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Far Cry New Dawn Review – Like a bolt from the blue, Ubisoft in December announced Far Cry New Dawn, a new chapter in the prolific Action FPS series that would hit the market just over two months later. Why announce it and launch it after such a short time? Why launch it at a price far below that usually expected for classic triple-A titles? Simple: it is a spin-off of the series  (along the lines of Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon) which not only proposes itself as a sort of sequel to Far Cry 5 but which in fact, shares most of it with Far Cry 5. of game elements, from graphics to gameplay mechanics. And is it as bad as what? Let’s talk about it!

Far Cry New Dawn Video Review

Far Cry New Dawn Review | NDTV Gadgets 360

Our video review of Far Cry New Dawn is made with gameplay clips taken from our gaming sessions on PS4 Pro and summarizes the concepts expressed in the following paragraphs. Good vision!

If you have seen all the endings of Far Cry 5 or even just the most ” obvious ” one, you will know that things did not go very well, not only for the county of Montana but for the whole world. The fact is that there was a nuclear conflict  (not exactly related to the events of Far Cry 5), which obviously also affected the United States. We find ourselves precisely 17 years later in the same county in the role of a new character, the commander of a group of people who tour the various states with the aim of helping the survivors to rebuild the country.

The problem is that in Hope County, the Road Warriors are rampant, a group of Mad Max outlaws led by The Twins. The new villains in history. The goal, needless to say, is to take out the gang, take out The Twins and the other obstacles we run into, and help the Hope County survivors as much as possible in rebuilding. Trivial? Yes. Discounted? Yes. The cast does not shine particularly. It much less the plot that has no big surprises if not more connections than we expected with Far Cry 5. Derivative? Absolutely yes, especially if you have played the chapter just mentioned.

Hope County, 17 years later

What’s wrong with that? Nobody. Let’s try to explain. Did you like Far Cry 5? Did you have fun during the raids in Hope County while playing the story but also wasting time with side missions, looting, and the various secondary activities scattered around the game map? If the answer is yes, and among other things, you are tired of playing Far Cry 5. Far Cry New Dawn is a great excuse to tackle a new story, a revisited map (unfortunately reduced in size), new enemies of mint, and everything you might expect from a spin-off that shares the game skeleton with its predecessor.

In short, there is nothing wrong with that. It is clearly a title aimed at fans of the previous chapter, which is launched on the market at a much lower price precisely for the reasons already mentioned so far.

Is there also any news? Yes. The Far Cry series, as well as another famous Ubisoft series that doesn’t matter to mention, is slowly undergoing an increasingly role-playing twist. It is not only for the creation of the character and for the various abilities already present in Far Cry 5. Already from the first firefight, you see the numbers relating to damage, and the relative life bars appear on the screen. Almost as if we had awakened in a sort of Borderlands without cel-shading. The weapons themselves have stats that affect the very numbers we just mentioned.

Far cry new dawn walkthrough.

Consequently, enemies will also react differently to hits. Therefore, less and less FPS, since in fact, the game will take into account your level and the type of weapon at your disposal. You will soon learn to interpret the degree of rarity of the objects and, above all, of the enemies you are in front of. More and more powerful enemies will therefore be impossible to beat without first having accumulated “experience” in the game world. As far as artificial intelligence is concerned, we also find here various elements in common with Far Cry 5. Even here, the opponents organize themselves, with enemy thugs who charge us in close combat, gunners who make life difficult for us safe from their positions, snipers, and so on. Pay attention also to the fauna, also characterized in this case by aggressive species

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Let’s go back to Hope County. The game world, albeit reduced in size and even a little less alive (you know how it is, after a nuclear conflict …), has its way. The influence of the Road Warriors is noticeable almost everywhere, and flora and fauna have also changed radically. Let’s go back to Mad Max (or even RAGE 2, seen the same sarcastic video released by Bethesda some time ago) because of the style that characterizes enemies, weapons, and vehicles. Ultimately the super-colorful post-atomic look works and has fun. On PS4 Pro, the gaming experience runs smoothly and smoothly. In support, there are always a good soundtrack and an Italian dubbing that suffers not so much for the quality of the acting. But more for the continuous repetition of lines by some characters.

Post-apocalyptic is the hit of the season.

Hope County, before the nuclear war, was a very picturesque, in a sense, even poetic place. This is understandable: the state of Montana is a classic American backwater with its water towers, granaries, and, of course, slightly uncouth locals. And, in general, after the disaster, nothing much has changed, except that the population of rednecks has slightly decreased.

Far Cry New Dawn Review can be nominally post-apocalyptic, but … Not really. Rather, to “post-apocalypse.” Little by little, new settlements are being rebuilt, shabby, but surviving houses are being renovated. It is useless to negotiate with them: the bastards only understand the language of force. And they run a gang of degenerates Mickey and Lou – twins-psychopaths, whose mania at times, and Vaas would have envied.

