How To Create Beautiful Home Gardens?

A beautiful home garden brimming with vibrant hues, pleasing fragrances, and attracting birds and butterflies is a thing of natural beauty that every green thumb wishes for. However, some are unable to adore natural beauty because of lack of space and resources. But, there is nothing that a green thumb connoisseur can’t achieve because the love for plants is greater than anything else. We have listed out simple steps that will make you realise your dream of having a magnificent garden in your home. Even if you have only balconies, still you can create a garden at your home from these tips. Bonus, space will look visually stunning, making every passerby stop and admire your creation. 

  1. Add flowering plants: Break the green monotony and splash some vibrancy in your garden by adding flowering plants. Sunflowers, Roses, Hibiscus, Marigolds, Cosmos. You can also plant colourful herbs and vegetables, like Lavender, Thyme (pink or purple), yellow and red chillies, spring onions, etc. Before you select the plants, make sure you take into consideration their lightening requirements and other conditions. Go for plants that will survive the environmental conditions of your home. 
  2. Create a Plant Theme: Design your garden around a theme like group flowers of the same colour in one place or plants of the same family at a place. Then, the other approach is to create pleasing contrasts with your plants like yellow and red plants in alternative positions or green foliage plants as backdrop to colourful plants. You can even arrange the pots in patterns like zigzag or diagonal, etc. 
  3. Garden Decor: Charm up your garden space by adorning it with garden decor. If you have a bare wall, use wall planters to make it look pretty or paint the walls and edges. Cover the flooring with artificial grass or designer tiles. Then, add hammock chairs in the garden. Fill the planters with colourful pebbles. For the upcoming festivity of Diwali, Christmas, and New Year; you can use fairy lights, mason jars with lights, and paper lanterns in the garden. Or you can use lighting fixtures on the walls. 
  4. Get Creative with Planters: Think past beyond the terracotta planters only if you want your garden space to look uniquely beautiful. Resin planters in the shape of dog, giraffe, elephant or hanging planters, aluminium, concrete planters are some of the trending choices you can go for to make your space look a bit different yet visually appealing. If you are born with creative fingers, make DIY planters from kitchen utensils, old books, wooden crates, rubber boots. 
  5. Choose A Variety Of Plants: Yes, variety is the king. For your garden, choose a variety of plants in a number of colours, shapes, and benefits. Have a mix of air-purifying, medicinal, ornamental plants in your garden. Select some rare species of plants as well for a touch of exoticness. 
  6. Declutter: Beautiful garden spaces are always clean and immaculate. So, while designing your garden, make sure you do not clutter the space with everything. Sometimes, less is more and you need to follow this principle. Use your space wisely and design it accordingly. Also, keep it clean by removing weeds, dead plants. 

To create a garden at your home in limited space and with limited resources is not a task anymore. All you need to know these tips and you are good to go. If you happen to know someone who is a green-fingered like you, share these tips with them, and give potted plants, garden decor as Diwali, Christmas, New year gift items and help them get started with their creations.

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