Small Budget Big Makeover

Humans are not accustomed to staying satisfied with something for a very long time. They always want to change their lives. People believe that change brings some colors in the way of life. Looking at the same scenario, every single day is indeed dull. So, people are accustomed to changing. In this article, we will give you a complete idea about the small budget big makeover.

Perhaps this has been the core reason for our existence. We have been evolving ourselves for centuries. That is why were are the most adaptive creatures that are living on this planet. We can learn how to make a living in every possible condition. This is a huge plus point for us.

Home is the place where we live. We feel safe in our homes. Staying safe and well protected from the external harms were the prime concern in the very beginning. That is the reason why our ancestors, who were the first men, decided to stay together and stay under some shelter. They started living in caves. But time went by. We grew stronger and stronger. We began to think. Then we came up with the concept of home and community. This is where we started to evolve as a social being.

But the primary aspect of having a home is to protect ourselves from the dangers of nature. But now, the concept has been elaborated. Nowadays, the family is not just an important matter or object to humans. It has become the identity of a person. Your home is the exact reflection of who you are and what matters you the most.

There is another obsession with humans. And that is the obsession of staying on the top, making the best out of our position. This has set apart from the other animals.

Obsession and Desire

Obsession is a strong word. It stands for something that you are madly fond of. Or something which you want in your life at any cost. And Desire is the likings of your feelings. Your dreams are your desires, as I have spoken before. The willingness of people has been to be on the top. To express who we are has been the plus point of human nature.

In other words, ‘showing off’ is the thing which we practice, knowingly or unknowingly. And when you are showing off, the first thing which you will brag about is your identity. As I have said before, that home is not a substance of shelter anymore. It has become the identity of a person.

Modern Day Houses

Coming straight back to the modern era, the concepts of housing has changed. Now, people are staying mostly in urban areas. Families also have been more into micro families. But things were not like this before. There was a time when people used to live in prominent combined families. Their generations of the families used to live together under one shed. This was very popular, even in urban areas.

That time, houses were more spacious and used to have many rooms. The dining, kitchen, and hall rooms were shared, and every day was like a fest in the family. Women operated the kitchens. They were hard workers indeed. The men used to be the earning body of the house.

These homes were the root of all relationships. Everybody was residing in harmony. But industrialization and the Desire to earn more and more money drove people to get separated. Sometimes, the difference in approach and mutual understanding also played a significant part. Thus people started to break off the chains and come to the urban areas for better opportunities.

These made than buy houses that are affordable and convenient. This is how modern-day houses were generated.

Segments of an Ideal House

In the modern era, housing has been more precise rather than being spacious. These houses are built according to the needs of the owner. So, the amount of space is not that great. But in smaller areas, you can do something worth appreciating. This can be done well within your range. We will be describing that in the upcoming segments.

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But first, we will have to clear out some of the basic ideas of modern homes. There are some of the essential components of a modern house. These are:

  1. Bedroom
  2. Kitchen
  3. Hall

These are the core basics of a house. There are other components like dining spaces, living rooms, restrooms, and washrooms. All of these are subsections of the given core components.

The makeover of the Components

Now, coming on to the main question. What is a makeover? A makeover is rearranging a typical place with new products and arrangements. Suppose you have a room. A bed is lying on the far end of the room. A reading table is just opposite the wall cabinet. The lights are monochrome. And are hanging on the south wall.

This is the standard room of yours. But when you repaint the walls, add new light arrangements, shift the bed near the air conditioner, place the table under the spotlight for better lighting while working, and refurbish the cabinets and make them look fancy. This new setup will instantly cheer up the ambiance of the room. This is a small budget big makeover.

But not all times, people can afford to conduct a makeover. But there are times when you need it. Then what will you do? This is where you need to think of the budget. So, the concept is a Small Budget Big Makeover. Today we will be going through each space of the house and try to make a ‘small budget big makeover’ proposition.

You might be thinking, how is this possible? How can we do this? It is simple. All you need to do is to think smartly and efficiently. It would be best if you took your creativity to a whole new level. So, this is the place where you will have a blank canvas.

Let us first take care of the living area, as many of us have been asking for living room ideas.