And here I’ll make a reservation right away: the sisters still cannot beat Mr. Montenegro.  During the entire story campaign, you meet them five times. All the rest is empty chatter on the radio after another successful sabotage. The main instigator of the lawlessness in it is not the player, but its inhabitants. Here and there, shooting is heard: the survivors of Prosperity again stumbled upon the bandits in the forest. In addition, forest animals did not die out after the war, but, according to tradition, mutated. Mutants look (and act) much like normal beasts, except for their almost impenetrable hide.  The same bear, for example, has this belly. So you have to wait until he substitutes “scratching the belly” in between attempts to devour you.

It seems that in their place should have been zones of increased radiation. Therefore, all this does not perform any gameplay functions and weakly complements the game world.

We will turn the arcade into a role play!

One of the main innovations both in the game and in the series is RPG elements in the manner of those in Assassin’s Creed Origins. For Ubisoft, this is a common practice: successful finds wander from one project to another. And this practice is certainly beneficial. For example, the companion system from the previous part came straight from Ghost Recon: Wildlands, and some shooter mechanics, such as canceling the reload animation, from Rainbow Six: Siege. But the numbers, health bars, and other role-playing nonsense for me personally in New Dawn was difficult to accept. Very. If, at first, the presence of the health scale above the enemy aroused my curiosity, then somewhere in the middle of the passage, I hated it.

But if you get used to the changes and discarding prejudices, play by the rules of the new world. It becomes clear that all this tinsel is very good for the game! Far Cry New Dawn is an order of magnitude deeper than its predecessors, although the role-playing component here is modest. Everything is according to the precepts of the old Borderlands. By and large, the authors limited themselves to the color-coding of weapons and enemies, including wild animals.

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Far cry new dawn target practice.

If everything is more or less clear with the first three, then the “legendary” opponents are universal soldiers capable of carrying several types of weapons at once: from sniper rifles to rusty, but still very dangerous RPGs. Moreover, they have an order of magnitude more health points than you.

Obviously, better guns are needed to fight them. The only pity is that there are not so many of them. Some even repeat themselves, changing only the level of “coolness,” but the visual design saves the situation: sights and butts assembled from improvised rubbish involuntarily cause a smile. Especially the new cannon, which fires circular saw blades that also ricochet. Alas, this is the only truly “crazy” weapon in the arsenal of New Dawn … but what!

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Battlefield Montana

As far as the story goes, the plot in New Dawn is … unexpectedly decent. Mainly thanks to the secondary characters: they are amazingly alive. You even empathize with them – if only because many people are familiar with Far Cry 5. The authors fit the entire narrative into a completely dynamic and driving campaign of twenty-two missions long.

But Ubisoft wouldn’t be themselves if they hadn’t managed to screw up decent dynamics in the middle of the game. The thing is, Far Cry New Dawn has base management – more intelligible and useful than Primal or the Yeti Valley add-on for the four, but still not very useful. However, the game insists on the opposite and forces you pump the base, producing ethanol, which can only be taken out from captured outposts. If you do not improve the base, you will not advance in the plot. Sit down, grindy. The pleasure is indescribable.

Companions in Far Cry New Dawn are still beautiful in their frenzy. You remember many of them well from Far Cry 5 and someone (Hurk, for example), you know, it seems, for ages. Pastor Jerome has aged noticeably but is still able to explain to a couple of insolent raiders about the afterlife. Carmina Rai, the daughter of Nick Raya, a rebel pilot from the previous part, copes with it just as well.

Far Cry New Dawn Review 2020

All companions are good in their own way. Someone best of all shows themselves in open combat, someone is great for stealth – the Judge, for example. But perhaps the most useful partner was Granny. She not only does not miss but also often gives out such pearls that some Guy Ritchie would envy. In addition, to recapture the outposts, you cannot find a specialist better than her. You just mark enemies, and … that’s it.

And this fire support will come in handy in the same sorties – the new activity of Far Cry New Dawn Review. It feels like Ubisoft implemented base pumping, just to somehow justify forays into uncharted lands. And on them, of course, you can find useful resources. Raiders may not be the most pious people in the world, but they are not idiots either. All cargoes will necessarily have a GPS sensor that will be triggered as soon as you sneak out with the prey. And before the helicopter evacuates you, you will have to thin out the raider population a little. Holding out until the transport arrives. So essentiallyTom Clancy’s The Division. Yes, not new. Yes, Ubisoft has borrowed its own idea again … but it works and significantly diversifies the familiar Far Cry formula.

Final judgment

Far Cry New Dawn Review – Final Judgment – Far Cry New Dawn is a somewhat peculiar product. It is clearly addressed to those who had a good time in Hope County, and at the same time, it moves further and further away from what are the canons of the series. Almost Ubisoft wanted to experience possible novelties for the future. The fact is that, removed the increasingly marked role-playing component and a reduced game map. New Dawn knows how to entertain with the same game elements of Far Cry 5. Everything is packaged in a well-characterized world, accompanied by longevity more than discreet (thanks also to shipments) and a reduced launch price compared to a classic triple-A title.

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