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The water heater is an indispensable appliance to satisfy the domestic and professional needs of hot water. In particular, the electric water heater is an effective, safe device characterized by both easy installation and reduced maintenance. Suppose it works by collecting water in a tank to heat it for a certain period. And then keep it hot for the whole day and night, or instantaneous. If it works by heating the water. Instantly without accumulating it. How does the electric water heater work? Here is some in-depth information. In this article, we will give you a complete guide about water heater installation cost.

Electric water heater works.

The electric storage water heater collects, heats, stores, and supplies hot water using some elements. In particular, this bulky house hold appliance. Whose flow rate can vary from 10 to 120 liters, works thanks to the following constituents: – an insulating steel shell on which a temperature indicator can be present; – an insulated and enameled tank to collect and store heated water at a stable temperature; – a hose to connect the boiler to the water tap; – an electrical resistance of high conductivity metal to diffuse direct heat to the cold water thus managing to heat it.

At the manually preset temperature and the tank capacity, a certain amount of time must wait. A hose through which the hot water can reach the plumbing system; – a thermoregulator to adjust the resistance. Which is maintained by the resistance, and which restarts it when the heat of the water itself drops beyond the minimum pre-established limit; – a flange, a mechanical piece for joining the pipes; – a safety valve applied to the cold water inlet to expel excess water if the pressure increases dangerously; – an anti-overheating system. As far as the connections of the electric storage water heater are concerned.

Where to install an electric water heater?

We can find different locations for the electric water heater. It can be installed in the kitchen, in any place where both water and electricity users converge.

Gas water heater installation: external or internal?

Certainly internal, this time not so much for the artistry, but for the excessive heat loss. In any case (with rare exceptions), the water heater’s installation takes place inside a building and never outside. As the winter could freeze or otherwise obstruct the accumulation of heat excessively.

Generally, an electric water heater’s safety conditions are lower than that of a gas water heater. It needs a certification of conformity of installation or connection, even if it is not a thermal heating system. The latest laws speak of certified connection for clean water.

The electric water heater assembly

If from scratch, the appliance assembly must start from the fixing of the support pin hooks to which the boiler will be hung, according to its height.

Suppose it is a replacement of a luminaire of the same model. Check the stability of the existing fixings and reuse them.

Step-by-step assembly

  • Immediately after the positioning phase, the right distance is obtained.
  • A safety kit or safety valve is installed to ensure the ” non-return ” of the water. To cope with the aqueduct’s pressure changes and favor eventual emptying (automatic or not).
  • It is carried out with a ” plug-socket ” connection, such as induction hobs, directly from the socket’s appliance. And exclusively after filling the water heater. Otherwise, the resistance will burn out!
  • A filter can be added under the water heater once the water’s total hardness has been ascertained, with a calibrated dosage of anti-limescale polyphosphates.

Maintenance of the electric water heater

For optimal maintenance of the electric water heater and checking for leaks, it is necessary to take care that the wall on which it will be hung is sufficiently strong to support the weight of the water and that of the water heater itself.

It will be necessary to check that the current position, its voltage, and its grounding are connected in a safe. And compliant manner, given the proximity between an electrical component and water. The maintenance of the electric boiler is not always possible and cheap. This is due to the hardness of the water, which often halves its duration. Find out why.

When to install an electric water heater?

Until the diffusion of boilers, which is relatively recent – especially in milder areas of the country. Where centralized heating could be excessive. The electric water heater was the instrument of choice for the production of hot and sanitary water.

In particular, it is good to opt for the electric water heater in at least three cases.

  • The connection to the gas network is missing. If you do not have access to natural gas, of course, it is not possible to install the boiler. Therefore, the electric water heater represents an obligatory choice.
  • The budget is limited. The electric water heater is cheap, at least compared to the boiler. However, consumption is higher, so the water heater installation cost-benefit ratio must be carefully analyzed.
  • There are no particular heating needs. If your needs are limited to hot water, therefore there is no particular need to heat the environment, if not sporadically. Then it is good to save money and limit yourself to the purchase of the electric water heater.

Water Heater Installation Cost?

The prices are high when considered in absolute terms. Much less if considered about alternatives (e.g., The boiler). In any case, if we consider the two items together, namely the purchase of the electric water heater and its installation, it is rare to spend more than € 400.00.

