How to get rid of blackheads forever

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An ugly pimple that jumps on his face before a date or job interview can spoil the mood for the whole day, and not only for girls. But what about those who constantly suffer from acne? And after all, whatever unfortunate people try to use, nothing helps! Here you can know about how to get rid of blackheads forever.

Fortunately, there is still a way to cure acne. However, before undertaking treatment, you need to figure out what cause’s acne.

How to get rid of blackheads forever

How to get rid of blackheads forever

How does skin work?

Skin is a protective wall that separates our body from the outside world, which is full of dangerous bacteria, harmful sunlight and traumatic stones and branches. However, for the skin to work well, it must be constantly moisturised and lubricated. For this purpose, sebaceous glands are “provided” in the skin – small factories for the production of protective skin secretions.

Sebum consists of glycerol compounds (prevent drying of the skin), wax (prevents the skin from swelling under the influence of moisture) and fatty acids (they fight against fungi and harmful bacteria). Unfortunately, such a necessary thing as sebum, in some cases leads to the development of acne.

What causes acne on the face

How to get rid of blackheads forever

How to get rid of blackheads forever

Why, first of all, acne occurs on the face? The fact is that on the face, neck and upper back, there are most sebaceous glands. Nature located them there because, under the influence of gravity, sebum easily drains and quickly spreads to other parts of the body. This arrangement of glands allows the body to “save” on the production of sebum.

Unfortunately, such a dense arrangement of the sebaceous glands increases the chance of developing acne. Indeed, in order for the face and neck to become covered with acne, it is enough that the rate of sebum formation exceeds the rate of its release on the skin surface.

The oxidation of sebum slows down the rate of “exfoliation” of the surface layer of the skin – the epidermis. As a result, the epidermis is compacted, so that a new formidable barrier appears on the way of sebum.

Since skin secretion and epidermal cells inside the gland gradually decompose, immunity soon “pays attention” to them. Immune cells break into the sebaceous gland, triggering the inflammatory process. Pus forms in the sebaceous gland, and soon a red, inflamed pimple appears on the skin.

How to treat blackheads

How to get rid of blackheads forever

How to get rid of blackheads forever

Given the structure and function of the sebaceous glands, it becomes clear why acne often appears in adolescents – the young body produces sebum very quickly. In addition, the rate of formation of sebum is affected by androgens – sex hormones, the level of which “goes off-scale” in adolescents (not only in boys but also in girls, in whose body androgens are actively producing adrenal glands). The higher the level of hormones, the higher the likelihood of acne.

It turns out that to effectively combat acne, it is necessary to reduce the activity of androgens in the skin, to ensure timely release of sebum from the skin sebaceous glands, and to reduce the inflammatory process inside the glands. How to achieve this?

Reduce the activity of hormones in the skin

This will help preparations of zinc salts (chelates), which are part of some biologically active additives (in the form of dragees). When a large amount of zinc salts enters the body, these salts begin to accumulate and be excreted through the sebaceous glands. This is very important because zinc chelates reduce the rate of conversion of low active forms of androgens to highly active forms. Since zinc works only in the skin, it cannot interfere with the normal development of adolescents.

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Speeding up the desquamation of epidermal cells

Surface peeling of the skin with the help of glycolic acid (5-10% solution) will help to remove coarse cells and open the channels of the sebaceous glands. Glycolic acid allows you to quickly exfoliate keratinized skin and open the sebaceous glands; however, for this purpose, you can use other mild cleaning products. Buying peeling products is better in pharmacies.

Reduce skin inflammation

A cream with vitamin A – retinue helps to reduce inflammation in the skin. This vitamin easily penetrates the skin and accumulates in the sebaceous glands. Moreover, vitamin A not only reduces inflammation but also accelerates the natural regeneration of the skin.

All these drugs can be bought without a prescription and taken on their own. However, people with severe acne should still contact a dermatologist. The doctor will examine the skin and prescribe tests to rule out more serious problems with the body, which can also cause acne.

Know your enemy in person

We cannot solve the problem until we understand its cause, right? This also applies to acne. That is why it is necessary to find the reason why she “loved” your face so much.

Most often, acne appears when the pores on the face are blocked by dust, cosmetics or dead skin cells. Determine for yourself which of the above is a risk factor.

To admit that this is a constant problem.

There are many ways to get rid of blackheads, but the main problem is the excess fat produced by the skin. So, no matter what procedure you do, new rashes will appear every 20-40 days.

This means that a one-time treatment will not eliminate them forever, so getting rid of acne should be an ongoing process.

Try physical peeling

The easiest way to try to get rid of blackheads is to use an exfoliator. This type of peeling (based on the use of scrubs) removes the top layer of dead skin cells, dirt and makeup, opens the pores and makes a face clean.

However, dermatologists advise being careful with such peeling, as it can increase inflammation, as well as cause dryness and irritation. If you have flaky or oily skin, such procedures should be done no more than once a week.

