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Ace Combat 7: Skies Unknown Review – It always makes a specific effect to talk about titles belonging to historical series. And  Ace Combat is, in effect, a chronological series: the first chapter dates back to 1995, and over these 24 long years, Bandai Namco (at the time only Namco) has produced 18 games of the saga for the most disparate platforms ( including cell phones and smartphones). Ace Combat 7: Skies Unknown is the nineteenth in order of publication and arrives on the market after an absence of almost twelve years. Here we will give a complete guide about ace combat 7 PC.

Ace Combat 6 was released in 2007 only and exclusively on Xbox 360, literally leaving all fans of the series who played on other platforms with a dry mouth. Fortunately, Bandai Namco has decided to relaunch the series by publishing the new exponent on PS4, Xbox One, and Windows PC. But we’ve talked too much about the Ace Combat story. What does this new chapter look like? What does it inherit from its predecessors, and what does it offer instead of fresh and unprecedented? Let’s find out together!

Ace Combat 7 PC

Ace Combat 7 PC

Ace Combat 7  Pc Review

Our video review of Ace Combat 7: Skies Unknown is made with gameplay clips taken from our gaming sessions on PS4 Pro and PS VR and summarizes the concepts expressed in the following paragraphs. Good vision!

Halfway between two worlds.

Let’s face it: Flight simulators aren’t exactly going through a golden age. The niche ones, dedicated to a small circle of enthusiasts, are always there. In their place, with even relatively recent incarnations. But there isn’t something that targets a broader audience, except perhaps World of Warplanes or War Thunder. Which are still free-to-play titles? Because some mechanics are arcade, but it’s halfway between two worlds. The simulative one and the more arcade one makes it perfect to bring back to talk about a genre that thanks to modern gaming platforms would still have a lot to offer.

Ace Combat 7 treasures some of the innovations that have been gradually introduced in the series by adding something new, more simulative precisely. Starting from the story and the setting. This seventh chapter is again set in an alternative version of the Earth (usually called “ Strangereal “), with different geographic areas and countries. And here too, we find one of the critical events that upset the geopolitical structure of the planet.

The arrival of a gigantic asteroid destroyed thanks to the super-weapon codenamed  Stonehenge. Which, however, with the debris deriving from its explosion several nations on their knees. In the game, we assume the role of a pilot known only by his nom de guerre. Trigger, which finds itself embroiled in a new conflict between the nations of Osea, Erusea, and Use. The citations to the previous chapters are therefore wasted. This can only please those who have always (or almost) followed the series. However, even newbies will find enough material to understand more or less how things stand.

Ace Combat 7  Pc Pros And Cons


  • Ace Combat in its best incarnation
  • Atmospheric conditions and other environmental variables
  • Manicured and realistic aircraft
  • Multiplayer and PS VR mode


  • Challenging to read subtitles in the chaos of combat
  • Some less accurate graphic details
  • A couple of sometimes frustrating missions

Ace Combat 7 PC intersperses

The fact is that Ace Combat 7 is not limited to proposing a series of missions with increasing difficulty. The game intersperses the various levels with cutscenes that fit everything into a plot, with characters that evolve and stories that intertwine. Ultimately a beautiful war story, it is up to you to find out how Trigger. How the character will evolve, and what role he will have in the current war theater.

We finally come to the gameplay. This seventh chapter is exceptionally respectful of its predecessors but returns to focus solely on the pilot. Effectively removing all the components that concern the management of the wingman. Not that teammates are missing during missions. But in fact, they will act ultimately autonomously, without following your commands. In terms of powers and difficulty, there is something to please everyone. There are two modes for controlling the aircraft: comfortable, with the helicopter following the controls imparted by analog sticks with discrete simplicity, and expert, which requires management of roll and pitch to turn. If you have never approached the saga. The first mode is recommended, the second allows more precise maneuvers, but it is not easy to manage.

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There are three selectable difficulty levels. We assure you that already with the first (Easy) in the last missions. You will have more than fair things to peel. The tasks that make up the campaign are 20 in all, characterized by varying duration and different objectives that will require additional aircraft and approaches. The structure of the missions also recalls the previous chapters, but it is now a tradition. Almost all the main branches of the series have references to the previous ones, and even in these missions. You will find points in common with those of the past.

Ace combat 7 pc controls

The aircraft to be unlocked are about 30 (also considered those relating to pre-orders) and are organized in a rather large technology tree. There is nothing particularly sci-fi, except the X-02 Wyvern, an aircraft also in this historical case that made its debut in the 4th chapter of the saga.

