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A computer engineer is a trendy figure in all sectors of work. This is why those who start this path have no problems finding work and earning an adequate salary—even a very high one, destined to grow over time. In the next paragraphs, we will provide you with all the information you need. Find out what computer engineers’ duties are. What their educational path is, how much they earn. And where you can find all the information you need to undertake this path. In this article, we will give you a complete guide about what does a software engineer does.

The computer engineering sector

The IT world travels quickly at great speed. It undergoes continuous revolutions in a short time. This is why the IT engineer’s figure is essential for any brand, whether small or large. And for companies that sell both goods and services to reach the public administration sectors. In short, anyone with an important online site needs this figure to update the software. To have competitive hardware in the specific business sector and prevent hacker attacks or eradicate operating system viruses.

Currently, the multimedia universe has become a real-world that, through social networks and eCommerce. Can guarantee the sale and purchase of products and services. So it is even possible to have a social life, albeit behind a screen. With various social networks and interact with people from all over the world. In fact, more and more VIPs and famous people use this software. To increase popularity and be in constant contact with their audience.

Suppose you have decided to pursue this career and turn to the computer engineering industry. Be prepared to study complex and difficult subjects ranging from engineering to mathematics. From logic to electronics, keep in mind that your sacrifices will be rewarded with a job position quality. From the point of view of salary and personal satisfaction. Here are all the details to better understand what lies behind this professional figure and its specific characteristics.

Two Types Of Computer Engineer: What Does A Software Engineer Do

Computer engineering falls into two sub-categories that will turn you into software or hardware engineers. In the first case, you will deal with the design of computer programs, such as embedded systems, management systems, websites, video games, firmware, mobile apps, and specific software for business intelligence. Almost coinciding with another professional, the Software Developer.

Behind the software development, there is a preliminary work of analyzing the clients’ needs. Therefore, the research of the technical-functional parameters that will characterize the final result. After this planning, the IT engineer will write the code using the most suitable languages ​​(PHP, JavaScript, C ++, SQL, HTML). It will then proceed with debugging, correcting any errors, and finally, with the software’s technical documentation.

On the other hand, the computer hardware engineer creates components, such as microchips, electronic boards, circuits, and even computers. Obviously, taking care to indicate the performances corresponding to each element of the hardware and then creating. The prototypes to apply the product validation tests. He may even have to do the editing part of the manuals.

Being one or the other, in any case, does not preclude the possibility of being able to interact in an integrated way with hardware and software.

The Computer Engineer Is Not A Lone Wolf

In fact, he will often find himself working within a group of other types of engineers, technicians, programmers, and Software Developers, having to both sit at the desk in front of the computer and stand in the laboratory to conduct hardware tests. In short, the computer engineer has the gift of ubiquity, moving between different tasks of development, assistance, in the office but also remotely: we are therefore talking about a rather flexible job by place and time that therefore requires a certain versatility.

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Where Do You Find Work: What Does A Software Engineer Do

The IT companies are the places of choice for a computer engineer. Therefore, we are talking about hardware design and production companies. Such as smartphones, PCs, components, home automation, robotics, sites, apps, industrial automation, and companies that develop software, telecommunications companies offer IT assistance. Other possible outlets for an IT engineer can be found in IT consultancy and web services agencies, obviously also as a freelancer.

What does a computer engineer do: who is this professional figure?

Some professionals work behind the computer screen and manage the databases’ correct functionality and the updates of the computer software of companies, shops, and all sites. This figure is called a computer engineer. It is one of the most requested in the last 20 years on the job market. It is possible to fill this role and become a software or hardware black belt with a degree or without, depending on the role and position you want to fill, of course, the more you will commit to obtaining the degree (bachelor’s and master’s) and subsequently attending specialized masters the better your working conditions and the better the positions you will be able to fill.

An IT engineer is a figure who has the task of designing, building, and managing the operating systems, software, infrastructures, and devices for processing and transmitting information and data of a site, a company, and any brand. His duties are related to the development of hardware components and software programming. This work takes place scrupulously following and applying Information Technology principles, also known by the acronym IT. He can work and hold positions at various small, medium, and large private or public companies. If you intend to fill this role, you will work in different areas, from robotics to software development, from hardware to programming.

This diffusion of computers and electronic systems, which was enormously successful in the late last millennium and early 2000s, led to computer engineering, also known as IT Engineering or Computer Service, a specialized branch of electronic engineering that deals with computer design development.

Types of computer engineer

This professional figure is very vast regarding its occupations and duties; they must have different and particular skills. If you want to fill this role, you need an excellent knowledge of the main computer languages, such as C #, C ++, Python, Java, and JavaScript. It is important to have a complete command of programming languages ​​, and it is essential to know the specific mathematics to manage software and create programs.

