8 Best Free Antivirus Software to use in 2020

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Are you looking for some of the freeware antivirus software that can handle your PC most safely and able to deliver all sorts of protection? Here, we have brought for you well-equipped information that will rid all your queries without going to another place as we are providing all the info in one place about some of the best free antivirus software.

First, we need to know what antivirus is? – It protects your system where a file executes without your permission and collect info about your PC. The best way to restrict these processes is the use of antivirus in your PC or system. You may get antivirus free, or for some, you need to pay some amount. In this article, we are not concentrating on the paid antivirus; instead, we look over some of the freely available antivirus software that will surely help you in protecting your PC or system.

List of 8 Top Freeware Antivirus Software

  1. Avast

    – Deep screen technology
    – Offers you features with customizable options
    – Best work even in lockdown mode as well.
    – Light on the system along with modern GUI
    – To notch detection capability

    – Need to improve some options like malware signatures, cloud protection
    – During the installation process offers you several secondary components
    – Need to register again after one-month protection
    – Bloated default setups and some ads

    Available – Windows, Mac.

  2. AVG

    – Great GUI
    – Email And Live Chat support
    – Excellent malware blocking
    – Blocks malware URLs
    – It contains game mode to prevent protection form scan and updates.

    – Limited detection techniques
    – Sometimes consider executable files as virus
    – First installer
    – A lot of setting options

    Available – Windows, Mac.

  3. Sophos Home

    – Easy to configure the dashboard
    – Easy to view the protection of your device
    – Simple GUI
    – Uses virus alert features instead of deleting the same
    – Robust remote management and monitoring

    Available – Windows, Linux, Mac, Android.

  4. Bit Defender

    – It has on-access protection for malware and viruses
    – Supports email
    – Great protection against phishing
    – Light, so no effect on the performance of the system

    – Quick scheduling is not there

    Available – Windows, Mac.

  5. Comodo

    – Let’s find what are the features that have been instilled in it:
    – Instilled with multilayer protection
    – Offers you the best zero-based protection owing to tweak settings
    – Industry grade firewall with a lot of options
    – Feature-rich with lots of customization options.

    – Not user-friendly and unsuitable for beginners
    – Release in updates are slow, and even it is buggy software
    – During installation, offers you several browsers to install
    – Weak Av-module especially signature-based detection
    – Need many tweaks for better protection

    Available – Windows, Mac.

  6. Avira

    – let jump into the feature of AVIRA antivirus:
    – You may say that it is an excellent cloud engine that is made for the Avira protection cloud.
    – Fast updating, high-quality signatures, and superior detection of threats
    – Very light on the system
    – Ad-free Installer, Pop-ups, and GUI
    – For the significant browser, several safety add-ons available.

    – Need to add several file exceptions
    – Fragile zero-day protection
    – Inefficient browser luncher
    – No sandboxing, firewall, and web shield technology
    – High usage of CPU and memory owing to repeated scan.

    Available – Windows, Mac.

  7. Panda

    – Here are the few lists of features that are as follows:
    – Best hardware resource handler and good web protector
    – Cloud security intelligence collectively
    – Good behavioral analysis program and detection rates
    – Nicely rendered setting interface along with Tiled UI
    – Low memory and CPU usage

    – Need to lookout toolbars during installation
    – Not so light so affect several things in the system like performance
    – No fingerprinting and even slow in scanning
    – Relies on the internet connection

    Available – Windows, Mac

  8. ZoneAlarm

    – By default, it includes a firewall
    – Offers you a virtual browser that prevents keyloggers from causing you harm
    – Free email support
    – Manage network and internet access to a particular application
    – Regular check download directory against each threat and produces a heuristic check.
    – Available – Windows, Mac
    – Download – ZoneAlarm
    – Malwarebytes Anti-malware

    – Store potential threats using the quarantine
    – Removes adware
    – Malicious program easily detectable owing to chameleon features
    – Deeply scan the system for hidden malware
    – It detects and clears the malware programs contained in the system

    Available – Windows, Mac.
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Which is the Best Free Antivirus Software to use in 2020?

It is hard to say which is the best free antivirus software. The reason for this is that different products will behave differently against various viruses as there is the inclusion of the AV engines (It is used for Real-Time malware protection of files) and other components that are made of distinct technologies. Owing to they have different capabilities to do separate things.


Now, we have acquainted you with all the features and even several dislikes of all the freeware antivirus software. It is best to use them if you want to save your PC. But it is recommended to use a paid version if you intend to get overall protection of the PC or system.

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