Chemical peeling

The main difference between chemical peeling and physical peeling is the composition of the product: here, acids are used to dissolve the upper layer of dead skin cells.

There are two types of acids – alpha hydroxy acids (AHA) and beta hydroxy acids (BHA). Both those and others are good in their own way in getting rid of acne, dermatologists are sure. The only thing is that you need to find the right product for you that will not give a negative effect.

Use clay mask

If you have acne or acne-prone skin, using a clay mask once a week can be really helpful. It is super effective when it comes to extracting contaminants from the pores of the skin and reducing the production of sebum.

Dermatologists recommend good skin exfoliation before use. Otherwise, this will not allow the mask to completely penetrate the skin. Therefore, the effect will be negligible or none at all.

Change skincare

If your skin is prone to the formation of acne, acne and other rashes, forget about makeup with oil content forever! It only enhances irritation and can make your skin look worse.

In addition, pay attention to the texture of the cosmetics used: you do not need dense, heavy creams, but light serums, fluids and gels.

Buy Vidal loop

This tool (seemingly formidable, but very harmless) is the main thing in the work of cosmetologists. Virtually no professional mechanical cleaning is complete without it. By the way, many women have long mastered this tool and successfully use it at home.

However, do not forget that if used improperly, you can not only not get rid of the problem, but also aggravate it by introducing infection or dirt into the pores, which can lead to inflammation and scarring.

Go to retinoid

Most likely, at least once in your life, you heard about retinoids, but you did not even realize that they were called that. So, retinoids are modern acne preparations containing vitamin A. They have been used for complex treatment for more than 40 years.

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However, they have one, but very significant minus: at least 12 weeks must pass in order to see the effective effect of taking retinoids. In addition, it is important to use them with caution and only at night, because sunlight adversely affects their work.

Resort to medication

If the above tips do not solve your problem, you should seek the advice of a dermatologist. He will not only prescribe cosmetics for you but also prescribe medications that will help improve skin condition.

Very often, these are antibiotics that must neutralize dangerous bacteria. However, this is a very serious treatment, and it is worth approaching it responsibly and only under the supervision of a specialist.

Change makeup

When it comes to camouflage blackheads, it may be tempting to use a tonal tool with the densest texture, which would hide all the imperfections. But this is not worth doing, beauticians warn.

Thick skin makeup can clog pores and thus aggravate acne. Choose a lighter base that does not mask and does not make the skin “suffocate” under it.

How to get rid of blackheads forever

How to get rid of blackheads forever

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Face wash

Grandma’s method, which is still relevant today, is tar soap (it cleans pores from dirt very effectively). Wash them twice a day. It has not only antibacterial, but also a drying effect, so it is excellent for owners of very oily skin.

Do not give up herbal decoction for washing. For this, a string, calendula, chamomile, celandine are perfect.

Honey mask

How to get rid of blackheads forever

How to get rid of blackheads forever

The simplest and most popular option is a mask with lemon and chamomile. It is necessary to mix chamomile broth, honey and lemon juice in equal proportions and apply on the face for 15-20 minutes, and then rinse off first with hot, then cold water.

Sea salt baths

Have you noticed that your skin gets better while relaxing at sea? You can arrange yourself this vacation without leaving home! Take baths with 100 grams of sea salt and a decoction of healthy herbs 2-3 times a week.

Clay mask

How to get rid of blackheads forever

How to get rid of blackheads forever

White, blue and black clay has a drying and constricting effect; therefore, they are considered excellent helpers in the fight against acne and cure them. The powder is diluted with warm water to the consistency of sour cream and applied to problem areas for a quarter of an hour, and then the mask is washed off first with hot, then cold water.


Many experts argue that squeezing black dots, white pimples and blackheads of varying degrees of depth leads to an even greater inflammatory process. Other doctors believe that it is necessary to cleanse the skin because otherwise, the disease will spread even more.

It should immediately be noted that acne should never be squeezed out with dirty hands without preliminary treatment. It’s best to make an appointment with a cosmetologist for a mechanical face wash. At the same time, find out what other types of cleansing will “save” your skin. If this is not possible, and other means do not really help, you can try to remove pimples yourself.

All necessary tools (Uno spoon, Vidal loop or needle and others) are sterilized as well as hands and face cleaned with an antiseptic. Surely clean the skin from cosmetics and wipe it with a special antibacterial gel. Wrap your fingers with sterile bandages or put on sterile gloves. Prepare the epidermis after steaming the skin for 10-15 minutes above the herbal decoction (it is better to choose a decoction of chamomile or celandine – these plants also have an antiseptic effect).

Squeeze out only completely “ripened” acne ready for release. Bring the matter to an end so that all the contents come out as a whole and nothing remains inside.  To “close” the pores, a tightening composition is applied to the desired area. It can be a lotion or a clay mask. In the end, the area is moisturized with cream. Please note that in such serious diseases as, for example, cystic acne, in no case should you squeeze acne on your own. Only a qualified dermatologist can treat such ailments.

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