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Why, Capcom? Why did such a treatment happen to Resident Evil 3, after all that massive string of well-deserved successes? It’s a question we’ve been looking for an answer to for a few days now since we completed the remake of the third, beloved chapter of the most famous horror saga of all time. The reason? Well, simple: the job isn’t complete. Here we will give a complete guide about the resident evil 3 Remake review.

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That’s right: Resident Evil 3 Remake runs on the same technology as the previous remake, and it looks the same, uses the same mechanics, and feels the same. And this is normal. It should be so – we are talking about a remake, in the end, including an ideological one. The new Resident Evil 3 is still a game that can hardly be recommended to those who haven’t played RE2.

From Resident Evil 3 Remake, it’s hard to understand what Resident Evil is as a survival horror game. It begins when one of the walls of Jill Valentine’s apartment in Raccoon City is broken by Nemesis – a vast, almost invulnerable mutant. The new bio-weapon of the Umbrella Corporation. He begins to beat the main character. She can only run in response to this. This is precisely what she will do for most of the game – to run: first from the mutant Nemesis, then along the streets of a panic-stricken city. Then along dirty underground tunnels, and then again from Nemesis.

The three parts of Resident Evil that disappointed us the most

The remake of RE3 is a much more straightforward game, much more similar to a regular third-person action game with a rare opportunity to take a break, look around and wander around the location searching for resources. There is still such an opportunity, yes, but if in the first Resident Evil, we explored a vast mansion. In the second – a former museum converted into a police station, then for the new RE, such massive levels are a luxury. A couple of Raccoon City districts with tiny shops and a power plant, a hospital with two accessible floors, and a standard lab for games in the series. The rest are boss battles (he is alone, you know his name) and purely “action” episodes. Sometimes evoking Resident Evil 5 and Resident Evil 6.

Accordingly, backtracking has become much less. As well as riddles – if you play inattentively, you may not even notice them. There are fewer safes, locked lockers with weapon upgrades. The need to save cartridges has practically disappeared because there are always enough of them – with rare, very rare exceptions. The same goes for medicinal herbs and sprays.

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And the dead, who in the previous game posed a severe threat and withstood 5-7 hits from a pistol to the head, now often moo somewhere to the side, watching you run past. In some places, the developers placed them so that Jill stumbled about them and entered the battle, but often they can (and should) be avoided. There is still no sense in killing them. All this is at the standard difficulty level.

The confrontation between Jill and Nemesis is central to the original Resident Evil 3 and remake. In the updated version, one might think that the mutant would become a more severe threat than before. All skirmishes with him are entirely scripted. If Nemesis broke through the wall of the house and blocked Jill’s path, she has only two options – either use the environment specially prepared for this and escape to another part of the level, or throw a grenade at the monster’s feet to stun him and … also run.

The mutant will not follow the heroine to another part of the location – unless this is a staged chase, but in this case. He will stop chasing through the script. Boss fights with Nemesis do not require additional description. You are locked in the arena, given ammo and healing cures, and offered to put as much damage as possible into the monster.

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Resident Evil 3 remake review roundup

Yes, it was something like that in the original, but I repeat an example of Tyrant nearby. Capcom could expand the capabilities of Nemesis but decided to leave the mechanics on which he works the same. It’s not bad, but if you were expecting something more, don’t. Believe me. Behind Jill, loudly banging its armored boots on the asphalt.

With less trepidation, the developers reacted to the plot of the original. Instead, they left the basis of the story and all the key points the same, but in the details and the order of events, they changed something. The “acquaintance” of Nemesis and Jill, described above, is just one example: in the original. It takes place at the police station, not in Valentine’s apartment. However, you will also have to visit the former museum. Which, of course, is full of references to RE2 Remake only …

Spoilers start here already, but the idea is that the Resident Evil 3 remake, like the previous game, knows full well that you may be familiar with the original and plays on expectations cleverly.


Failed stalker

Even the immortal Nemesis is not afraid. At one time, he was remembered by the players much more than the Tyrant from the second part because he chased Jill from room to room, not giving the descent even during the exploration of the city. One got the impression that the pursuer did not lag behind the heroine, wherever she was.

Ironically, the opposite is true in remakes. The tyrant appeared unexpectedly and tirelessly followed on his heels, and the new Nemesis comes out only when the script allows it. There is little chance of meeting him on the streets of the city – except that he will overtake Jill according to the hand during the next chase. These fragments have become much more spectacular than before, but at the same time, they seem more artificial, orchestrated.

However, it is better that way. After all, if you try to run from Nemesis around the city, it becomes clear that his artificial intelligence has remained at the 1999 level. He is ridiculously predictable and very slowly crawls through the few doors that are available to him. And at these moments, you can humiliate him as you like – even cut with a knife.

