How Can We See Our Kids’ Computer Screen with TOS

Riya Sen

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Do you know how your kids use their computers? The computer monitoring software of TheOneSpy enables parents to keep a secret eye on computer usage of their children. Remaining anywhere parents can supervise the computer activities of their teens and tweens. It helps them to prevent their children from misconduct and irresponsible use of digital devices. Read on to know how you can make use of the tracker software to capture the screen of your kid’s computer without having physical access.

TOS Computer Monitoring Software

The computer tracker software is designed for parents to keep an eye on the digital activities of their children. The software enables them to closely watch out online and offline activities of teens without letting them know. There is no need to physically access the device to supervise activities performed on it. The spy software provides the required information at your desk. The monitoring of kids’ personal computers prevents them from misusing the digital device for wrongdoings. It also helps parents to safeguard their teens from digital threats such as online harassment and victimization.

How to Capture Screen with Computer Tracker Software

The computer surveillance software offers a wide range of features including screen recording and screenshots. It enables parents to see what their kids do on their computers. The working mom and dads can supervise the digital activities of their children from their workplaces. If they want to see what their kids are doing at the moment, they can capture the screen of their computers with the help of screen recording software.

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How to Record Screen without Accessing Computer

The surveillance software lets you see whatsoever appears on the computer screen of your child. To supervise every digital activity of your kid, you need to get her computer device installed with the spy software. The software works in the background without letting your kid know. The end-user can operate the software via an online control panel of the tracking software. While the computer surveillance program provides several features, it also allows capturing the screen of the targeted digital device. The screen recording lets the end-user know what the concerned person is doing on the tracked computer. We have discussed here the way to record the screen of the targeted computing device.

Install TOS Screen Recorder App

To secretly monitor computer devices of children, you need to get their devices downloaded and installed with the computer spy app. You can download the spyware software from the website of TheOneSpy. Take the computer device of your kid into possession to get it installed with the software. The installation procedure is very simple and quick. You can install the software within a few minutes without facing any hassle. During installation, the user is asked to show or hide the software to let not the target detect it. You can also take help from tutorials available on the website of the developer to assist in the installation of the computer monitoring software.    

Send Command for Screen Recorder

Once you successfully install the surveillance program on your kid’s computer, you do not need to access that computer again to check it out. The software lets you supervise activities performed on it via an online control panel. The end-user can log into the online control panel by running an internet browser on any internet-enabled mobile phone or computer. At the time of software subscription, the purchaser is provided with credentials to log into the web portal of the software. After logging into the web portal, you can find the main menu to send command for screen recording. You can predefine the duration for screen recording.   

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Retrieve Recorded Videos

On receiving your command, the targeted computer device starts screen recording. It captures activities performed on the computer. After capturing the screen, the software uploads the short video to the web portal of the surveillance program. Parents can retrieve the screen recording from the web portal anytime and from anywhere. It lets them know what their kids do on their computers. They can find out if their kids get involved in any objectionable or unproductive activity. The supervision of kids’ computer devices enables them to safeguard their children from the most common online threats such as harassments, scams and several online crimes.