In fact, you can pilot by visualizing the cockpit, significantly improving the sensation of simulation and immersion. For each aircraft, there are two special weapons to unlock and various components that can be used on any aircraft in your hangar. In fact, it will therefore be possible to customize them with a selection of features that enhance single. Multiple statistics of the plane you intend to use. For example, you can benefit special weapons at the expense of classic ones, improve acceleration or deceleration, and so on. There are obviously liveries and logos, but you will have to finish the campaign to unlock them.

Aircraft are divided into classes: fighter, the fighter-bomber, and bomber. So it will always be up to you to follow one branch rather than another to perhaps open a more versatile fighter-bomber able to help you with hybrid missions. It must be said that the differences in piloting between aircraft are felt all right, whether they are aircraft belonging to different classes. Whether they are aircraft with other technical specifications.

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Ace combat 7 pc mods

So far, nothing particularly revolutionary, but as mentioned, there is something more at a simulation level that embellishes the whole: the atmospheric conditions. We are not just talking about rain or fog. In fact, the player has to deal with air currents that change the flight path, with lightning that can hit the aircraft, temporarily disturbing the instrumentation and beyond. Turning in some cloud formations could freeze the windshield, almost wholly eliminating visibility; in still others, you will notice the drops of condensation, and moving in rainy areas will make visibility lower than usual. Trying to accelerate in a headwind will also lead to a significant reduction in top speed. All variables that make the game even more complex and fun.

Combining weather conditions with battles that often involve dozens and dozens of planes and surface vehicles, fixed positions, whistling missiles. Crazy sensors will ensure that the player finds himself in dramatic situations. Which will require reflexes and an exceptionally high degree of attention? Ignoring a sensor, speed, or altitude, or one of the many incoming missile signals, can quickly lead to defeat. Fortunately, virtually all missions have intermediate checkpoints that you will soon learn to exploit and, above all, to love. And so far, we haven’t mentioned multiplayer! Once the campaign is over, you can launch into Team Deathmatch or Battle Royale mode. Both involve fights between up to 8 players—fun fact: Battle Royale mode was also there in 2007 in Ace Combat 6.

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How is the technical sector doing?

And how is the technical sector doing? As already mentioned, the aircraft models are rich in detail. The same representation of clouds and weather conditions is practically flawless. In terms of fluidity, even on standard PS4 (where it runs even above 30 fps) and in the most exciting moments, there is really nothing to say. Obviously, it is the details on the ground that suffer most from problems. In general, it is tough to notice. We liked the addition of more vegetation on the land (you can see the models of the trees without too much difficulty). But in some levels, you can see low-resolution textures or points that are generally less cared for than others. On the other hand, the particle effects of the explosions are more than discrete.

At the end of each mission, the game will offer you an automatic replay of the entire session, with the ability to change cameras, speed up, or slow downtime. The replays allow you to enjoy all the strengths and weaknesses of the game entirely. Also to notice the influence of air on the movements of the aircraft.

An added value to underline is undoubtedly the presence of exclusive content for PlayStation VR. We talked about it in more detail in a separate study. But the fact is that playing the three missions available with the Sony viewer is a whole other story. Moving your head to look to the sides or back using the entire fairing of the plane arises spontaneously. As if that weren’t enough, the whole cockpit is even more detailed.

Mention to the audio sector

Before concluding, a mention to the audio sector, always as per tradition. This seventh chapter also presents an extremely accurate soundtrack, with instrumental and other tracks belonging to several genres that blend well with the spirit of the various missions. A professional dubbing in English or Japanese is included(you can choose at the beginning of the game) who will keep you company throughout the campaign.

As your teammates and the command center will continuously exchange jokes. In the midst of the action, finding time to read the (almost never identical) exchanges between squad members. Perhaps even the command center changes of the order are rather tricky and frustrating. And if, like us, you choose to play with the original Japanese dubbing, understanding what they say without reading is practically impossible.

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Final judgment

Ace Combat 7 Review – Final Judgment – An excellent full 9. Yes, because ultimately, Ace Combat 7 does not differ much from what are the canons of the series. To begin with, the desire to bring the saga to the current generation, with new graphic effects, realistic and detailed models. A new focus on physics and the interaction of aircraft with the air and its variables. However, interspersed with high-quality CGI clips that enrich everything with details on the background and with characters who have their say throughout the duration of the game.

The arcade vein is still there, firmly anchored in all game mechanics. On the other hand, we are talking about a title that, aboard a single plane. Makes us collide with dozens of other aircraft. Equipping ours with an impossible quantity of missiles, which is categorically impossible in reality. The damage system too, which at manageable levels allows us to suffer more than one blow, certainly does not favor realism. The same applies to the absence of other variables such as fuel or the effects of the G force that some repeated maneuvers could cause on the driver. Ace Combat, however, does not want to be a simulator, but something in the middle. Which allows everyone to have fun. And despite the many chapters that preceded it. It also lends itself very well as a starting point.

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