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In this article, we report the cost to paint a house with all the items. And rates for painting and painting a room or a house. House painter rates are calculated based on the square meters of a room or house painted or painted. The reference height of prices for standard whitewashing and painting works is up to 3-4 m in height to paint a room in the house. For higher heights, there may be surcharges due to the use of special scaffolding or scaffolding to paint a wall. If you are unable to use a wall to be painted, list basic prices square meters. We are using the hourly rate painter rates, or more often for house painting cost per day. Let’s look at all these price combinations for a whitewash or paint job.

Cost to Paint a house per sq

On average, the whitewashing cost per square meter is from € 3.5 to € 10 per square meter. The variability of this cost depends on the work to be done, on the type of PaintPaint used. Whether it is a painting of walls or an external painting with scaffolding and scaffolding. The simplest painting of interior walls with a single-color washable paint laid with simple scraping costs € 4 per square meter. If we have to refurbish the wall, we can easily reach a whitewashing price of € 10 per square meter.

To make an accurate account of the cost of home whitening, it is advisable always to have an inspection done to calculate the square meters. Ask now for a free quote to whitewash the house to the best painters in your area who, after a thorough inspection, will send their best offers to compare and evaluate without obligation.

Painter cost per room: Cost To Paint A House

To understand how much it costs a painter to paint a room or paint a house per square meter, we have to calculate the surface to be painted. The first thing to know is the dimensions in square meters of the room, walls, and ceiling to be painted. So note these dimensions multiply the square meters by the whitening price per square meter from € 3.5 to € 10 per square meter depending on the complexity.

From this example, we can assume that the cost per room is between € 200 and € 300 for a medium-sized room and from € 150 to € 250 for small rooms. So these prices always assume to use only breathable interior PaintPaint with a light color on the new wall or major scraping of the previous PaintPaint.

What affects the cost of painting a house?

Before comparing the costs of the experts in your area, it is important to have a general idea of ​​the rates required by painters. So the first concerns the square meters to be painted. Depending on the room’s size, the painter who will carry out your project will present you with different rates. If you need to paint your entire house, for example, you can get discounts on both labor and materials. This is convenient not only to save on the cost to paint a house but also to have the job completed reasonably.

Which is the second factor that affects costs. Often to speed up the work, especially if there are more rooms to paint. The painter you hired will get help from other colleagues to offer you a quality result in a short time. Always inquire about the expected timing to organize yourself in the best way without suffering inconvenience. Finally, the expert’s whitening technique, depending on his difficulty and the attention he needs, will influence his rates. Venetian glazing or stucco, for example, are more expensive paints than sponging or simple whitewashing.

Below, in short, the variables that influence the cost of the services offered by painters:

  • square meters to be painted;
  • the time needed to complete the work;
  • technique used.

How to calculate the cost of a house painter per square meter?

To get an idea of the price of your home’s painting, it is important to know exactly the square footage of the rooms to indicate it to the painters when requesting estimates. Calculating it is very simple: measure the length of all the walls, add them and multiply them by the room’s height. From this number, you will need to subtract the area occupied by windows or doors. Once you have calculated the exact square footage of the surfaces to be painted. You can easily determine the amount of PaintPaint needed to complete the project. Usually, with a liter of PaintPaint, it is possible to cover about 8 – 10 square meters. However, the exact quantity also depends on the yield and type of PaintPaint chosen.

Cost to PaintPaint a house per day and hour

The cost per day is different. The cost per day is a multiple of the hourly cost for a house painter. Which is around € 20 – € 30 per hour. If the work takes a lot, I fear, the cost per day the price drops.

House painter rates: 2021 prices

Let’s see the typical price list with the 2021 house painter rates for the various phases of the work and interior/exterior and decorative painting.

Prices per square meter for the preparation of the internal walls and external facade :

  • Wall scraping: from € 3 to € 4 per square meter
  • Flame removal of old PaintPaint: from € 12 to € 14 per square meter
  • Grouting and smoothing: from € 6 to € 8 per square meter
  • Surface preparation with acrylic fixative: from € 1 to € 2 per square meter
  • Cleaning of facades with acid or basic products: from € 10 to € 13 per square meter
  • Hydro sandblasting in stone or concrete: from € 10 to € 15 per square meter
  • Hydro pressure washing: from € 7 to € 12 per square meter
  • Laying mesh for plaster with adhesive mortar: from € 5 to € 7 per square meter

Prices per liter for paints for painting white interiors without decorative effects (generally with a liter, you can cover from 4 square meters to 6 square meters of wall considering two coats of PaintPaint):

  • Semi-washable PaintPaint: from € 1 to € 2 per liter
  • Washable water-based PaintPaint: from € 3 to € 5 per liter
  • Breathable water-based PaintPaint: from € 2 to € 3 per liter
  • Anti-mold water-based PaintPaint: from € 5 to € 8 per liter
  • Mural enamel: from € 10 to € 12 per liter

Price list for external and internal painting

We complete a price list with a house painter’s cost for the exterior painting of a house facade. The prices for these works depend a lot on the price per square meter of the paints for exterior and facade painting :

