Best Homework Planner Apps you can Make your Buddy Today

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For grades, you have to work hard on your assignments and tests, and not miss an important lecture. All this can be too much to keep track of but you can use homework planner apps which can make your life a bit easy. Here are seven best homework planner apps/tools that you can use- 

Here are the 7 Best Homework Planner Apps

  1. PaperWritings

    Recent surveys done by the best survey tools show that more than 70% of students all over the world prefer to study abroad. Getting admission in a foreign university is not easy, but what is even harder is to keep with the educational culture of that nation.

    As a student, you have to write tons of paper and assignments, which may be difficult for you due to the language barrier. Even the English language has various versions, and it changes according to the country. So, if you want to write a paper that meets the academic standards of that college, use PaperWriting tools.

    All students can use this homework app to proof-read and edit their articles/papers/thesis. You can provide your deadline and specific details about the assignment, and this is the best homework planner apps that will help you by providing in-depth research amongst other things. 

    The price for one page starts from $10, and you can even get discounts if you are a regular.

  2. Canva

    A lot of times you need to use original images or infographics for your papers. Also, for design students, they need to create graphics for assignments amongst other things. Even the presentation or invitation card designing can be part of some courses. With Canva, you can do all of this.

    Editing images, creating new images, using templates to design customized infographics, and so on is easy with this user-friendly website. This is also available as a mobile app, so you can sync your data and use this best student planner app on any device.

    The free version of this app provides tons of features, but for more advanced features, you will have to pay $12.99 per month.

    Also, it has a planner so you can keep track of your assignment deadlines and class schedules. So, with the help of this best homework planner app, you will never miss your assignments. There are also many canvas alternatives if you are in search of a similar tool.


    A lot of times students have tons of homework or assignments, and they don’t exactly have the time to do in-depth research. That is why using can work in your favor.

    This homework app has tons of experts in different fields, and students can select the one they like. After that, they can help the student tackle their work and submit the assignment on time.

    If you ask for expert advice, there is a small fee, but nothing that a student won’t be able to pay.

    The range of subjects offered in this homework app is amazing. From chemistry to engineering to physics to math, a lot of experts for a lot of fields. It lets you check the progress of your work, take and give suggestions and feedback. It is the best homework planner app and an amazing homework partner for you.

  4. Grammarly

    If you are an English major, this is an app that you must use. You can use the Grammarly website by creating an extension on the browser or use it as an app on your mobile phone. In other words, In this homework app, you can check your assignments or paper from any device which is important for you.

    It not only checks your grammar but also looks for spelling mistakes, incorrect verb or pronoun use, punctuation use, and passive voice.

    The free version of this app doesn’t provide a suggestion for passive voice, but you do get an idea about it. If you want all features, you will have to pay $11.99 per month to become a premium user.

    Also, keep in mind, that the free version is automated, and you are not working with a human editor. Furthermore, Grammarly sometimes offers to put in articles which you can omit, and it won’t matter. Still, it is one of the best homework apps for students.

  5. Bitly

    As a college student, you must be looking for a side-hustle or to enhance your resume. So, creating a website sounds like a good idea. You can create a blog or create a travel or photography website or so on.

    But with all your assignments and co-curricular activities and other things, it may be a bit tough to focus solely on the website. With Bitly, you don’t have to worry about bringing traffic to your site, as this does that for you.

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    Bitly is an app for link management that can shorten your links or disclose the location of the visitors, and how many visitors are on your site, and so on.

    With this app, your traffic can increase by 31% so you don’t have to worry about SEO and can concentrate on your college life.

  6. iHomework

    For all Apple users, this app is a godsend. Whether you are in school or college, you will have tons of assignments. Keeping them sorted and making sure you don’t miss any deadlines is not easy, but with iHomework, it can be. This homework app can sort your assignments by the due date or subject or month or course, and so on. Also, it has a scheduling feature that lets you schedule your labs or those weekly music lessons. This best student planner app helps you in managing your work and thus, you will never miss a lecture.

    You can sync the data on iCloud. In other words, you can access the data of the homework app on any Apple device.

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  7. Coursera

    If you want to learn a new language or skill, you must check out Coursera. It has tons of online courses from top universities. You can choose the skill that you want to learn, and in 4 to 6 weeks, you will be a pro in that field.

    It is mostly free, though you do need a strong internet connection as you have video tutorials, study material, and so on.

    It also provides advanced paid courses which you can complete in more than 6 weeks. Also, after completion, you get a certificate that can enhance your resume as you have a new skill.

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    These 7 best student planner apps and tools can help a student navigate their college/school life while also preparing for the future.
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