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Kindle is one of the most successful electronic devices of Amazon. The big dog in the retail industry, Amazon has been trying their luck in the mobile devices industry. They have produced several products to get into the market. But some of the products did not make into the scene. But the central fact is that the Kindle e-book readers did manage to catch some eyeballs. In this article we will give you a complete guide about kindle Oasis Vs paperwhite.

Amazon was first a book and DVD renting company. They used to sell and rent books to their subscribers. But slowly, they started to expand, and Jeff Bezos and his army built the entire empire on sheer hard work and dedication. But Jeff has a tough time in the mobile devices industry. They did manage to pull off the Fire tablets and the Kindle readers.

Today we will be talking about some of the products in the Kindle lineup. This will undoubtedly be exciting as two family members go head to head with each other. But, first of all, we will have to be pretty sure about what we are dealing with. So, let us talk about the type of the product first.

E-Book Readers

Before dropping in Kindle Oasis Vs Paperwhite fight, we will have to clear about the product themselves. This time, we are not working with phones. We are working with mobile devices that are assigned to do a specific task, and that is displaying e-books.

I know there will be times when people will be asking me the reason behind buying e-book readers as they are well aware of the fact that these e-book readers are pretty much readable in any smart devices. But there are some needs. For example, phones have LCD or LED screens. Our eyes are accustomed to seeing natural lights. But emitted lights like the LCDs and LEDs do give a massive strain in the eyes. In worst cases, it damages the eyes. Screens are the next generation slow poisons. People are getting addicted to more and smarter devices that have screens.

This results in long term damage to the eyes, tiredness, and also various types of deficiencies. This will be a significant problem. But will not the e-book affect us? Yes, it will. But not in that case. I will discuss this in the next topic.

Another thing is that papers are made out of trees. And for the demand for documents, trees are cut every year. This causes deforestation. It affects the environment directly. The role that these e-book readers play is that they are typically electronic. They can store thousands of books yet not using a single sheet of paper. This will bring excellent relief to the environment.

Now, we will be looking into the essential components of the e-book readers.

E-Ink and E-books

E-Ink displays are one of the most efficient display panels in existence. Founded by MIT undergrads, this company started its journey way back in the 1990s. This is one hell of a run. The Motorola phones first introduced this screen in one of their phones. This was a huge success. Now, you might be thinking it was the first timer’s luck. But that was not the case. Slowly this started to build up, and people began to love the idea.

So, what is the mechanism? It is electronic ink. It is infused in a film. This film triggers according to the electron flow. So, the texture is grayscale. And the writing comes on the screen. This was an excellent display back then. But when TFT and LCDs kicked in, this started to lose the mainstream market. But it is still used in a wide range of devices—for instance, smartwatches, stripe signs, and many more.

Why E-Ink in E-book?

So, the primary reason is to get a paper-like impression on the e-books. This is a good imitation of paper as this comes in grayscale temperature. So, people who are into books rather than the screen can at least adjust themselves more efficiently.

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On the other hand, this is a film on which electricity runs and triggers certain areas. So, it consumes a lot less power. So, typically the e-book readers last almost a week or so with a full charge.

Amazon Kindle

In 2007, Jeff wante3d to create the best e-book reader under the Amazon tag. So, he shared this plan with the employees, and they jumped into action. After good research and product remediation, they finally made the right product. They named it Kindle. Kindle means to light up the fire. The first generation of Kindle e-book reader was also featured with w-ink technology. This was only available for US markets.

The first generation kindle book used to have 250 MB or Storage, capable of storing almost 200 non-image books. This was a great addition to the market. AS the product hit the stores, it went viral. The first stock was reportedly sold out only in five and a half hours. This was one hell of an obsession. This encouraged Amazon to create new and better models of Kindle readers. The first kindle was sold for 399 US dollars. They have 3G wireless connectivity called Whispernet. It will allow you to download your favorite books. It was the first and last kindle that had any slot for external storage.

Today, after almost 15 years from the initial idea, we are down the wire to take two kindles against each other. This will be a great battle to watch.

So, the next match is scheduled for one fall. It is introducing first, the challenger and costing almost 130 Buck, the budget king, the e-book reader, which will give you countless hours of reading pleasure, Kindle Paperwhite! On the other corner, pricing around 250 US Dollars, it is the top of the line kindle, a complete charm, a must-have read, Kindle Oasis!

Let the battle between Kindle Oasis Vs Paperwhite begin!

