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You probably can relate to the fact when you are in the retail business. The truth is, there are hideously enormous types of customers who knock at the doors of your store. Every one of them is a potential customer, no matter how they react, how they feed themselves with your approach. And when you are selling computing devices and components, then dude! You need to know your product better if you want to make some money by selling those. That’s where Intel Retail Edge comes into play! In this article, you can know about the intel retail edge review.


All the Things You Need to Know About Before Getting Intel Retail Edge

Before surfing the internet and subscribing Intel Retail Edge Program, you first probably need to know what ‘RETAIL’ actually is. In simple words, when you are selling something directly to the consumers, then you are ‘retailing.’ The term is pretty simple itself, but the whole game’s going to choke you out of your damn breath. Retailing has become a massive competition in this modern market. Today’s consumers are pretty smart, unlike the 70s and 80s, when people used to get attracted to flashy lights and schemes. People are getting smarter, so if you want to thump a flag in your retailing market, you need to act smarter, present smarter and operate with proper efficiency.

Yeah, I got that. I need to act smart. I will probably have to wear the right clothes, have some shiny teeth and a bright smile, right? The answer is No! That’s not being smart is. Smart retailers are stylish in every sort of way. Yes, wearing a proper outfit is a part of your smartness but still, imagine yourself in front of a customer. You are looking dope. You have your lucky socks on. BUT you don’t know how to sell your product, how to represent it to the customers. You are probably standing clueless with your work in your hands. And believe me when I tell you, the customers won’t wait!

I have made myself clear now. Then we can settle ourselves in this mutual consideration that we need to know about our product, earn good communication skills, and have the ability to trace down your consumer’s specific needs.

Computing devices and accessories retailing.

One of the busiest markets or industries or sectors or whatever you call it is the Computing Industry. Today, thanks to the revolution of computers and the silicon industry, the world is buying more and more computing devices and accessories as per their needs.  And when you are a computing retailer, then you probably have been to go through a wide range of customers every day. Some might have visited your store to buy himself an excellent little computer or a laptop which he will be using for his entertainment purposes.

Someone will hit the stores to get an equipment solution for his brand new startup or his new office. Someone will roam around and reading the configuration labels with great interest, trying to make up his mind about what he needs for his college. In short, you will be expecting people with a wide range of knowledge, overview, and purpose of their specific needs. No matter what, you got to be ready for everything. Trust me, customers shoot bullets, with their questions, of course!

Intel Inc. in Computing World

If you have used a computer before then, Intel Inc. is not an unfamiliar name to you. Intel Inc. is the world’s largest silicon chips company in the world. Born and based in the United States of America, Intel Inc. produces microprocessors and chips for big computing and tech companies who are shining stars in the computing world. Companies like Microsoft, Google, Apple, and almost every other big or small name in the industries use chips and computing components, which is produced by Intel Inc. Today, Intel Inc. is the highest gross selling company in the world in processors and microprocessors. Intel has been the pioneer in the revolution of the silicon industry, and thanks to its visionary approach to the world of technology, people are experiencing faster devices at affordable prices.

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With a vast range of products and equipment, Intel covers almost all kinds of requirements a consumer can dream of. So yeah, guys! Intel is the real deal if you want a powerful device that suits your needs.

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Intel Retail Edge

Why do we need it?

Intel Inc. has been the pioneer in making processors, motherboards, and equivalent products that are needed in the computing industry. Enough talking about the ‘Big Dog.’ Let’s ease up our nerves a little bit. Let us consider ourselves that we own a Cake Shop. And our chef makes mouthwatering cakes which are dope. But you are not selling it as you would have hoped.

It might have been like that for two possible cases. Case One should be that you are not doing proper promotions. If you cannot express your products, how can you expect people to buy those!

Case two should have been a flaw in your knowledge. You know your cake tastes good, but the people want to know that too. But if you can’t relay that specific information to your cake eaters, then you cannot expect higher sales.

In today’s highly competitive world, the consumers or the customers are smarter. They want their needs to be fulfilled accordingly, with a little bit extra love and professionalism at the same time. That’s why you need to knock at the doors of the customers. Sell you and your products to them.