In general, because of all these scripted chases and scenes, the new Resident Evil 3 strongly resembles the Tomb Raider of 2013. There, the unfortunate heroine was also wounded all the time, fell, and suffered without the player’s participation. For some, this Hollywood drama will be a plus, but for many, it will be the opposite. After all, we so appreciated the remake of the second part precisely for how boldly it went against the trends of modern AAA games.

Beyond recognition

And the Resident Evil 2 remake was excessively scrupulous about the source. The developers have improved all the old locations and cutscenes but retained their recognizability. But a remake of the third part of a change b of the more significant part of the old content to the new one. And if the reworking of the script only did him good, then everything that was thrown out is hard not to regret. Okay, the streets of the city have changed beyond recognition, but what about the clock tower? Factory? A park? They don’t exist.

Because the developers of the remake have reduced it to several large locations, it goes through very quickly – in less than five hours. It is shorter than either of last year’s two scenarios Resident Evil 2. And leaves behind bewilderment: “Is that all?” There is no single content anymore: the “Mercenaries” mode was not brought into the remake.

Review Resident Evil 3 Remake in 4K

Resident Evil 3 Remake review

Resident Evil 3 Remake review


You quoque, Capcom

The reconstruction conducted on Resident Evil 3 has, yes, added things, but has inexplicably taken away others. Not surprisingly, some of the most reflective parts of the original adventure. You can also leave the gray matter at the gates because there is almost no trace of the puzzles.

Despite the indeed not rosy premises, which almost wink at the horrible drift undertaken by the questionable sixth chapter, we have not despised the change of direction a priori. After all, Resident Evil 3 has never been a masterpiece, because he too suffered from tight development times. Consequently, a reconstruction that can give it new lifeblood is welcome. Too bad, this restoration did not receive the attention it deserved.

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Resident Evil 3 remake review Metacritic

First of all, the longevity: there are only 5 hours that make up the adventure. There are only two parts that have really received excellent treatment, that is the beginning and the conclusion, with some acute parentheses here and there. A good portion of it acts as undoubtedly pleasant connecting sections. Indeed, this remake always mentions that predecessor of his. The rhythm, the events, even an entire section recycled in the police station, which is also the least successful phase. Of course, there are some gems to fuel replayability, but in fact, the essential longevity is less than a single part of Resident Evil 2.

That said, some references to the last chapter are essential for the economy of the narrative and help to deepen the depth of characters and places already known. So as to give a certain continuity to the series. Yet, soon, you will begin to feel a strange aftertaste of recycling in the palate, which would have been justified only. In fact, in an adventure much more substantial than the one we have between the fingertips.

Nemesis itself raises doubts in its realization. Not aesthetic. Indeed, there is nothing to reproach on that, but simply functional. The adaptive artificial intelligence of the Tyrant of Resident Evil 2. Which we believed was expanded in the Nemesis, actually makes its appearance in a single phase. Then leaves room for a series of highly spectacular scenes, but already pre-compiled and all in all, easy in resolution. The monster of the Umbrella Corporation is just a recurring boss, nothing more, nothing less.

Criticisms should not scare

However, all these criticisms should not scare you: they certainly serve as a warning to a production that is obviously not very ambitious and carried out in a short time. Which has substantially reduced its contents? It manages to offer larger areas than in the past that actually make the gameplay breathe better. The same gameplay we loved in the predecessor. The exploration rewards well, the tension does not hang on easy tricks, and a convenient dodge has been added. Which, if carried out at the right time, allows you to avoid the bites of the zombies.

The models are super detailed, in an impact that is a delight to behold.  In practice, four players will have to work together to escape from the clutches of the Mastermind. Which is a fifth user who will take on the role of the villain? Ready to disseminate zombies and traps in the level. The setting is certainly not close to the original formula and is very arcade. The time decreases or increases depending on the behavior of the players. You have fun precisely by virtue of the speed of everything.

Being able to command beasts like G-Birkin and Tyrant himself directly is priceless, even if the small number of modes, unlockables, and maps makes us wonder how much life a project like this can have. Which, however, we like much more than expected: we hope it will be supported in the future.

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Final judgment

Resident Evil 3 is a controversial reconstruction. What is the meaning of a makeover, if not to realize, with today’s means and technologies, work already completed? The source material was solid, but obviously, something went wrong. Despite the fact that it is undoubtedly a cinematic and sometimes spectacular adventure.

The operation seems to want to save what can be saved, packaging a package that contains. First of all, a makeover that masks the incompleteness with a solid base and a wonderful staging. Then a very pleasant multiplayer mode, albeit not in the strings of the formula. Both are united by a sad fate: the first would have been too small to be sold at full price. The other, however, is far from what Resident Evil really represents to live a life of its own, and is not even particularly rich in content. Knowing how to be satisfied will do well to enjoy both titles. In the knowledge that things could have been better.

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