  • The water heater storage (50 liters): from 79.00 € to 268.00 €.
  • Electric boiler to the storage tank (100 liters): from 130.00 € to 349.00 €.
  • Instantaneous water heater: from 141.00 € to 399.00 €.

Water Heater Installation Cost: who to contact?

As for the purchase of the electric water heater, it is possible to proceed in complete autonomy. The offer is very wide, so it is good to seek advice from an expert, perhaps a particularly qualified salesman. Alternatively, especially if you buy the product on the internet, you can refer to user feedback.

Different speech for the installation. Not so much because it is difficult to connect and install a water heater. But because it requires a certain skill and a certain force to lift it, place it in place. Even when empty, the water heater is very heavy.

Which electric water heater to install?

It’s easy to say ” electric water heater. ” The first discriminant concerns the hot water production mechanism. Between the electric storage water heater and instantaneous electric water heater. In the first case, the water is stored and, when the device is turned on, an electrical resistance begins to heat up; finally, this transmits heat to the water.

The first type is less expensive but bulkier and more energy-consuming. The second clutter little. The water heater installation costs more but has limited energy consumption. Furthermore, with the instant water heater, it is practically impossible to run out of hot water. Another distinction concerns the size. It only concerns the accumulation type. There are large and smaller storage water heaters. It is good to opt for water heaters with a max of 50 liters.

Electric water heater installation: the legislation

The legislation concerning the electric water heater is very scarce. This is mainly due to the source of supply. Which is precisely electricity and not a potentially more dangerous material, such as gas. Also, the electric water heater does not generate waste products. Therefore, it is excluded from the set of safety regulations outlined in the notorious Presidential Decree no. 412 of 1993.

Some municipalities, in fact, in a completely autonomous way. Therefore without referring to national regulatory systems – require compliance with certain safety precautions. Such as windows and doors. What is the difference between an open chamber and a sealed chamber? As can be deduced from the above price table, there is a substantial difference, also in terms of cost, between:

Open chamber gas water heater

  • Although the two appliances are aesthetically very similar. They differ in their operation for how they take the air necessary for combustion. As well as for the principle underlying the draft.
  • The sealed chamber gas water heater draws the air from the outside with a forced draft. To identify a suitable space for the water heater.

The forced draft of the sealed chamber water heater provides for the presence of a double pipe. Which also serves to expel the combustion fumes. The natural draft, on the other hand, provides for a simpler ventilation system. Which conveys the exhaust fumes to the outside through a vertical smoke duct. Furthermore, in the event of a new installation of the gas water heater. It is possible to install an open chamber water heater inside a home to replace one of the same types. The above considerations explain why the cost of installing a sealed chamber water heater is, on average, higher than that of an open chamber one. However, the latter requires greater attention to the safety and ventilation of the system.

Advice on the maintenance and cleaning of the gas water heater

  • The gas water heater is a device that requires periodic and constant maintenance due to its daily use. Especially to preserve its efficiency and functionality.
  • The main problem to be eliminated through the maintenance and cleaning of the appliance is the formation of limescale which slows down both the flow and the heating of the water, generating a higher energy consumption.
  • A further complication to be avoided is the escape of fuel gas. Generally due to a blockage of the exhaust pipe.

Cleaning the components with anti-limescale detergents is a job. In the event of a malfunction of the water heater, even after a do-it-yourself cleaning operation. It is better to contact an expert technician.

The cleaning and maintenance of the gas water heater can now be carried out easily at home. I was relying on a professional who can complete them with an intervention of a few hours. By contacting a technician, you will avoid having to disassemble and reassemble every component of the appliance. And will also allow you to have a preventive check carried out to prevent any future failures. And optimally regulate the temperature of the gas water heater.

Water Heater Installation Cost: how to save?

Suppose you compare the installation of the electric water heater to that of the boiler. The prices are not high at all. It, therefore, gives life to dynamics that benefit the customer who wants to save as much as possible.

How to do it? It is sufficient to act on a quote: contact more subjects, always ask for a quote, compare the water heater installation cost hypotheses. Finally, choose the solution that gives you the best guarantees in terms of value for money. If you follow this method to the letter, and with determination. You will be able to save as much as 20 or 50%.

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