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The IP address is a sort of “plate” that uniquely identifies the devices connected to a network. It can be public  (or external) or private (or internal). The public IP address uniquely defines a connection and is common to all devices that use it and how to change IP?  While the private IP address is the one that the modem assigns to each device that is part of the local network.


To simplify the concept as much as possible. This means that each computer, smartphone or other device connected to the home network has a different internal IP that identifies it in the network (e.g.,, etc.). While the address External IP that is provided by the modem to all devices that use the Internet connection is the same. Another thing to keep in mind is that IP addresses can be dynamic, that is, that they change with every connection, or static, that is fixed.


At this point, you will surely be wondering: how to change IP? To find out, there is nothing left to do but read the instructions on what to do that you find in this guide of mine dedicated just to the implementation of the operation in question. Do not worry. Contrary to appearances, it is a fairly simple procedure to carry out, and for the execution of which it is not necessary to be a “genius” of computer science, you have my word. So, are you ready? Yes? Great! So, let’s ban the talk and proceed!


How to change public IP

To begin with, let’s find out how to change public IP. To do this, you can resort to the use of solutions such as Web proxy and VPN, which allow you to hide your IP for free by simulating a connection from foreign countries. For all the details of the case, continue reading.



Web proxy

The easiest to use IP change tools are Web proxies, which work directly from the browser and allow you to pass your connection through a remote computer, which, in this way. Acts as an intermediary with the sites you want to visit.


There are many such services among the various presentations on the square. However, I suggest you use ProxySite. Which is free, works from any browser and operating system and allows you to change IP online, replacing the real IP with a European or US one.

To be able to use it, visit the relative home page. Select the server you want to use from the drop-down menu on the left. In order to determine the country whose IP you want to hire, type the URL of the website to visit in the Enter field adjacent URL and press the Go button.


After completing the above steps, you will be automatically redirected to the web address you entered, but your IP will be that of the country of the server chosen previously.



For more intense network activities, it is better to change IP with the VPN (acronym of Virtual Private Network), the systems that connect the computer to a secure network located remotely. This network thus becomes the protagonist of external communications. Make its connection appear in other geographical locations (that of the network and no longer that of the local modem/router).


One of the easiest to use VPN services is NordVPN. Which is characterized by the wide range of servers available. Scattered all over the world (some of which are dedicated to specific activities, such as streaming, exchanging files on  P2P networks and browsing via the Onion protocol of the Tor network ) and for its security. The connection data is encrypted with an extremely advanced algorithm. Which makes the information inaccessible to any attackers. ISPs and of course to NordVPN managers.

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NordVPN is available on  Windows, macOS, Linux, Android, iPhone / iPad, Android TV Smart TV, NAS, Raspberry Pi, router and other devices. To try it, connect to its official website and choose one of the available plans: the two or 3-year plan based on the current promotions, which costs 3.10 euros/month (billed annually); the one for two years (4.44 euros/month, billed annually); the one year one (6.22 euro/month, billed annually) or the one month one(10.63 euros). There is a 30-day money-back guarantee and support for simultaneous use on six devices.


How to change private IP

Now, let’s try to understand how to change private. In this case, you can go to act directly from the modem or from the computer, smartphone or tablet. To do this, you do not have to resort to third-party services or tools. Everything you need is already available directly from the device you are using. For more details, continue reading.



How to change IP modem

If you want to change the IP address of the devices connected to your network using the modem. You can do this by accessing the control panel of the device. The procedure is quite simple, but unfortunately, the modem configuration menus do not all have the same structure. Consequently, it is not possible for me to give you super-precise indications in this regard. Anyway, don’t worry, I’ll try to be as comprehensive as possible.


All you have to do to be able to change the IP modem is to start the browser. Access the modem configuration panel by typing in the address bar  or, pressing the Enter button on the keyboard and providing the required username and password. Which generally, they are admin/admin or admin/password. If the coordinates that I have just provided, you are incorrect. To solve, I suggest you consult my guide on how to find the IP address of the router and my tutorial on how to see the modem password.


