NetBaseQuid: A Guide on How Brands Can Leverage Social Media Audits

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Social media is an excellent place for marketers to connect with consumers. It offers a huge pull of customers for brands that know how to leverage their marketing channels across online platforms. A social media audit is a tool that enables companies to evaluate and analyze their performance on social media. The derived insights can help businesses understand where they stand in the market and allow them to work the right way to achieve their marketing objectives. Here is what you should know about social audits. 

What is Social Media Analytics?

Social media audit is a channel for collecting, measuring, and analyzing data from various social media networks to make wise business decisions. Besides monitoring, social analytics also develops in-depth insights of the social consumer. The social media tools and sites include Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, as well as other forums like news outlets, review sites, and websites. Social analysis is fundamental to help you understand social media trends and determine their return on investment. Most importantly, it can help you learn what your consumers want and expect and how customers perceive your brand messaging online. 

Why You Should Use Social Media Audit

When you post on social media channels, the data created by consumers such as likes, retweets, comments, shares, and sentiments will be generated. Understanding this data will help you better your digital marketing strategies and campaigns. In summary, social analysis process allows you to;

Understand your audience – It can help you know when your audience is online so that you can get in touch. Data analysis lets you understand the kind of language(s) to use as well as learn your customer’s interests. Lastly, customer segmentation can allow you to develop targeted campaigns. 

Develop better content – Data analysis enables you to identify content that resonates with your customers that you can use to improve future campaigns. 

Competitive advantage – It allows you to analyze and benchmark your competitors’ data to determine what is working best. You can then replicate the working strategies and avoid those that are not working.

Brand reputation – Social media audit helps you understand how the public perceives your products or services. This, in turn, enables you to learn what to improve to maintain your reputation.

How to Leverage Social Media Audit

Monitor the Performance of Your Brand Consistently

Social media has become an essential part of business today that almost all marketing decisions are focused on reviews derived from social platforms. Consumers consider these insights organic and make their decisions based on the reviews. That is why it’s vital to monitor the performance of your products or services consistently. You can implement different strategies and measures to improve your marketing campaigns and stay ahead of your competitors.

Targeted Marketing

The most critical aspect of social marketing is perhaps identifying your target market. It would be best if you understand where customers are coming from as well as their interest. Once you fully understand your audience and future trends, you can base your marketing on the demographics.

Determine Which Social Marketing Strategy has Changed or Disrupted

Social media audit can be helpful in the dynamic and ever-changing industries like travel. Analyzing data can help provide useful insights that can help companies improve performance to meet customer expectations.


NetBaseQuid is a leading Social Media Analytics company focused on improving companies’ campaigns, marketing strategies, as well as fuel performance. The company is the next generation market and consumer intelligence platform, providing contextual statistics to identify and connect with consumers, identify business trends, and understand competitors. NetBaseQuid applies advanced artificial intelligence to analyze a wide range of indexed channels across structured and unstructured data resources, and it aims at empowering brands and agencies to make informed, smart, and data-driven decisions.

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