  • Quartz: from € 7 per sqm
  • Siloxane: from € 11 per sqm
  • Lime: from € 10 per sqm
  • Silicates: from € 15 per sqm
  • Self-cleaning pliolites: from € 16 per sqm
  • External painting with quartz, siloxane, silicate or lime paints: from € 7 to € 12 per sqm

Interior decorative paint price list

Similarly, if for a price list a painter to paint and a room with decorative paints depends on the price per square meter of the main decorative painting techniques for interiors:

  • Venetian stucco: from € 15 to € 30 per sqm
  • Buffered: from € 14 to € 18 per sqm
  • Florentine lands: from € 12 to € 15 per sqm
  • Sponged: from € 10 to € 15 per sqm
  • Spatolato: from € 15 to € 20 per square meter
  • Scratching: from € 10 to € 15 per square meter
  • Marmorino: from € 20 to € 30 per sqm
  • Glazing: from € 8 to € 15 per square meter

To save money, compare different quotes for painters.

The prices of a house painter can vary from city to city but not by much. For example, the painting and whitewashing prices of an apartment per square meter between Rome, Milan, Turin vary between € 3 and € 5 per square meter considering an empty apartment and two coats of washable water-based PaintPaint. You can find offers for painting a 100 sqm apartment in Milan for € 900 or painting the walls of a room for 50 sqm in Rome for € 250. All these prices depend on the paints, techniques, and initial state.

The prices seen are average costs per square meter. To make a correct estimate, it is necessary to check the initial state of the house walls and the difficulty of the work. Compare different quotes before choosing who to entrust the job of painting and whitewashing the house.

The main techniques for whitewashing the house and related costs

As mentioned above, when defining the budget for the house walls’ repainting, one must also consider ” how to paint the walls of the apartment. ” That is to say, which painting technique to use since they have a different economic weight.

Let’s see which are the main ones, tracing their characteristics, and what are their prices:

  • PADDING: it consists of DIPPING a reindeer or deerskin cloth in the PaintPaint and in “dabbing” the wall, managing to obtain a uniform but also amazing result, with a texture that will always be different and therefore personalized; the cost to paint a house is between € 15 and € 17 per square meter.
  • SPONGING: this technique consists of treating the walls with a sponge previously dipped in the PaintPaint and squeezed, and allows to obtain detailed textures, uniform and dripping-free results, and very visible chromatic effects (it is perfect with colored paints, much less with those white).
  • VENETIAN STUCCO: with a formal appearance, it goes well with period settings, but requiring a particular process, which consists in modeling a layer of stucco obtained with five successive coats, and therefore quite thick, using a spatula that allows obtaining particular decorative motifs requires at least € 25 per square meter.
  • SCRATCHING: suitable for modern and “alternative” homes, it involves using a trowel (a kind of brush with sharp points) which, passed over the freshly applied PaintPaint, creates indelible grooves; it requires an average of € 10 per square meter.
  • ROLLER: this is the fastest method and therefore more suitable for large surfaces. Which, however, requires some precautions. Such as proceeding from top to bottom, with a parallel trend, and painting first the ceiling and then the walls.

Types of paints in circulation with relative prices, pros, and cons

With the application technique, the type of PaintPaint to be used must also be chosen by evaluating the surfaces on which they will be applied, which affect the yield.

Among the various types:

  • WATER-BASED PAINT: this is the most common interior PaintPaint. Which includes washability (stains can be removed without the paint melting), the absence of odors, and toxic elements. But also resistance over time and easy applicability; depending on the case, it can be breathable, sanitizing, and heat-insulating (these additional features, however, increase the costs)
  • TEMPERA COLORS AND ACRYLIC COLORS: the advantages include the brilliance of the colors and the availability of both opaque (especially suitable for sponged or buffered) and satin shades (noticeable if applied with scratched), among the defects instead the very penetrating smell, rather long drying times, and the cost incurred
  • ENAMEL: with a high covering and protective capacity and an effective aesthetic effect. It is a product used especially in the bathroom and in the kitchen, or to renew tiles and even parquet; in matt, gloss, or satin finish, today it is also available in an ecological version
  • PAINTS FOR EXTERIORS: lime-based, they are characterized by high resistance to atmospheric agents and include among the advantages a fairly low cost and a considerable time duration. But the defect of a consistent porosity, for which they tend to stain easily (unless you choose a self-cleaning paint, which is waterproof, does not allow dirt to take root, and costs more).

Can you save on your cost to paint a house?

Saving on the final cost to paint a house of the project is possible if you proceed carefully. The first useful tip is to compare the estimates of several experts. To get a precise idea of ​​the cost of your project. By carefully reading their offers, you will ascertain their accuracy in listing costs, and you will easily understand. Who will be the most honest and reliable person? In addition to choosing the painter with the most affordable rates.

You will have to select the wall paint more fitting. There are very cheap types on the market but, when choosing them, pay attention to their quality. So it is better to spend a few euros more to get a longer-lasting result and not have to redo the job after a short time. Then select a paint that is suitable for the room wall and resistant. Finally, remember that costs can vary depending on the city you live in. A Milan painter, for example, will have slightly higher rates than one who works in smaller cities.

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