Kindle Oasis Vs Paperwhite: Round One: Design and dimension

So, in the Kindle Oasis Vs Paperwhite battle, both the kindle books are going head to head on the first round. The main concern is the design. Both the kindle books are e-readers. But the attribute and the presentation is a lot different ball game.

The Kindle Oasis comes with the giant screen that kindle books have to offer. The holding chin works like a charm. This version of the Oasis that we have in our office has magnets into the backside. This is basically for the slide cases that are for the protections. Simply the magnets attract the case and get stuck.

The Kindle Oasis comes with some of the main drawbacks. For the first reason, there is no additional SD card slot. The kindle is available in two storage options. The first one is the 8 GB storage, and the latter is the 32 GB of storage.

This is pretty good, actually. And on the other hand, the books are either readable or can be in audiobook. Whatever the case is, you can easily read or connect the headphones to hear out the book. A cup of coffee might do the trick for you.

Attributes of Kindle Oasis

The weight of the Kindle Oasis is almost 194 grams. But the latest version no longer has the pair of magnets. So, an additional 3 grams each weight was reduced in this unit.

This was the best option by far. On the other hand, Amazon and the development team has spent hours and hours in product development. Thanks to them, this comes with a lot of features. Such as you can read the book, swipe the pages like a real book.

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Significant Change

Unfortunately, this latest version has no significant changes. The previous version is typically the same. But this year, the Oasis is brighter than the previous one. This comes in two colors. One is greyish black, and the other one is champagne gold. This is super easy to use.

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The screen is brighter, as I said before. It can go up to 300 nits in the brightness count. The screen is of e-ink, but it is backlit so that you can read them in the dark as well. The major update by far is the adjustment of the temperature. This time, you can adjust the temperature from cold to warm. This will help you get rid of the strain in long reading sessions. On the other hand, reading in the night is also pleased with the added feature.

This device is getting smarter day by day. The temperature settings can be pretty much scheduled. So, if you are a night owl like me, then this is the right gadget for you. You can also schedule the warmth. It will get your device ready for actions in seconds. The battery life is superb as well. As you all know, the e-link is the real star in the competition. Having a low energy consumption rate, this device can stay up to 8 to 10 days without refilling the charge.

Now, we will be moving on to the next opponent, who is the budget king e-book reader, the Kindle Paperwhite.

Kindle Oasis Vs Paperwhite: Kindle Paperwhite

Kindle Paperwhite was a popular name in the early days of its career. This has a massive range of versions. The latest version has some of the most significant upgrades that can be ever asked for. This version comes with a full touch screen. The e-ink is very clear and exact.

This is not as large as the Oasis. But that does not make any sense. This e-book reader is waterproof. You can dip it inside the pool. Make sure that you can still read under the water.

Kindle Paperwhite had previous versions where there were fully-fledged computing keyboards. It was not that convenient while typing and using. But now, thanks to the connectivity, this book is capable of doing good quality stuff.

The framing is made out of plastic. So it is pretty lightweight. The chins and the bezels do help out the reader to have a good grip on the reader. On the other hand, this reader has withstood all the problems in the previous versions.

The battery life is very long, as there are no components that consume the right amount of energy. So, while you are traveling or in the subway, no need to worry; this will have a huge benefit in our reading lives.

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Kindle Oasis Vs Paperwhite: Which One to Choose?

There will be certain aspects on which I will be judging a better e-book reader. The first one is the price point. The Kindle Oasis comes around the 250 dollar mark. This is undoubtedly an expensive one, of course. But when you are using one, the money will seem to be worth paying. On the other hand, the Kindle Paperwhite comes at a 130 Dollar market price. These readers will be available in All the supports will be from there. As the cherry on the top, Amazon will give you six months of totally free access to Amazon’s online book store. On the other hand, you will be able to download audible books from Amazon and Netflix.

The next point is portability. As this is an e-book reader, this will be a big one. But the main concern is to carry it out in the boring lectures and even busy subways. The truth is, both of them are very compacted and worth traveling with.

Overall, I choose the Kindle Paperwhite. As it does all the similar functions at a lower price point? But that does not mean the Kindle Oasis is trash. This is a good e-book reader too. So, I do support all the products.

Wrapping Things Up!

Today was a fun day. I hope you guys have fun. Kindle Paperwhite is the winner for today’s Kindle Oasis Vs Paperwhite battle. Do let me know your thoughts in the comment below.

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