The Best GMAT Prep Program – Experts’ Global’s Online GMAT Prep

Sara Abadi

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A good GMAT score is very important if you want to gain admission to one of the top-ranked B-schools. While several online GMAT prep options are available, you must choose one that provides you the best learning experience. Preparing for GMAT requires a due commitment of your time, money, and focus and for working professionals, sticking to a fixed study schedule can prove to be a difficult task as they need to keep to their work commitments, as well. In this scenario, an online GMAT prep program, such as the one Experts’ Global provides, can assure you the high-quality content and robust learning that is necessary. Since 2018, Experts’ Global’s online GMAT prep package has catered to thousands of GMAT aspirants and most of these students have affirmed significant improvement in their test scores.

The following section provides a brief overview of the salient features of the Experts’ Global GMAT online prep program.

Number and Quality of Mock Tests

The Experts’ Global online GMAT prep package provides its students with 15, full-length GMAT mock tests. This is interesting because most other GMAT prep programs provide about 6 mock tests. Thus, a larger number of mock tests allow you the chance to practice more and thereby, build up endurance and develop a strategy. Moreover, as these tests are vividly similar to the GMAT, practicing with this prep package ensures that you obtain an accurate assessment of your GMAT performance. You can also take a free GMAT mock.

The similarity to the GMAT

Each of the 4000 practice questions and the mock test questions that are included as part of the Experts’ Global GMAT Online Program is similar to the GMAT in the question pattern, type, difficulty level, etc. Even the scoring pattern on the tests is largely identical to that of the GMAT. This is a significant achievement for the Experts’ Global GMAT prep package as the GMAT scoring pattern is not known to the public and not many test-developers have been able to so accurately recreate the same. This congruency is confirmed by the students’ reports of having achieved a similarity between their mock test score and the GMAT score.  

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Weakness Diagnosis

The Experts’ Global GMAT online prep series also includes a performance analysis software. These AI-based diagnostics read the performance of the last mock to help the student understand his/her weak and strong points as well as tells the student the total amount of time he/she spent in solving each question.  This analytics can also provide a broad understanding of the student’s specific weaknesses by reading his/her performance on the previous mocks. The inclusion of such an innovative feature actually helps the student to duly focus their learning so as to improve upon the weaknesses.

Video Instruction

Another innovative inclusion in the online GMAT prep package of Experts’ Global is the video essays. These videos provide the student with the solution to and even the most efficient approach to each of the questions. Thus, the student can refer to the video explanations if they are unable to answer a question or wants to reduce the time taken to solve a question. However, if the student does not want to watch the videos, he/she can even refer to the text explanations.


The opportunity to study from the comfort of one’s home and the convenience of time is provided by the well-constructed online on-demand Experts’ Global GMAT online prep program. As most GMAT aspirants are professionals, they may find attending regular GMAT coaching classes difficult owing to the time constraints. An online program, fully equipped with high-quality self-study resources, ensures that the student is able to acquire the necessary preparation at his/her own pace and comfort.

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Special Features

The Experts’ Global Online GMAT Training Program also includes several additional features that help facilitate the student’s learning experience. For instance, the student can use the flag feature to mark a particular question to be revised later. With the flag feature, the student may create a file of 100s of questions that he/she may have found difficult or interesting and wanted to revise at a later point. Similarly, the student can use the sticky feature, which is a small pop-up screen that can be fixed on the front page, to take down notes while solving questions or watching the video explanations. Thus, the Experts’ Global team has taken care of even the minute details that can influence the learning experience of a student and have designed a prep package that prioritizes the students’ convenience and ease of use.

Needless to say, the Experts’ Global GMAT Online Training program is a very well-constructed resource that provides the students with a robust but well-paced learning experience. Moreover, it is a holistic online GMAT prep resource that has been further accentuated by the inclusion of several specific resources.  If you are a GMAT aspirant, you must consider preparing with the Experts’ Global’s online training program.