Intel Inc. has realized this shortly after. That’s why they have launched the Intel Retail Edge program for fellow retailers who are retailing Intel products.

Intel Retail Edge is designed to serve the retailers with all the required information of their products to give a good view and insight into the products that are available in the market. This is a revolutionary program that is potentially increasing the chances of presenting the work in a much more appealing manner.

Intel Retail Edge Review

In my recent experiences, I have been in the sales and tech business. Intel has been providing vital knowledge about its products to its retailers. They have been covering this program through their Website.

The first time login to this Website, you will be able to see a well-equipped and clean website with a clear, informative manner. The Website will be asking your email and password.

Not to worry, folks’ it is for those who have already done and dusted with the registration procedure. But if you are new to this platform, you will have to register yourself first.

How to register

To register or sign up for the program, you need to have the following requirements; a PC or a computing device with a proper internet connection and an email. That’s it. It’s free!

First, you will have to click sign in or join a new member. You will have to insert your email, your first name, second name, the region of the world from where you belong, select the country you are from, and accept the terms and conditions which the company provides. It is essential to read all the terms and conditions before signing up for anything. People usually think this is some extra unnecessary works that can be skipped. But from my personal experience, you should read all the prerequisites before purchasing or subscribing or signing up for anything in the future.

Step by Step Verification

When you have signed for the program, you need to verify yourself first. For that, you need to have proper access to the email you gave on your registration page. A confirmation email will be sent to your email. You will have to open that particular mail. Some mail IDs have been reporting that they don’t get any mails. It’s probably because that the information which the retailer has inserted in the registration web page is incorrect or the mail has been auto filtered to junk or spam. If the latter case occurs, you will have to refine the email from the junk or spam folder.

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When you have gained access to the proper mail, then you will be able to see a link attached to the mailing body. It is your confirmation link.

User Interface

The User Interface of the Website is minimalistic yet well equipped with the needs as per the needs of a typical retailer is concerned. You will see a dashboard which is on the left side, aligned perfectly with your name and the progress will be shown at a glance which you have made so far while the training is ongoing.

There is am menu button on the far most corner on the left. You will be able to find all the important rerouting links that are needed to be covered like Home, Learn, Webinar, Fun, and Community in general. The home button basically brings you to the home page of the Website.

The learn button is where you need to click if you intend to learn about the products, get a full overview, compare your knowledge with the product specifications. The webinar is the place where various webinars are conducted to keep everyone updated with all the information or the discussion Intel Inc. is taking to enhance the program.

You can have a little fun and also share and explore new ideas with the community. Intel retailers are the best-supporting staff by default when you are here to find some answers and suggestions to get better output from your retailing career.

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Smart Thinking by Intel


To make things a bit interesting because come on! Learning is no fun if it is not interesting and research says that when you are learning while being entertained or by following a certain mile stoning or directed pathway, you work more efficiently, and learning is far more précised and concentrated. So Intel has set up various milestones and Experience levels just to boost up the learning thrives and spirits of the fellow retailers.

Intel Retail Edge Program Logo Download - AI - All Vector Logo

Retail Edge & More

Coming back to the home page, you will see three buttons; Processor Information, Retail Experience Tool, and EdgeU. As you have probably guessed that the Processor Information tool is simply a tab where you can find all the required information about the processors produced by Intel Inc. which are available in the computing market today. The information will give you an in-depth knowledge of the processors.
Retail Experience tool is the tool that is the Genie of your retailing world. It will help you to make combinations of certain products for maximum impact and suitability. It will also help you to keep track of your customers and their choices about the Intel products.

EdgeU is where you keep your progress in an account and have a constant overview and identify the certain areas where you need to work on and how you need to utilize the program for maximum efficiency.

There are various news and information shared on the home page which is essential because it is a must for a retailer to know about what is going on in the market and what are the main prospects that a certain retailer should focus on.

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Overall Impression & Conclusion

The very core concept and the vision of Intel Inc. in regard to this program are quite clear; to make the retailers more engaging and confident about their products so that they can present those in a much more efficient to the valued customer. This is simply brilliant as far as the sales strategy is concerned, and the results are also visible. Stores and retailers who have subscribed to this program are working more efficiently, and decent spikes in the sales are visible all around.

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