagline of the Live movie. Die. Repeat(Live, Die, Repeat) makes the idea perfectly. The protagonist lives a time loop from which he seems never to get out, even if this guarantees him to try again to “not die.” It is certainly one of the most used narrative devices in science fiction cinema: sometimes the loop can occur on a single occasion; in others repeatedly, as in Edge of Tomorrow. This movie was the best time travel movies ever.

  1. INTERSTELLAR (2014)

Shortly, humanity inevitably faces extinction on Earth. The planet has now exhausted its ability to offer the resources necessary for agriculture to guarantee future generations’ food supplies. When, for a series of events, NASA manages to get back in touch with him, Cooper decides that it is time to put on a helmet and suit again and face, together with a team of scientists, an interstellar journey in search of new habitable worlds.

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Directed by Christopher Nolan and written by the British director and his brother Jonathan, Interstellar is one of the most ambitious and significant works on the contemporary scene. Moreover, the film uses general theories of relativity and focuses attention on one aspect: the passage of time. On Earth, we have the perception of how it envelops and accompanies us. We can also measure it: but what happens inside a black hole, beyond it, perhaps in another galaxy? Interstellar considers how relativity determines a different flow of time, slower elsewhere (but who knows where) than how much progresses in our solar system: a fundamental aspect that will condition the fates of the protagonists of the story, in a cast that includes Matthew McConaughey, Anne Hathaway, Jessica Chastain, Michael Caine, Casey Affleck, John Lithgow, Ellen Burstyn, and the young Mackenzie Foy and Timothée Chalamet.

  1. ARMY OF THE 12 MONKEYS (1996)

After a pandemic caused by a virus, the earth’s population lives underground, now decimated. To try to find an antidote based on his post-doc experience with the disease, inmate James Cole ( Bruce Willis ) is sent back in time. But due to a mistake, Cole ends up in the wrong year and is locked up in a mental hospital. He meets the charming psychiatrist Kathryn Rally ( Madeleine Stowe ) and a crazy animal rights activist, Jeffrey Goines ( Brad Pitt ). When it finally arrives in 1996 (the year in which the epidemic began), it will finally be time for Cole to take action. It was the best time travel movie in 1996.

Directed by Terry Gilliam, written by David Webb Peoples and Janet Peoples, The Army of the 12 Monkeys is openly inspired by the short film La jetee (1962) and repeatedly quotes The Woman Who Lived Twice by Hitchcock (1958). Gilliam’s direction takes up the style of celebrated Brazil (1985). Through the dark, dirty settings, abstract from time but very contemporary (1996 of the film is not so different from the suburbs of many metropolises), tells a mockingly futuristic story—best time travel movies, in this case.


On the evening of December 31, 1899, the brilliant George ( Rod Taylor ) finds himself in his London home with four friends. After dinner, he introduces them to his new invention, which he calls “the time machine,” which will allow him to move back and forth between the ages. So when he starts the machine, George will arrive in 1917, but it will only be the beginning of an extraordinary journey, which will lead him to the year 802701 …

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George Pal was an artist in the broadest sense of the term: he was a pioneer of animation cinema of the thirties, forties, and fifties and became famous for the use of the stop-motion technique (which will later be taken up by other authors more recently, think of Tim Burton), receiving several Oscar nominations for this.


London, 1883. The scientist and intellectual Herbert George Wells are presenting his latest invention to a group of friends: the machine capable of traveling in time to move freely from one era to another. And this is one of Wells’s guests. Taking advantage of the confusion that inevitably generates, the man starts the machine and projects himself forward in time, to the San Francisco of 1979. Feeling deeply responsible for what happened, Wells himself decides to chase him, taking the precious key with him, allowing the machine to bring both backs to the past once the mission is over. But the “future.”

Directed by Nicholas Meyer and written by the director on a subject by Karl Alexander and Steve Hayes, The Man Who Came from the Impossible takes its cue from the 1895 novel by HG Wells, and then moves in an innovative direction that maintains the spirit of the book. A reflection on the present and the future that awaits humanity. It was a good time travel movie.

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