Once logged in, go to the section of the management panel dedicated to  LAN settings. Devices or the local network. At this point, select the name of the device you want to change IP and click on the button to make the desired changes.


Then, type the IP address you intend to use in the field that you find next to the wording IP address. IP or IP Address and then click on the button to save the changes. Keep in mind that in some circumstances. It may be necessary to restart the modem or the device on which you have chosen to act in order for the changes to be effectively applied.


In the unfortunate event that the steps I have just indicated are not valid for your modem. I suggest you take a look at the user manual attached to the sales package of the device. Trying to identify the section referring to the functionality that allows the modification and the assignment of IP addresses. Alternatively, you can take a look at the specific support and assistance section of the official website of the manufacturer of the appliance.



How to change PC IP

You can also change the IP assigned to your devices by acting on them. In this regard, if you want to change the PC IP. I inform you that you can do everything by acting on the Windows settings. More precisely. Suppose you want to change Windows 10 IP. Proceed as follows: click on the Start button (the one with the Windows flag ) located at the bottom left of the taskbar and select the Settings icon (the one in the shape of gear ) in the menu that appears.


In the window that opens on the desktop, click on the item Network and Internet. Then on the Properties button that you will find under the name of the connection in use on the right side of the screen and press the Edit button present in the IP Settings section.


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In the further window that appears. Choose the Manual option from the Edit IP settings drop-down menu. Set the switch located under the wording IPv4 to Enabled and fill in the IP address field with the IP you want to assign to the computer. The prefix length subnet with the subnet mask and the Gateway mask with the IP address of the modem (you can obtain this latter data from the modem management panel). Then save the changes by clicking on the Save button.



How to change Mac IP

Even macOS allows you to perform the operation object of this tutorial and. I will tell you more; the procedure to be implemented is incredibly simple. To change the Mac IP, in fact, all you have to do is click on the System Preferences icon (the one in the shape of gear ) on the Dock bar and select the Network item in the window that opens on the desktop.


Next, select the type of connection in use (e.g. Wi-Fi ) from the left sidebar, then click on the Advanced button located at the bottom right. Select, therefore, the TCP / IP tab, choose the option  Manually from the Configure IPv4 drop-down menu and type the IP you intend to use in the IPv4 address field.


Also, make sure that the correct data is present in the Subnet mask and Router items (otherwise obtain the exact parameters from the modem control panel). To conclude and then to apply the changes, click on the OK button at the bottom right.

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How to change Android IP

If you are interested in finding out how to change Android IP  and you are connected to Wi-Fi from your smartphone or tablet. All you have to do is grab the device, unlock it. Access the home screen or drawer and select the Settings icon (the one in the shape of a gear ).

On the screen that is shown to you. Select the item Connections and / or Wi-Fi / Wireless and networks. Tap on the name of the wireless connection to which you are currently connected and choose the Manage network settings or Change config option. Network from the menu that appears.


Then, tick the Show advanced options option. Scroll down the screen and select the word Static from the IP Settings menu. Finally, type the IP address you intend to use in the IP address field. So as to save the changes made.


If you are using a data connection and you are interested in changing the IP address in this case. I inform you that you can only do this by resorting to applications dedicated to the purpose. Which, in most cases. Alternatively, you can turn to VPN services, as I indicated in the step present in the initial part of the tutorial. Depending on the brand and model of the device you are using. As well as the version of the mobile platform of the “robot green ”in use.


How to change IP iPhone and iPad

To conclude, let’s see how to change IP iPhone and iPad, acting on the Wi-Fi connection. To succeed, grab the device, unlock it. Access the home screen and select the Settings icon (the one with the gear ). On the next screen, tap the word Wi-Fi.

At this point, tap the button  (s)  located next to the name of the wireless connection currently in use. Select the Configure IP option that you find in the IPV4 Address section.


Finally, enter the required data in the Subnet Mask and Router fields (you can get it from the modem control panel). Tap on the Save item at the top right. In order to save the changes. Done!


As for the data connection, I inform you that the only system you can adopt to change the IP address. In this case, is to take advantage of a VPN service. As I indicated in the step present at the beginning of this guide.

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