Time Needed for Clear Teeth Aligners like Invisalign to Work Properly?

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Invisalign braces are extremely effective these days but they might not be an ideal option for each individual. If you need to wear clear teeth aligners, this will make you wonder how long these aligners like Invisalign will require to work properly. 

Invisalign is one of the tools used by the orthodontic provider to straighten sessions that helps to determine the right course of treatment for your case. Also, there are different brands available that will fit your exact style and Invisalign is one of the best-known options among them. You will have to search for a good orthodontist who will diagnose and treat your case accordingly.

Unlike Invisalign, clear teeth aligners are a good option for metal braces and the solution seems to be very effective for most cases. These aligners can help to solve the problem of crooked, misaligned and overcrowded teeth. This aligner mouthpiece is somewhat similar to a teeth-whitening tray and you need to wear the aligner for at least 20 to 22 hours in a day. It has the same straightening effect to Invisalign braces in London but it is not possible for others to understand that you are wearing the braces. 

About the Invisalign treatment procedure

The process involves using a series of plastic and removable aligners that you need to wear in an incremental sequence. You will begin with the orthodontist who creates a customized treatment plan consisting of:

  • Photographs
  • 3D scan of the teeth
  • Examine your X-ray, teeth, and mouth
  • Check if you are the candidate for clear teeth aligners 
  • Write a recommendation

If you are a suitable candidate for the treatment, then the orthodontist will create a 3D computerized model to plan for your clear teeth aligned accordingly. This will allow your orthodontist to know where your teeth are shifting in the mouth. Each misaligned tooth moves in different stages. Based on your present condition, you require 6 upward of 48 aligners for the treatment to be effective. This will differ from one person to the other and will show how long the aligners require to work for you.

Each aligner will shift teeth by almost 33 millimeters before popping into the next set of aligners. You need to change the aligner every week or two, at the most. If you want to move teeth a bit faster, then it is necessary to get proper scanning done before moving ahead to the next aligner, in case your teeth have already moved.

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Your role in the treatment procedure

The treatment requires complete supervision by an orthodontist. But, once you begin with it, you will also have some responsibility to perform. It depends upon you to commit to this customized plan completely and wear the clear teeth aligners, as suggested by the orthodontist to get the most desired results. The treatment time differs for each person and you have to wear the aligner for nearly 22 hours a day during the procedure.

You may remove aligners for a very short time at the time of eating, drinking, brushing and flossing. In case you do not follow the instructions of the orthodontist, then this can negatively impact your dental health and aligners might require more time to work efficiently.

The time needed for aligners like Invisalign to work

After you know about clear aligner treatment, the treatment timing will vary from person to person. In case you do not have a complicated process, it will probably require six months to undergo the treatment. Patients who have complex alignment needs might have to perform the treatment for almost two years. 

One good thumb rule you should follow is the average treatment time is nearly 12 months. But, there is a positive thing about clear aligner treatment that you can start noticing the difference within a few weeks of the treatment at the most. The results might be minimal to start with, but you can definitely find noticeable changes within 4 to 6 weeks once the treatment begins. Though each patient is different from the other, you might see your changes a bit quicker than that of your friends who are undergoing the same treatment. You may even feel that they are taking a long time to see the difference in their teeth alignment.

How much time to wear the aligners regularly

The right time to wear aligners for each day is around 20 to 22 hours. But you should take them out when you eat, drink, brush and floss. Apart from that, you must be prepared to stay committed to wearing your clear teeth aligners as per your orthodontist’s advice. Or else you will probably delay the time needed for your aligners to work properly and thus, you won’t be able to attain your desired outcome soon.

When you wear the aligners for the first time, your teeth and jaws might feel somewhat tender. This is completely normal and is generally mild for most patients. Wearing these plastic trays will surely make you feel unnatural initially and you might feel tempted to take them out from the mouth. Make sure you do not remove them as you must commit yourself to wear the trays for the specified time each day. The soreness will begin to subside after a few days once you get used to wearing the aligners.

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How to lessen the treatment period

There are certain things you should do to ensure your treatment time is short.

  • Follow the instructions of your orthodontist all the time. If you have been asked to wear aligners for a minimum of 20 to 22 hours each day, make sure you do it accordingly. Your teeth and jaws might feel somewhat tender but this is a part of the entire process for regaining your lost smile.

  • It is extremely important to take proper care of your aligners. In case your aligner gets cracked, it is advised to tell your orthodontist so that they can prepare for a replacement tray as quickly as possible. In the meantime, you can wear your old aligners to prevent further shifting of your teeth.

  • Thirdly, floss daily to get rid of food particles and plaque that may hang onto your aligners. Make sure you give the aligners a thorough cleaning at least once or twice in a week to keep the trays working properly and maintain your teeth in good condition.

  • It is advised to change aligners at the right time and take them with you when you wish to travel.

  • Finally, you can check with your orthodontist for complete scans of your teeth and mouth. The scan will provide necessary information to the orthodontist and you might be able to progress through the aligners faster when your teeth are moving quickly.

  • While clear aligner treatment like Invisalign is not an intrusive treatment with metal braces, the shorter the treatment might be, the closer you will be to restore your gorgeous smile.

The average treatment time it requires for clear teeth aligners like the best Invisalign in London to work is nearly 12 months. However, there are certain things you can do to lessen the timing of the treatment. It is advised to follow the advice of your orthodontist and you will be able to regain your beautiful and confident smile within a short time.