To better understand the duties, it is essential to understand that computer engineers have two main subcategories: software and hardware. The software engineers involved in planning information and management systems, hardware engineers deal with the operating systems’ physical components.

Software Engineer

The software engineer develops and programs various kinds of software and systems:

  • firmware;
  • embedded;
  • management systems;
  • website solutions;
  • mobile applications;
  • industrial automation;
  • specialized software for BI ( Business Intelligence );
  • video games ;
  • his role is similar to that held by the Software Developer in many respects.

Based on software development and design, activities are analyzed for studying the technical and functional requirements and the needs of the clients that the programs must possess. The computer engineer who deals with the software must program and write the codes through the most inherent and appropriate programming languages. The most important are:

  • SQL;
  • C ++;
  • PHP;
  • HTML;
  • Java Script;
  • C #;

Also, another task is to deal with the phase of the (software testing), necessary to test the functionality of the programs to detect errors (bugs) and correct him (debugging). At this point, he takes care of drafting all the technical documentation of the software.

Hardware Engineer

Computer engineers who deal with operating systems’ hardware work on computers’ design and development, working directly on the components: electronic boards, circuits, microprocessors, and chips. Their specific task is to identify the hardware’s performance; for this, they perform validation tests, make prototypes, and use laboratory tools, such as multimeter, oscilloscope,e, and signal analyzers. If you intend to choose this path, you will also be involved in the production, supervision, and editing of manuals during your career.

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Other duties

The other tasks that IT engineers perform are related to the sector of integration between software and hardware. This means that they have to modify, test, and solve software problems by updating it to work on specific hardware or vice versa. That iToy the hardware components and improve them so that the most advanced and latest generation new software can work. The other tasks can be analyzing IT devices, appliances, accessories, new software, and existing ones to improve an operating system’s performance and work on both sectors’ technical support.

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What are the requirements to become a computer engineer?

If you want to work in the computer engineering sector, you need solid preparation to apply specific techniques. The best way to acquire these techniques is a degree in Computer Engineering. Our advice to get a better job position is not to stop at the three-year degree but to finish the 5-year course and take the Specialized or Master’s degree. The study course is challenging and includes mathematics, physics, probability calculus, logic, data structures and algorithms, electronics, programming languages ​​and database administration, telecommunications systems, and other indispensable subjects.

At the end of this path, you will be ready to fill this role, but some critical soft skills are also needed:

  • flexibility and resourcefulness;
  • speed of adaptation to IT changes and news;
  • strong team working skills ;
  • emotional intelligence ;
  • creativity;
  • problem-solving;
  • excellent listening and communication skills;
  • strong ability to work under stress to achieve business objectives.

Courses, schools, and training to become a computer engineer.

When you have acquired the three-year degree, you can enroll in the Register of Engineers, Section B. To enroll in Section A, you must obtain a Master’s or Specialist degree. Finally, to validate your registration in the Register, you will need to pass the State Exam. After obtaining the Master’s degree, to have an important experience and start your career, you can participate in competitions to become a researcher at universities. The Ph.D. will provide you with an excellent experience in the sector that will constitute a real springboard for launch for a successful career, both in the public and private sectors.

It is possible to work as a programmer in secondary schools by attending a postgraduate specialization course. You can also attend a computer science course in the Department of Mathematics, Physics and Natural Sciences and perform a job as a computer technician, which differs from the engineer’s figure in many respects, both in skills and salary.

The career as a computer engineer: where can you work?

The computer engineer figure can occupy any position that requires the development of software and hardware; this means that if you graduate in Computer Engineering, you will be able to work in private companies, world-famous brands, and small businesses. The video game industry is highly coveted, and more and more computer engineers are attempting this type of career.

You can also work in the public administration sector at the municipal, provincial, regional or national level, or you can try a university career, pursue a Ph.D. and work as a university professor or secondary school teacher.

The companies that deal with hardware and software development have hordes of IT engineers to develop their products. For this reason, any technological product needs this figure in the design, development, and verification, and updating tests. There are so many sectors available, and it is one of the most requested degrees by any company.

Why are the good ones a few?

But why are there few good engineers according to the majors? We are talking about a job that, in theory, could be done by anyone and especially anywhere with a semi-decent computer and a good Internet connection. Please think of the development tools, never as in this era of $ 100 Android smartphones and open-source platforms, have they been easily accessible.

Everyone knows that software experts make a lot of money because it’s simple; the software is basically eating the world and maybe even destroying jobs more easily than it takes to create new ones.

You are all wondering: why to pay $ 125,000 for a programmer. When can an entire team of programmers be paid for the same amount in a developing nation?

During the first dot-com boom, it was already predicted that American and European programmers would be quickly left out of work by their Indian and Brazilian cousins. To date, however, there is no sign of a similar phenomenon. Why not? And if it ever happens, when?

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