Small Budget Big Makeover: Living Room

The Living room is the star of the house. As you know, the living room is where people gather and have some entertainment. In modern homes, the source of joy is usually television. In architectural aspects and interior designing, creating a positive vibe is very crucial for the room setup. So, it is essential to arrange the room positively. Speaking of positive manner, light plays a vital role. The lighting of the room can create a good ambiance. Usually, in living rooms, lighting requires focal spots.

That means the lights should be artifact centric. If you still do not understand it, then in simple words, the lights should focus on different objects that are eye-catching. These objects can be a painting, a beautiful antic artifact, a flower pot, or even your family pictures. These are often found in households. If you want to have something prehistoric, then look for garage sales, flea markets, or pawn shops. If you are lucky, then you will be able to find a particular object in a pretty good deal. This will cost you less money, and the job should be done.

Other Factor

The other factor is the wall paints. Like it or not, paints can make a huge difference. But hiring a painter for the job might be expensive. But no worries, my friend. You can do it yourself. You need to do adequate research first on the internet. Then buy the right colors that will match your furniture and paint.

Speaking of furniture, it is tough to buy new furniture as they are costly. But I am pretty sure you already have furniture. If they are good to go, then all they need is just simple modifications. Matching covers or a little bit of DYI refurbishing will do the trick for you.

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Small Budget Big Makeover: Dining Area

The Dining area is often considered as the ‘family’ living area. The family practices are often done over mealtime and long chats. So, this is also a place that always needs to be in a light mood. You are not eating food in a grumpy old dining table. If you are doing that, then probably you are complaining about the food or yelling at your wife.

Sometimes the ambiance of the place plays an impact on your mood. This is very natural. So, a small budget big makeover is needed in the dining area as well.

So, what do we usually have in the dining area? A dining table, of course. A cabinet for the cutleries, a handwashing basin in some cases, and a picture, I guess? Whatever the thing is, all of these need a makeover.

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What to do?

But that will cost you a hell lot of money, true. But this is the budget edition, my friend. So, you need to improvise. It is starting at the dining table. The grumpy dining table requires a little bit of varnishing. You can easily do that by yourself. Sand the dining table and the chairs as well. Buy a cheap varnishing agent from the local market and apply a double coat. This will give the table a raw look. You can also color the table as well. But that will cost you a little bit of money. You might also reorganize the cabinets with the cutleries and also install a light on it. It will help you to make a focal point on the cabinet.

Now, low lights can be a good mood-setter for space. If the seating arrangement is not sufficient, you can easily swap other seating furniture from other rooms. Simply refurbish them according to your demand or the demand of the ambiance, and you are good to go.

You can also have a good picture that will increase your appetite while eating. Good lights, great walls, a happy meal is certainly what you need to boost your body and mind. This is very helpful.

Small Budget Big Makeover: Bedrooms

After a full day of hustle and hard work, you deserve a sound sleep. But the ambiance of your room does not allow you to go for a good night’s sleep. Then you will have to do something about it. But adding anything or making some DYI can do the job for you. You are starting with the bed. First of all, you will have to have a good and comfortable bed. It is the 101 of sleeping. You can also use colorful bedsheets and cushion covers to make the room more colorful.

Now, I assume you have a cabinet in your room to store all the essentials. The first thing you need to do before just making some adjustments that you need to be well organized.  This will help you to focus on your work and have a sound sleep. Curtains can play a huge role in creating a sound environment. You can find good quality curtains at low prices in the market.

In my opinion, lighting is perhaps the most important aspect of good sleep. Your bedroom should not have sharp lights. This will disrupt your sleep, and you will have a bad start in the next morning. The lighting should be passive and dimmed. This will allow you to have a good sleep.

These makeovers will not cost you plenty. But it will certainly guarantee you a good quality of sleep.

Wrapping Things Up!

As you can see, these makeovers don’t cost a good fortune. But the thing is these will make a positive change in your environment. These will enhance the thinking and productivity of your everyday life. This is certainly a good chance. So, that was all for today, folks! I hope you guys liked my blabbering. These are my thoughts. Do let me know yours in the comment section below. Till then, see you around. And stay safe and stay at home!

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